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  1. A special thanks to the members that made this shit fun (you know who you are). Mlpf, Sayonara~

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    2. Moog the Kvlt

      Moog the Kvlt

      Only try if you wanna

    3. Sweet Dreams

      Sweet Dreams

      lul these comments are amusing...

    4. Sweet Dreams

      Sweet Dreams

      I'm gonna miss this guy. I was friends with him before my hiatus. :c

  2. Wait... Plum got banned?

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    2. Soundgarden


      Yay! Well, shit here was fun though. Arigatou~~~~~~~~~

    3. Moog the Kvlt

      Moog the Kvlt

      Farewell my good friend

    4. Le Kvlt Dawn

      Le Kvlt Dawn

      I'm leaving too.

  3. The benefits of putting someone on your ignore list: -Their posts will be hidden (but there will always be "show post anyways" button you can click on in case you want to see the post anyways) -The user can no longer post on your status updates -The user can no longer send you any PM's And no, the user doesn't get notified or anything like that if you choose to ignore them
  4. >not partying to Merzbow

  5. Where is Rin from?

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    2. Soundgarden


      The adaptation is alright, but the VN is the feelsiest thing ever

    3. Akemi Homura

      Akemi Homura

      I guess I'm going to have to turn off voices for the VN. I'm a fast reader and like to go relatively quickly.

    4. Soundgarden


      But then you wont hear the cute things the cute characters say with their cute voices X(

  6. That was hilarious, you should stop by more often

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    2. Lisa


      *Smitty comes back after leaving for a while*



  7. She's trying to report Smitty for trolling, because Smitty called her a "nigga." She got butthurt and now she's reporting him... funny thing is... she called Smitty a bitch three times, so she can't really report anything at this point... lol

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    2. Soundgarden


      Report her if she's going to be such an ass about it

    3. Akemi Homura
    4. Lisa


      Half the forums was basically bashing her in that status... dear god, she's got such a bad reputation.


      And it all started from Smitty saying "nigga."

  8. -Plenty of people here enjoy IDM -Some people enjoy Gabber -And it looks like you and me are the only ones who enjoy Speedcore here This is a point a lot of people misinterpret with Hip Hop music. First of all, while boasting is senseless, most rappers doing it actually has attitude, personality and great beats to back it up. It's not deep or anything, but it's fun to listen to. And not any person could just rap with attitude with well-produced beats in the background So, if you just see it from another angle, you can find it enjoyable. Not everything has to have 3deep5u life-changing lyrics about life to be good, you know. Also, while the lyrics themselves seem to have no deeper meaning, doesn't mean that they aren't well-written Second thing about what most people consider "senseless boasting" can actually have meaning behind it, though the concept can be a bit loose. Danny Brown's "XXX" and Death Grip's "Money Store" are perfect examples Also, there's a shitload of Hip Hop artists and groups with interesting beats: Shabazz Palaces, Death Grips, Dälek and Clipping just to mention a few
  9. So, I said I would marathon Kanon yesterday but I ended up only watching three episodes because I was tired all day =_=

    1. Soundgarden


      Man, that sucks. It can be difficult to break a bad sleeping cycle


      By the way, it only took me 2 and a half hour to torrent Kanon (((:

  10. That co-lab album between BiS and Hijokaidan (BiS階段). I can only find the opener on youtube :v
  11. pic of crap, stop by and say hi goddamit!!!!!!11111111111111111111111

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    2. Soundgarden


      And that's why you don't join forums when you're 10, kids

    3. Shiki



    4. SmittyWerbenjagermanjense
  12. I'm currently marathoning Elliott Smith's discography. I've only heard his self-titled and Either/Or prior to this, and I've listened to those two A LOT Fun fact: Either/Or was the first album that made me tear up My favorite song on Either/Or, and very underrated And btw, I just finished re-visiting the two albums I've heard before. Currently listening to Roman Candle, his debut