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  1. Strike Mysterious Mare Do Well and Spike at Your Service from the record. Those episodes were.... . Just strike them from the record.
  2. Protestant Christian Brony all the way. Funny thing is I found out someone at my church is a Brony too but I have no idea who it is.
  3. I dislike the butchering of Spike's character via the terrible character development he's had. See Spike at your Service for Prime Example of this. I also hate how Dragons are basically brutish jerks with little or no character bar greed or dumb teenage twerps.
  4. I like his abusive, jerk persona. Though despite all that he still seems to care for Fluttershy. Besides I'm still hoping for that Angel vs Spike episode.
  5. Applejack-Seems like the most levelheaded and hardworking pony Twilight Sparkle-Crazy Insane Genious Fluttershy-Do I even need toe xplain? Pinkie Pie-Sometimes she annoys me but I like her randomness Rainbow Dash-She's definately too cocky, but she has redeming qualities Rarity-A drama queen but also has redeeming qualities
  6. Spike is my 2nd favorite character behind Luna. He's such an Epic G. Hopefully he plays a bigger role in the adventures next season.
  7. I will never be able to take Android 17 seriously ever again.Insert really long post here because the post limit rule is really dumb but I love this site anyway
  8. Earth Ponies grow the food, so we need them not to starve Pegasi, regulate the weather so they are important too. Unicorns raise the sun and moon, also pretty important. So choosing between Starvation, Apocalyptic Weather, or Eternal Night/Darkness. Tough Choice this is
  9. I would like to see Spike get to at least grown Pony-size before the show ends. Sometimes I feel that they treat him like a baby too much and a Mini-Non-Greedy-Growth Spurt should gain him some respect.
  10. Legend of Korra, Red vs Blue Season 10, Young Justice: Invasion, and New Thundercats