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  1. I don't know and I actually don't of her becoming an Alicorn. I am actually happy that the show is still continue. and I think that it's just going to be more intresting.
  2. No, I am my self know already that I am not going to quit being one. even if the show ends. I'll be a brony Till I die. Even if I'll have a family. I won't even going to think of giving up the fandom...
  3. Bro, I am Israeli. and Yeah we don't have a lot of Bronies out here. I wish I could find or see some Israeli wearing a Brony shirt! and After I see one I will shit my self and give him /)
  4. Earth ponies doing all the work in Fields and Growing food for every kind of Pony (Pegsi or unicorns) and there is a lot of stuff that Earth ponies can't do like unicorns or pegasi.
  5. Yay, thanks a lot!! Finally joined. If someone need me, My name is Amon(G.D) ask me whatever you want and I am actually making videos on youtube by the games in my Steam.
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