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  1. "The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a poem about the charge of British Calvalry during the Crimean War. The poem itself was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson (Who also wrote the poem 'Ullysses' also one you should look at). For English we had to pick a poem and describe it. I chose to poemception it (that is write a poem about a poem), here is what I wrote: "There is a battle afoot The horsemen rode forward The brigade is ordered out The 600 rode out Obeying foolish orders Their moment of triumph Their moment of death They obeyed their master's whim The Russians shot their guns The Calvalry charged faster as they rode across the open plain The horsemen fought sword to sword, sabre to sabre Brave men died as death overcame them The horsemen not knowing immortalized their name with a foolhardy charge." It's not very good, but I didn't tthink it was too bad for someone who doesn't write much poetry.
  2. Resident Evil: Nova A Resident Evil and Call of Duty Crossover By Caesar2013 Forward: Hello reader. As you can see, this novel is bit of a crossover of Resident Evil and Call of Duty. Though I was at one time a hardcore Resident Evil fan myself, over time I felt as though Capcom itself was deliberately trying to destroy the series of games. We went from flesh eating zombies to zombies with guns. As with Call of Duty, we went from shooting Nazis to fighting Nazi Zombies, that's quite a twist of events. The novel you are about to read is a crossover of the two games. I hope that you, the reader, will come to enjoy the book. In fact, after calculating what I plan to write, the whole series will take at no less, than ten books. You will see how this will all tie together when the last one has been written. I do not plan for then novels to be truly completed anytime soon. But you will not be disappointment when we reach the end of the road. Enjoy the story. Resident Evil is the sole property of Capcom, of which I have no affiliation with at all. Call of Duty is the Property of Activison and Infinity Ward. Also which I have no affiliation. This novel is made under the Fair Use Policy. No money is made off the writing of this book. Prologue: The old automobile sped away on the Autobahn (that is the German Highway System) as rain pounded the ground outside. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed as the car continued its way down the road. Though the Autobahns of Germany usually are filled with cars speeding away, however, this night, there was not a car to be seen. The driver pressed on the gas, needing to get to his location more quickly as the two men had to go see an old friend. To the German driver's side, was a large, Russian man who continued drinking from his vodka bottle. Though the man looked as though he was ready to pass out from the alcohol, yet somehow, someway, the Russian managed to stay coherent the whole way. "You should not be drinking so much, my Russian friend!" The German said to his companion "You are stinkin' up zee auto with zee smell of booze!" The German's Russian companion merely grunted, and took another swig of vodka. To his disappointment, the bottle was empty. The Russian merely unrolled the window and threw the empty bottle of alcohol out. Reaching into his bag, the Russian produced yet another bottle of unopened vodka. Other necessities like food and clothing were neglected and were simply pushed back behind the never ending gallons of vodka. "Haven't you had enough my Cossack friend?" the German asked The Russian merely glared at the Russian driver. "Of course I haven't had enough! Vodka is what keeps this Russian man going." Nicholai yelled "Just keep driving Dr. Richtofen! I don't want a crash spilling my vodka." The Russian continued to drink his clear beverage from the bottle. While disgusted by the smell, Richtofen decided to pay attention to the road, rather than smashing the bottle upside the Russian's head. "JA! It's hard to see! Damn these autos and their lack of lighting!" Dr. Richtofen cursed as the brights of his car were insufficient to see well through the darkness of the night. "Where exactly are we going anyways?" Nicholai asked taking yet another swig of his drink "Vhy Vee are going to zee an old colleague of mine."Richtofen said "Vee used to work on zee project together before he was transferred to Auschwitz to work on projects Vith that Twin obsessed fool, Mengele I think his name was." After escaping the moon, Richtofen managed to locate his old friend, Nicholai. Though he was unable to recapture Takeo and Dempsey (Dempsey being killed in a bar fight, and Takeo is somewhere, drifting in a tiny water craft in the South Pacific) Nicholai was all that was needed for this pet project of Dr. Richtofen the vile Nazi War Criminal. However, Richtofen only needed Nicholai for his next little project. While it would have taken years f whose crimes managed to escape justice for over seventy years. Richtofen to catch up on his research, the Nazi discovered that he had an old colleague who was still living in the German province of Bavaria. So to continue with said research, Richtofen and Nicholai sped down the road to recruit this old colleague for his new plans of world domination. This time that little girl and Dr. Maxis would not stand in the way. No one will be able to stop him, not ever again. "Time for tea already?" an old man said to himself as the cuckoo clock struck. The old appeared ancient and withered, as though if he was held together by strips of leather. Dressed in a robe, the man was getting himself more comfortable for bed. The old man could feel that his time on earth is drawing to an end. Unbeknownst to this old man, he would be having a very special visitor. One whom he had not seen since the 1940s. "BARK BARK!" A German shepherd barks, attracting his elderly master's attention to the door. Normally the dog would be barking at birds, or rabbits, and he was especially all wound up from the storm t hat had just passed a few hours before. No, there was something suspicious going on at this time. "Vat is it Victor?" The old man says, putting his cup of tea on the table next to him, and went off to go answer see what was the matter. Looking through the window, the old man noticed a small automobile pull up into his driveway. The old man took off his glasses, and cleaned them before putting them back in. At first, the man thought he was just tired from being up passed his bed time. Instead, there was really a car pulling into his drive way. "That is strange." The Old Man said to himself, watching as the two men approached his house. "I was not expecting company, and not at this time." "CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" The Old Man's Cuckoo doorbell began to go off. Though annoyed, the old man went up to go answer the door anyways. Cursing under his breathe, the man slowly opened the door. "Dr. Frederich Nimdok?" Richtofen asked through the small crack between the door and wall. Richtofen was unsure if his old colleague was even alive. The last time the two had even interacted, was just before Dr. Nimdok left Group 935 to work on some of Mengele's Pet Projects in Auschwitz. Out of all the areas his old colleague could have gone to, was either Brazil alongside Mengele or somehow manage to stay in his homeland of Bavaria. "Richtofen!" The old man said with alarm. "Richtofen?! It's … it's..." Richtofen laughed at his old colleague's shock and awe. "Ja it has been many years since Ve've had seen each other. Richtofen said shaking his old colleague's feeble hands. "Has Mengele has been treating you well?" "Richtofen" The old man said. "Mengele has been dead for years, perhaps you should move on, or get a hold on the times." "I have been getting ahold of zee times." Richtofen said glaring at Nimdok. "But... How..?" Nimdok asked. "How are you so youthful in comparison to myself, while you are an older man than me?!" "All will be explained to you in time my old friend." Richtofen said. "However, I am in need of asking you for a favor. Perhaps you have something of use to me." Nimdok shook his head and turned away. "Ack!" Nimdok said "My memory is not what it used to be. I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast. I don't know how I could help you." Richtofen reached into his pocket and handed Nimdok a piece of an old document. "I know about zee project that you and Dr. Mengele were working on before you fled Auschwitz." Richtofen said "I cannot help you with this!" Nimdok said "My soul is already tainted, and the blood of hundreds on my hands call out for vengeance!" Richtofen laughed. "Vich is exactly why I have tipped off this Jewish Organization… Mossad was it?" Richtofen said. "I merely told them that there was a German War Criminal hiding in Bavaria, and…" Nimdok looked at Richtofen in shock. "Richtofen! How dare you?! I have been hiding from them for years. Why should I have to be hanged amongst the rats?!" Nimdok yelled "Vich is precisely I notified them. You zee I knew you would not come willingly, so I decided to give you more motivation." Richtofen said laughing like a mad man. "Ha ha ha … You better get your things packing, by my calculations we only have ten minutes before the Jewish Organization tracks us here." And so the trio gathered Dr. Nimdok's belongings. It was a quick and easy job as the man tended to be a light traveler, an ideal he had picked up fleeing Europe in the aftermath of World War 2. Once they were packed, the trio sped off in Richtofen's automobile as quickly as possible to escape the Israeli Mossad who were not hot on their tail. In the coming weeks, Nimdok realized what he had signed up for. A sort of Déjà vu reminiscent from his experiences of work as a doctor at one of the Nazi's many camps throughout Europe. Apparently, Richtofen had acquired a castle in Europe, one of the many built by the Swan King Ludwig himself. This one had been abandoned oh so many years ago, and was kept out from the public eye. A perfect location for the unholy experiments of the Doctor Richtofen. Victims would be kidnapped throughout Europe (victims who would not be missed such as vagrants and drug addicts). It did not take long for Nimdok to feel guilty about the whole affair and he had decided to take action against the Doctor. However, Nimdok was a weak and feeble old man, and he could not possibly take on Richtofen, who was an experienced fighter, in combat. Reading a newspaper one day, Nimdok came across an article explaining about how a UN Organization Called the B.S.A.A (Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance) was cleaning up a recent bioterror incident in Kijuju, Africa. "Perhaps these are the people equipped to take down Richtofen once and for all." Doctor Nimdok thought to himself as he put down the paper on his desk. The old man took out a large book, containing lists of phone numbers, and dialed for the BSAA. Soon the helicopters would be arriving. Putting the events of this story into action. Affecting the futures of all who take part. End of Prologue. Also I am Caesar2013, that's my pen name on
  3. A little while back I wrote a fanfiction called "Final Thoughts". For the story, I wrote a poem for a Eulogy. I have decided to bring it here. Enjoy Big Brother Shining Armor, we never knew your torment, never knew your pain. We lived life as it was, as yours was taken away. We saw what we wanted, not what you felt within. Forgive us for failing you, our failure to comprehend, your suffering every day. We pray your anguish, will forever cease. And that your deepest guilt, replaced by only peace. The loss of two you held most dear, invaded your every thought and dream. Weeping internally, and feeling deeply sad. Despite the loss, we remember the good, not the bad. We remember the life you had not when you were sad. We'll always leave you in our memory. All the happiness and joy when you were here. A better place in the afterlife is that all we hope to see. A place of no pain and fear, a place we hope to see you once more my beloved Brother.
  4. If we are being brainwashed by MLP, I'm assuming that we're all sleeper agents. When Faust gives the command, we strike hard and strike deep at dawn. Viva La Faust!

  5. Come my bronies, tis not too late to overthrow your government and set up Faust and Strong as your rulers, ladies, masters, and goddesses.
  6. Disclaimer: (This story is completely untrue and just a random conspiracy theory I came up with after pulling an all-nighter. I doubt either Tara or Lauren are planning this sort of thing, after all, why would they?... if they are, please don't silence me or kill me I have a wife and kids... and a goat to feed!) Do you ever wonder why we are bronies? Why do we as men seem to enjoy My Little Pony so much? A show meant for Little Girls yet adored by many grownups in their late teens to their thirties. It is because we are being brainwashed. Nopony watches the show for the plot nor because they adore the ponies. You see there are subliminal messages throughout My Little Pony: Obey, Tara is our Queen, Faust is our goddess. In each episode we are constantly being bombarded with orders to obey the wishes and commands of the duo. Soon we will be ordered to overthrow the governments of our respective nations. See it from this point of view: Every brony and pegasister is in reality a ticking time bomb. We are all now sleeper agents for the two (Faust and Strong), soon we will be given the final order: Taking out our leaders of our countries will cripple the governments of the world allowing the two to take over the world. This has been their plan all along. To create a show where the vast majority of the viewers are adults and teens (as a well known revolutionary once said that to evoke the power of the youth is to invoke the power of revolution). Soon as each nation falls the power of Faust and Strong will grow until the entire human race now bows before their ladies, their goddesses, their masters. Years will go by as more and more monuments are built to their name. But like Celestia and Luna, there shall be a rift between the two. Once best friends, Faust will come to view Tara with suspicion, and grow paranoid of her. Tara will see Faust the same, and begin to undermine her authority. Eventually a civil war will break out between them. Tara will use her reputation as "Queen of the bronies, and Twilight Sparkle" to rally her followers known as the Tarastrongtites, or followers of Twilight (that's a cult, but I won't dwell on that).. The other group the Faustians, will rally behind the goddess, Faust, and take the tactical and strategical prowess of their wise master into the heart of the Tarastrongtites' defenses. Soon a final battle shall occur between the two. Back the right leader, and paradise is promised. Back the wrong leader and damnation is forever. VIVA LA FAUST! (I'm aware this is not at all true. But I got the idea from a conversation with a friend who basically said that if they wanted to, I'm sure that if Tara wanted to they could march on the capital and take over the country.)
  7. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it when the reader takes the time to comment on the fanfics I write and post on various websites. Since you came up with some decent points I've decided to comment on them and explain my reasoning for doing so to the best of my ability. 1. I'm aware that it would never happen. This fanfic was supposed to be a fun what-if. Sure it won't happen, but I do like to ponder on alternatives to the canon. 2. That part was a joke against Celestia's expense. 3. Of course Sunset Shimmer deserved it. How dare she use the power of the elements to destroy Twilight? 4. As I've said, it's a fun what-if. 5. Not in this universe
  8. This fanfic is based off of Harlan Ellison's "I have no mouth and I must scream". As well as Hasbro's Movie "Equestria Girls". Please watch Equestria Girls first in case you don't want to read potential spoilers. ********************************************************************** Spoiler Alerts for those who have not seen it, basically Sunset Shimmer, the unicorn that previously was the Student of Princess Celestia before Twilight. She got angry with Celestia and fled into the human world. After the events of Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer seems to have been rehabilitated by the influence of the Elements of Harmony. But what if Sunset Shimmer returned to Equestria alongside Twilight Sparkle and Spike. A bigger question is what would have happened if Princess Celestia never forgave Sunset for the tension between them. And we all know that Princess Celestia isn't good about dealing with those she hates. After all she did banish her sister to the moon. *********************************************************************** My name is Sunset Shimmer. I was a former student of Princess Celestia long before Twilight Sparkle. I had become impatient with my studies and rebelled against the Princess and fled into the human world. I thought time would have made a difference in our relationship, that she had finally relented over my actions. If I had thought that Princess Celestia had been angry at me, I was wrong. So dead wrong. She was furious. It didn't even come close to the hate she now unleashed upon me. She made certain I would suffer eternally and could not do myself in or flee back to the Human world. But she left my mind intact. It has been hundreds of years possibly since I've returned to Equestria. Princess Celestia has resorted to altering my mind, accelerating and decelerating time as she saw fit. Making seconds seem like months and months seem like hundreds of years. I don't know. Princess Celestia had altered me worst than I could have ever imagined, but she still wishes to hold on to me. A sort of example to all who would oppose her. She doesn't want me to smash my skull, nor hold my breathe until I faint. Or somehow cut my own throat with a piece of metal. However, Celestia had been kind enough to grant me a mirror so I may describe myself to you: I have been altered into a great soft jellylike thing. My body is smoothly rounded, with pulsing white holes filled by fog where my eyes used to be. Rubbery appendages that were at one point my legs now bulks down into rubbery appendages of soft slippery matter. Blotches of diseased, evil grey come and go on my surface as though light is beamed from within. I shamble about, a thing that could never be recognized as a pony. Princess Celestia has taken my mouth, AND I MUST SCREAM!
  9. I do not own Baldur's Gate. It is the majestic work of Bioware and their affiliates. (Forgive me if I'm off a bit, I haven't played Baldur's Gate in a long time) For Veterans of the Baldur's Gate game, you will know that you can romance three of the female followers (yes, sorry... without cheats that is). But one of them intrigued me quite a bit. That is Viconia De Vir. She was a Drow (dark elf) that fled from the Spider Queen, Lolth. SPOILER ALERT: According to the game, Viconia was forced to flee the realm of the spider queen, after she refused to sacrifice an infant in her name. As a result, Viconia was exiled (or fled from) to the surface. After a period of persecution by the surface worlders, Viconia meets your protagonist character. Depending on your actions, you may have an opportunity to romance her. In Amn, the Romance is broken up after an attack by Lolth's followers (bastards). However, in Throne of Bhaal, you can continue the romance between you and Viconia. If you choose not to pursue godhood after the final battle, the ending epilogues arrive. Your character becomes a political figure of some sort, with Viconia (now possibly his wife) as his adviser. They have a child, a boy, and at first it strains their relationship, but then Viconia begins teaching the boy about the ways of both their peoples. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for the couple as Lolth finally managed to kill Viconia with a poisoned dart. I, like many other fans were upset that Viconia, such a character that we've come to enjoy, was murdered. So I sat down to my computer, and began to type out this fanfic. Where Viconia's death would finally be avenged. Where Lolth meets her end. This one shot, is Viconia's Vengeance. (I decided that since everyone has their own names for the protagonist in Baldur's Gate, I decided to use the name from the Baldur's Gate book, Abdel Adrian. Hopefully that doesn't annoy anyone.) Viconia's Vengeance It had been exactly one full year after my beloved had been slain in cold blood... by that six legged-freak... Lolth, the spider goddess of the Drow. No, the bane of my existence. The pain of losing Viconia I haven't felt since my foster father, Gorion, was struck down in front of me, when I was a mere boy. If I were to be struck by hundreds of hot needles, it wouldn't be a fraction of the pain I must go through each day as the presence of her draws further and further away from me. Each day after losing her, I found myself drifting farther, and farther away from my friends, my old comrades who helped me bring peace to this land. I even found myself distancing further away from my only son, the living reminder of what love I once shared with Viconia. Instead, I further developed my skills, honing every single weapon, and gathering supplies. I know what I have to do. The moment I saw the dart strike her, was the moment I knew what had to be done. Lolth has done nothing but try to kill her. And for what? Refusing to kill a helpless infant? Many times Lolth had attempted to kill Viconia, and when she finally succeeded I felt nothing but absolute loss. And... a touch of burning rage towards Viconia's sisters and Lolth. But... when I rushed to her aid, she merely pulled me closer, and whispered in my ear. Speaking softly and slowly... as the poison ravaged her body, I remember what she told me "Abdel, thank you... for everything... Before I met you... I felt nothing but betrayal... you were the only one that truly loved me. As my time grows near... I want you to know... as strange to me as this feels... I love-". Sadly, she was not able to finish... poison being too strong for her body to handle. But knowing that she was going to say "I love you" brings joy to my heart. My the moment, death took her, the moment her hand fell from me, was when I knew... I had lost her for good. My beloved was taken from me. I remember the good times we shared. When we first met. The days of adventuring and sleeping under the stars. I began to fall further and further in love with this drow, even as she pushed me, further and further away. But... somehow, there was a spark of some sort that she had never felt before. A spark that she never would have encountered amongst the dark and evil realm of Lolth. It.. was love. Love was a feeling she had never knew existed. And we both fell in love with one another. I know at the very end, Solar offered me godhood. But the only reward I truly needed, wanted, was to be with her. To choose to be a god, would mean I would have to give her up. I could not do that for either of us. So, I chose to remain mortal, and live a long life with my beloved. Viconia is dead. There is nothing I can do to change that. But... warfare and conflict is the only other thing I have ever been experienced with. I collected each and every weapon that had aided me in my travels, and every potion and piece of armor that would protect me from the vile hell of Lolth's lair. I decided it would be best to pay an old visit to my friend and half-sister, Imoen. Since she is one of my few relatives left in this world, I had hoped that she would be able to look after my son. "Abdel" Imoen, my half-sister said to me as I handed her my, my beloved's, only infant child. "Why are you giving me your son? Abdel! Please! I know that you are mad with grief over the loss of our old friend, Viconia. But do you really want your only child to grow up, not knowing his father after the murder of his mother? Please, think what Gorion would have to-" "Don't bring Gorion into this, Imoen!" I shouted, cutting her off. "Imoen, you know as well as I do, that Lolth won't stop with Viconia. She'll probably come after our child next, if she hasn't sucked my guts out before then." Imoen took a deep breathe in and out as she looked away. Taking one big breathe, she turned back to face me, and at the child. "What do you intend to do, Abdel? You plan on wiping out every single drow and Lolth herself? This is madness! And what am I to tell your son? That his father decided to go on a foolhardy revenge attack on the spider-goddess and got himself... eaten? And what if you fail? Is it possible that she'll come after your son next?" I lightly put my hand on Imoen's shoulders, and looking her straight in the eye, I said: "Imoen, I promise you, I will not fail. But... considering the dangerous nature of … what I intend to do.. no... you will not see me... ever again. I just want you to tell my son the truth. If he wants to call me a stupid oaf, that is fine. But know I did this to protect him, as well as avenge the death of his mother." I then hugged Imoen one last time, and gave my son the Bhaalspawn pendant that Gorion gave me when I was what a young child in Candlekeep. "And.. one last thing Imoen." I handed Imoen several bags full of gold coins, as well as a chest of various elvish necklaces and magic rings that I had collected over the years. "That is his inheritance. Give them to him when he becomes a man." It had taken me months, but I had reached the location of the drow's cave. I knew they would not simply let an outsider (especially a male) into their realm. If Lolth knew of my presence, and intentions, I would surely be killed. But I came prepared. Armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows. A sword, a spear, and finally, my armor made from the scales from that half-dragon Bhaalspawn, Abazigal. As I climbed down the cliffs leading further and further into the drow's lair, the entire area had gone darker than I had anticipated, but luckily for me, a potion was prepared that would allow me to see in the dark. There was a drow guard, watching over the entrance to the drow underground kingdom, ever since Viconia manged to leave the realm, Lolth had made sure that no more drow will be leaving her, without strings attached. I fell to the ground, hoping the drow would not notice me. It is not so much a matter of sight that was the problem, but rather hearing. And since that elves can hear a pin drop from many steps away, I prayed to the gods that she would not notice me... Luckily the guard was fiddling around with her iron mace, oblivious to the world around her. I crawled closer and propped my sword, and spear up against the rock. I took the bow and arrow, loaded the arrow on the string, and pulled back as far as it would go. Taking aim, I took down what would be just one of many drow in my way. The arrow flew faster than a werewolf after it's prey, and it struck the guard dead center in the eye. Her fellow guard came 'round the corner, whistling a hymn to herself. I quickly reloaded another arrow, pulled the string back, and struck the guard in the side of her neck. The arrow point likely severed a vital artery in her neck, though she grabbed the arrow after it had gone through her, it wasn't long until she too had finally died. The drow were not so much the enemy as Lolth, the spider-queen. But any drow that would attempt to stand in my way, would meet their end. Those smart enough to stay out of my roaring rampage of revenge, would be allowed to live. I made my way down the cliffs (after picking up my sword and spear of course). I dragged the two bodies of the drow guards out of sight, lest I raise the alarm and have the whole drow underground kingdom on me. The drow would be allowed to have their way with me as they wish, just as long as Lolth was dead. I was surprised how long it took the drow to raise their defenses. I had merely only managed to kill at least thirty drow (okay, more like forty-eight) before they noticed that someone (that is I) was killing them off. Since the time had been called to leave stealth, and merely become a one man armor. I drew my spear and impaled the nearest charging guard, who was coming at me with her mace. The spear quite easily ripped through her mail armor. As I was unable to withdraw my spear from her corpse, I grabbed the dead guard's mace, and struck down several more guards as they continued to assault me. I swung the mace, striking the guard in her head, crushing her through her weak helmet, as well as her skull. A little scrambled drow brains anyone? Several more of the guards charged me, their own spears in hand. I dropped the mace, and went for my sword. My experience adventuring paid off, as I was able to side step the drow guards as they lunged for me with spears in hand. I pulled the spear of one guard as he lunged for me, yanking it up. I heard a loud pop as I realized that I had dislocated the guard's arm. However, considering he was still a threat, I grabbed her other arm, and slammed my elbow straight into his nose, breaking it. I looked at the guard, as she glared at me, clenching her teeth together as her broken nose continued to drop the purple liquid that was drow blood. He screamed like a banshee and charged me, dagger in hand as she attempted a sort of banzai charge. I merely thrusted my sword forwards, the longer reach of the sword proving to be better suited in battle versus a dagger. His fellow guards also came at me with spears in hand. I sliced off the spearhead as the guard charged me with it. I sidestepped around the guard, first taking out her leg with a swift kick. I raised my sword, and hacked off her head. Such will be the fate of all of these monsters who oppose me. I continued this little brawl for awhile, and soon each of the guards that had charged me was finally dead. The drow mages and archers assaulted me with magic and arrow alike. But what they did not intend on however, was a very angry Bhaalspawn dressed in dragon scales. Dragons as you know are very immune to most magic, and their hides thick enough to absorb any arrows, both elvish and human. As the arrows continued to bounce off my body, many of the drow decided it was better to flee, rather than face a Bhaalspawn with vengeance on his mind. I continued my way into the lower levels of the drow underground empire. Each level being more difficult than the last. More guards coming to face me, only to be cut down like their sisters in the level above. I was sure that Lolth knew of my presence, as I cut down her numerous followers and spiders. Level by level, spider by spider, I would avenge my beloved Viconia. Every muscle and fiber of my being ached as I reached the 66th level of Lolth's lair. There was not a single drow, nor a single giant spider that could not stop, or even slow me down. Those that came up against me, only ended up dead. I had made it this far, if hell itself could not stop me, what's a mere spider going to do? I slowly entered Lolth's chambers, it was the throne room. Walking cautiously through the room (in case she was hiding wait for me), I looked around for the six-legged freak. Instead, she was nowhere to be seen. It was as if she had vanished into thin air. Suddenly, a rock struck my shoulder. It did not hit me like someone or something had deliberately thrown it at me, but, rather it dropped... from the ceiling. To my horror, Lolth herself was staring directly down at me, an evil grimace spread upon her face. "Ahh, welcome to my lair... Abdel Adrian... Son of Bhaal!" Lolth said with a fake tone of happiness in her voice. "It's very rare that a divine meal like yourself is delivered so... graciously." "Shut it! You spider freak!" I yelled back at her. "You know very well why I am here." "That little little harlot, Viconia De Vir was it? Ah... poor little bug is all upset I killed his mate? Don't worry, you can join her... after I'm through with drinking your delicious bodily fluids." Lolth said grimacing even wider, showing off her pointed teeth " Or... I might just save you, and use you as a hearty snack every now and then. A scrumptious meal like yourself doesn't come to often... I also am aware that you have a son. Isn't he staying with your sister... no, half-sister? When I'm done with you, I'll have what spiders I have left go... deliver them to me." "You wouldn't dare!" I yelled, now I was ready to run this spider bitch through with my sword. "The only way to stop me" Lolth said "Is to catch me!" Lolth, being a spider that she is, blasted my face full of webbing from above. As I struggled to pull the sticky substance off my face, and out of my eyes, I could hear Lolth jumping from her position on the ceiling and straight on top of me. As I was too distracted from trying to pull the webbing off my face, she was able to slam my body to the ground, her own body crushing me with her weight. Though the dragon scales were able to absorb much of the shock and pressure, I still managed to have the wind knocked from me. "Oh dear, it seems our hero of this story, after cutting down my worshipers, and making this far, is to only become a meal for me." Lolth said grimacing in front of my face rather closely. "I am going to enjoy sucking every bit of liquid from your body … Abdel Adrian." Seeing as how I had very little time before this spider freak was gnawwing on my face, I looked around for something I could stop her with. I grabbed a handful of dust from the ground and threw it into the Spider-queen's face. "Ahh!" Lolth screamed as the dust was in her eyes. As Lolth was still close enough to me, I reach my fist back, and struck the spider as hard as I could in the head. I do not consider myself much of a boxer, however I was strong enough to knock out a fire giant with a single punch. As my fist made contact with Loth's face, she turned away in pain, allowing me just a few seconds to grab my sword before she turned around for a counter-attack. Thus, the great fight was on. Lolth was spitting webbing and poison every now and then, forced me to try and dodge everything she threw at me. Occasionally, she'd try brute force and crush me with her body. Lolth was able to slam me into a wall, as I tried to recover, she came for me with a leg of hers. Seeing as how I did not have much of a choice, I swung my sword as fast as I could against one of legs, slicing it off. "ARRRGH!" Lolth screamed in pain as the loss of a leg was almost too much to bear. Slicing off a leg was supposed to have given me an advantage of sorts, instead it merely angered the spider queen. "I. WILL. KILL. YOU!" Lolth screamed, as she knocked me to the ground and tried to sting me. I rolled several times as Lolth continued to use her stinger to try and impale me, and deliver my body a lethal dosage of poison. Eventually, Lolth succeeded. "AHHHHHH!" I screamed as I felt a large, sharp needle go through the lower section of my torso. I fell to my knees as the pain of the sharp object from the spider queen overcame my body. Eventually the poison was taking effect. I could feel the poison, slowly destroy my body. I knew I had failed. Not only my beloved Viconia, but also my beloved son. I'm terribly sorry that I won't be able to provide for him a safer future. One that I wasn't able to have nor experience, thanks to the War for Bhaal's Throne. "Oh... poor little bug..." Lolth said coming closer to me, looking very angry. "Not only did you fail to... avenge that little whore... you also failed to safe your son. When I am done with... I will take delight in feasting on your infant's body juices. It's only fair that Veconia, having failed to sacrifice a baby in my name, instead replacing that sacrifice with her own child. Face it son of Bhaal... you have lost, and Lolth always gets what she wants. Now be a good boy and hold still." I looked up and saw that Lolth was preparing to feast on my body. Soon, some sort of power overcame my body. I no longer felt bad about having failed. No, I was overcome with love for my son, and my beloved Viconia. Love became my strength as I got back on my legs, and impaled Lolth through her underbelly, her true weakness. "ARRRGHH! Abdel Adrian you idiot!" Lolth screamed as I drove the sword deeper in her body. "You've killed us both with your foolishness! You failed! You hear me?! You failed!" "No..." I said to Lolth. "I did not fail, I have killed you. Though neither of us will live to see the next day, the fact that I have made this world safer for my son, made this all worthwhile. If the price of safety for my son is my life... for your life... than that is a worthy price … indeed. Besides, I only have my beloved Viconia's embrace to welcome me into the afterlife... what do you have?" "Raghhh!" Lolth screamed as she ran away a few feet, but collapsed onto her back. I watched as Lolth curled her legs slowly. Soon, she stopped moving altogether. I turned away. And looked back up onto the ceiling. I only smiled. The evil spider-queen was finally dead. I had accomplished my task. But a pain of sadness had struck me as well. Like Viconia, I will never live to see our son grow to become a man. Will he choose to be more an elf? Or a human? Or perhaps a little of both? I chuckled a little the thought. I merely closed my eyes, and waited for death to come. Death is not my enemy, only a friend who would reunite me with my beloved. Would she be as beautiful in the afterlife as she was amongst the living. I am sure to find out. 20 Years later... "So..." A half-elf said to his companions. "The rumors are true.. This is the sight where the Bhaalspawn, Abdel Adrian fought the infamous Lolth." "Lolth?" A short gnome said, who had a habit of tinkering. "Isn't she the spider queen?" "If you paid attention" The half-elf said with a glare in his eyes "That was the reason we came down here in the first place." "This place." A half-orc said looking around. "Frightens Katactac. Place bad. Katactac want leave." The half-elf looked back as his companions. "Sure... you guys go on ahead... I have … some serious business to attend to." After the half-elf's companions had left, he had came across a skeleton. At one point it was a man wearing dragon scale armor, but the nature of his death was unknown to him. "Well father..." The half-elf said approaching the pile of bones. "What Imoen told me was true.. You took on the evil Lolth herself, and won... if only for a short while. I may never be able to forgive you... for abandoning me. But, I think this is only fair." The half-elf, took off his back pack and loaded it with the bones of his father, Abdel Adrian. The half-elf made sure that each and every single bone found it's way into the half-elf's backpack. "It's only fair that I repay you father... with a hero's burial." The half-elf turned to rejoin his companions, when he noticed something sticking out in the corpse of Lolth. "Hmm?" The half-elf said noticing something sticking out of Lolth's underbelly. "A sword?" The half-elf pulled on the sword with all of his strength, and soon the sword was loose and came out of the spider corpse. "This is a fine sword." The half-elf said turning it around and examining it. On the sword's side, he noticed a few words written on the side. "Viconia's vengeance?" The half-elf said confused. "Ah... Now I understand... this sword... was especially made by my father to kill you Lolth... Not only is it my mother's vengeance... but also Lolth's Bane. That is a fine name for a sword... Lolth's Bane." The half-elf put the sword away, and got up to rejoin his companions. "Hey you guys! Wait for me!" The End.
  10. Former Captain of the Canterlot Guard Shining Armor, 27, Canterlot, passed away earlier this week at 10:32 p.m. as a result of injuries sustained from a self-inflicted gun shot wound, after being taken off life support at Canterlot General Hospital. Shining Armor was born in Canterlot, Royal Province, Equestria where he would live throughout his life. Shining Armor was a graduate of the Equestrian Army Academy, former Army Captain, and a hero to many for his role in stopping the Changeling attack on Canterlot. He is survived by his mother and father, Lady Twinkle Star and Lord Sparkle Night; and sister, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Shining Armor is preceded in death by wife, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, and infant foal, Sturdy Shield. Services for the late-captain of the Guard will be held at Canterlot Palace. Burial will be at the Equestrian Military Burial Cemetary.
  11. I would definately put Discord as Chaotic Neutral, due to the fact that he;s a free spirit that does whatever he wants, good and bad.
  12. After watching the show, I decided to come up with a list of the character's alignments towards good, evil, or neutral. This is just based off my observations and thoughts, but this is open to interpreatation. First the alignments and the characters: Lawful Good: Lawful Good is known as the "Saintly" or "Crusader" alignment. A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle Rarity Fluttershy Shining Armor Princess Cadence Neutral Good: Neutral Good is known as the "Benefactor" alignment. A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. Applejack The Cutie mark Crusaders Braeburn Chaotic Good: Chaotic Good is known as the "Beatific," "Rebel," or "Cynic" alignment. A Chaotic Good character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well. Rainbow Dash Lawfule Neutral: Lawful Neutral is called the "Judge" or "Disciplined" alignment. A Lawful Neutral character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules and tradition, and often follows a personal code. A Lawful Neutral society would typically enforce strict laws to maintain social order, and place a high value on traditions and historical precedent True Neutral: Neutral alignment, also referred to as True Neutral or Neutral Neutral, is called the "Undecided" or "Nature's" alignment. This alignment represents Neutral on both axes, and tends not to feel strongly towards any alignment. A farmer whose primary overriding concern is to feed his family is of this alignment. Big Macintosh Chaotic Neurtral: Chaotic Neutral is called the "Anarchist" or "Free Spirit" alignment. A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although they promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first. Good and Evil come second to their need to be free, and the only reliable thing about them is how totally unreliable they are. Lawful Evil: Lawful Evil is referred to as the "Dominator" or "Diabolic" alignment. Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favor. Diamond Tirara Neutral Evil: Neutral Evil is called the "Malefactor" alignment. Characters of this alignment are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies-of-the-moment, and usually make allies primarily to further their own goals. They have no compunctions about harming others to get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause carnage or mayhem when they see no direct benefit to it. Nightmare Moon Queen Chrysalis Chaotic Evil: Chaotic Evil is referred to as the "Destroyer" or "Demonic" alignment. Characters of this alignment tend to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. They set a high value on personal freedom, but do not have any regard for the lives or freedom of other people. King Sombra I only decided to do a few of the characters, as they popped out of my head right away as I went through with them.
  13. I do not own MLP. MLP Is owned by Hasbro Entertainment. I own nothing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have had a wonderful marriage up to this point. Together they ruled the Crystal Empire well, and their empire, and the Crystal ponies prospered. Shining Armor wasn't an old stallion. Quite the contrary. He was still fit, physically active, and mares still found him attractive. He still had maybe forty years, or even fifty. But a well placed dagger, or a crossbow bolt, can take many years away from any stallion. And that sudden illness? It only took Shining Armor three days of agonizing pain, to finally die. Distraught over the death of her husband, Princess Cadence has pulled herself into a dark retreat, weeping endlessly over the death of her beloved husband. Since Princess Cadence had been deemed unfit to rule due to her emotional state, the entire empire is now in the hooves of their five year old colt, Prince Gauntlet Armor (called Gauntlet the Terror by the other foals in his nursery school). Since Prince Gauntlet is too young to rule, a regent will be necessary to rule in his place. While officially this regent will rule in the young prince's name, officially, he will be allowed to do pretty much whatever he wants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are several ministers in this quest for the role of regent. Each having a select number of advantages over the other. Some will employ bribery, others treachery, some will even employ brute force. But perhaps one, will employ all three? First, there is the palace minister, Crystal Hoof. Duties include welcoming visitors, giving tours of the castle, and organizing meetings and parties. Essentially, Crystal Hoof is nothing more than a glorified butler. While he is the lowest in rank (the war minister and finance minster would simply laugh in his face if Crystal Hoof ever mentioned power), he does have a few advantages. The events to take place, will happen here, in the Crystal Empire's Palace. Crystal Hoof managed to keep knowledge of Shining Armor's illness away from the vast majority of the world. Even the War Minister doesn't know about it. Crystal Hoof has the advantage of time, and will with his right hand pony, Brutus, manage to outwit the other ponies? Second, there is the Finance Minister, Filthy Rich. This stallion is a master at handling resources and money, that he was personally hired by Cadence and Shining Armor to manage the Empire's finances. Having a near unlimited amount of resources, but lacking a killer instinct himself, Filthy Rich may try buying his way to power. Third, there is the War Minister, Sharpened Sword. Hired straight from graduation (first in his class). Lacks compassion, a total sociopath. He has no qualms about executing and murdering opponents (some weren't even a threat), is suspected to have personally gunned down Princess Twilight Sparkle's fiance, Prince Astro, at their wedding, just as they were giving their vows. Sharpened Sword has absolute control of the military, and will not hesitate to commit all of his available resources to seize the throne for himself. Very possibly, all Sharpened Sword needs is to be just informed of the illness alone to seize the throne. However, Sharpened Sword is stuck in a campaign as the Changelings, and geography alone will be his weakness. Next, there is Prince Gauntlet's personal tutor, Big Brains. A pony of high intelligence from the pony lands from across the sea, who was scouted to oversee the Prince's Education. However, it is suspected by some ponies that he is merely a spy, waiting for the opportune moment to bring in an invasion force of some kind from his own faction. Probably hoping to become the governor of a new providence for his masters. Each of these ponies are all in the quest to seize power for themselves. It will be a long road to power, but the rewards will be great for the stallion that obtains them. As the palace minister, there should be little to stand in your way, as long as you begin right away. However, this pedicure must be finished before you can begin. It's good to have priorities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof is sitting in his room, as his steward works on the pedicure for his hooves, contemplating his plans for seizing the throne. His rivals are all willing to kill one another to seize the throne. Hopefully, treachery will be on his side as the only ponies in the whole kingdom as of this moment that know about Shining Armor's death, is Princess Cadence and the Palace Minister himself. Time is on his side. Crystal Hoof got up from his seat, soon after his pedicure was finished, ready to begin the day of taking over an empire. First things first, he would have to call his right hand stallion, Brutus. Brutus was a very large pony, muscular and very tough in a fight, once even beating down four other ponies in a drunken brawl. Though such things are unseemly for someone like Crystal Hoof, however, these kinds of ponies have their uses too. Crystal Hoof took his phone, and dialed the number to Brutus' place of residence. "RING RING" The phone goes off "Hello?" A rather annoyed sounding voice says on the other end. "It's me Brutus, Crystal Hoof." "Ah, what can I do for you this time?" "Brutus, things in the Crystal Empire are going to become rather... unstable quite soon. I need you to come to the palace. You are not to notify anyone. Tell the guards I have sent for you." "Very … well then Crystal Hoof. Consider it done." Crystal Hoof frowned as he hung up the phone. If Brutus learns of the events that will unfold, somepony might try to bribe him, or somehow force him to work for them. That would not end well for Crystal Hoof. Now that his right hand pony had been notified to come to the palace, Crystal Hoof decided to get out his surveillance equipment. Lately, he saw some very unseeming things going on around the palace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Now Prince Gauntlet, I know you hate the other foals in your nursery school" Big Brains, the prince's tutor said the defiant young Prince Gauntlet. "But stabbing another colt in the class with a pair of scissors is outrageous!" Prince Gauntlet (or Gauntlet the Terror as his classmates have come to call him) is the son of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Prince Gauntlet is an Alicorn, and a little bigger than average for his age. On several occasions already, Cadence and Shining Armor had to punish him for his overly aggressive ways towards his fellow foals in the nursery school. It started out little by little, from kicking the mares in his class, to outright tackling the colts and throwing books and heavy objects at the teacher. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have resorted to hiring a private tutor for the young prince after several of the nobles complained that their children were being bullied and outright injured by the prince. However, with the death of Shining Armor a few days ago, the young prince had been left to his own devices, and recently stabbed a colt in the nursery class with a pair of scissors. Now forced out of the class altogether, the private tutor, Big Brains, has taken the sole responsibility in educating the young prince. "Now your behavior is unacceptable, Prince Gauntlet." Big Brains yelled "Well they're stupid and you're stupi-!" The prince was interrupted when Big Brains slapped him. "You will learn to respect your elders, young prince, or I will be forced to make you. Now let us move on to math." "Math's stupid!" The young prince said "AND I said you will respect your elders!" Big Brains yelled Big Brains laid in front of Prince Gauntlet a series of math worksheets, and instructed him to work on the math problems. Prince Gauntlet sat there, using his magic to write out the answers. A few moments later. "Times up, Prince." Big Brains said using his magic to bring the worksheet over to himself. "No... No... No.. and No. Well Prince Gauntlet, this has to by far be the worst grade I have ever seen. But I least you aren't as stupid as before. Look you even managed to write numbers this time." Prince Gauntlet merely glared at the tutor, clenching his foalish hooves in anger under the table. "Now, time for breakfast." Big Brains said pulling out a bag, taking one doughnut out of the bag. "Take one." "Oh boy!" Prince Gauntlet said eagerly taking the doughnut. "What a little piggie." Big Brains said to himself as he watched the prince devour the doughnut. After spending a few moments eating the doughnut, Prince Gauntlet licked the frosting off his hooves. Big Brains, then took a flask of wine, took a swig, and then offered it to the Prince. "Drink up." He said Prince Gauntlet hesitated, as he looked at the flask, filled with a disgustingly tasting substance. Gauntlet merely took a sip, gagged, and handed the flask back to Big Brains. "I said drink up! It's good for you!" Big Brains said as he picked up the princes head and forced the wine down his throat. Big Brains looked around the room, to make sure no pony could see him. Big Brains walked over to the door, and locked it. For extra insurance, the tutor also jammed a door under the door handle. "No interruptions this time." Big Brains said to himself as he walked over to the young prince. "Now young prince, are you ready to receive the seed of intelligence?" The young prince's eyes went wide with terror. "No! I want to go-" The young prince was cut off with another slap to the cheek. "You must have misunderstood prince. I asked: Do you want to receive the Seed of Intelligence?" Feeling defeated, the young prince looked down and said "Yes... " "YES WHAT?!" "Yes .. sir..." "That's better prince." The tutor, Big Brains, licked his lips as he approached the frightened colt. "Now Prince, assume the position." Big Brains began to loosen his clothes, when there was a loud knocking on the door. "KNOCK KNOCK!" "Yes who's there?!" Big Brains demanded. "Royal Tutor! I have important news. Please open the door." The tutor growled as he tightened his clothes again, and then he approached the door, taking the chair out of the knob, and unlocked the door. "Yes what is it? I was in the middle of a very important test for the young prince." Prince Gauntlet had his head down on the test, crying quietly. If only somepony listened to him about what was going on. Not even his mother, Cadence listened to him anymore. All she ever does is cry. "I'm sorry Royal Tutor." The messenger pony said. "I wouldn't want to interrupt the young prince's education. That's very important for the future you know." "Get on with it messenger pony!" The tutor, Big Brains, demanded. "Oh yes where was I? Oh yes, I'm sorry to say, but... Shining Armor has died." "Shining Armor... is dead?" Big Brains asked "Yes, recently he passed away from an illness." Prince Gauntlet just sat at his desk. If the news that his father had died had affected him at all, he did not show it whatsoever. "Very well, I will have to... account for this. Good day messenger pony" "And to you too dear sir." Big Brains turned over to the young prince. "All right Prince, you're free to go. But if you tell anyone! You will pay dearly!" Big Brains yelled Prince Gauntlet merely ran out of the room as quickly as he could. "Now that Shining Armor is dead." Big Brains said to himself. "I should call my griffon contacts." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filthy Rich sat there in his office, listening to his music as he continued to write out financial forms. "Sir!" The messenger pony said. "I have urgent news." "Yes, what is it?" "Shining Armor... he's dead sir. And Princess Cadence is too distraught to rule. That means that a regent will be needed to rule in the place of Prince Gauntlet." "I see..." Filthy Rich said as he handed the messenger pony a few hundred bits. "Please... tell no more of this to others. Lets... keep this our little secret. The pony took the bits and put them away. "I... understand sir. Not a single pony will know." The messenger pony then left the room. Filthy Rich then opened up several of his bank accounts and direct deposited large sums of money into various pony's bank accounts. Knowing that he now has total control of the Empire's finances, Filthy Rich hoped to bribe each, and every single pony in his way. The guards within the Empire were already bought off. While Filthy Rich did not have a taste for violence, perhaps he could pay off other ponies to do the dirty work for him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "KEEP FIRING!" Sharpened Sword demanded as the siege of the Changeling Caves was going on. It had only taken the Crystal Empire a few months to reach the caves of the Changeling Empire. And very soon, they'd crush the Changeling menace once and for all. The siege of the caves had gone on for about a week, when Sharpened Sword receive the call. "He's dead? Are you sure? Tell no one of this." Sharpened Sword said to his cell phone. Soon after, Sharpened Sword demanded that each and every soldier withdraw from the caves. Sharpened Sword had a throne to claim, and no pony would get in the way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unbeknownst to Big Brains, Crystal Hoof had been surveying him for quite some time. The surveillance equipment had cost him quite a pretty bit, but it had all been worth it, when he had dirt on all of his enemies. Of course the fact that the Royal Tutor himself had been molesting the young Prince, would give quite an advantage. "All right.. I'm here." Brutus said as he arrived in Crystal Hoof's room. "Ah Brutus.. what do you think of this.." Crystal Hoof said showing the video footage of the Tutor and the Prince. "Receive the seed of intelligence? That sonuvabitch is dead!" Brutus said marching out of the room. Though Brutus was a blood thirsty brute, he had a soft spot for children. Brutus having experienced physical abuse himself as a child, would do much to protect a child. This time, Brutus' impulsiveness would serve useful to Crystal Hoof in eliminating one of his enemies. Most likely Brutus would be killed for the act, or at the very least imprisoned. But it would take all of Crystal Hoof's resources to gain the position of power he so desperately craved. Big Brains was in his office, collecting his notes and various things he needed to flee the Empire. Knowing that his army of griffons were on their way to seize the Empire for him, Big Brains did not want to be stuck in the middle of the conflict. The interior soldiers were probably against him, it would only be a matter of time until- "BOOM!" Brutus barges in into the room "HEY! Who are you?" Big Brains demands "You're the sonuvabitch who goes around molesting children aren't you?" "I don't know what you're talking abo-" Brutus him off with a crossbow bolt in the chest. The sharp bolt puncturing several arteries leaving Big Brains to drown in a pool of his own blood "I don't ever want to hear you've been harming another foal ever again!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filthy Rich had called up one of his contacts in the Griffon Empire, hoping that enough bits, he might be able to bribe them to stay out of the conflict. "Hello?" A griffon administrator on the other picked up the phone. "It's Filthy Rich." "Ah, time for another trade already?" "No, a little bird told me an army was on the way to the Crystal Empire... is that true?" "Perhaps? Maybe? Maybe not? Perhaps a little gift of a sort will help me remember." "I've transferred ten-thousand bits already to your bank account." "Of course! However, it seems like the Crystal Empire has withdrawn from from the Changeling Kingdom, and is currently engaging our forces. It seems that that army won't reach the Empire." "Well … perhaps for another.. gift, that army won't engage the empire at all?" "Perhaps, maybe with another gift, I could tell my leader only to focus on the Crystal Ponies attacking the Griffon Army we've sent, but then to withdraw later." "Would thirty-five thousand bits sound good?" "Absolutely. I'll be sure to... tell the Griffon King not to march on the Crystal Empire. Good day." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof picked up his phone and directly dialed the Griffon Kigndom. Knowing that an army was on it's way to take over the Empire, Crystal Hoof had to act fast. "RING RING" "Ermm Hello?" A griffon administrator responded "Hello this is Crystal Hoof, Palace Minister of the Crystal Empire." "HAHHAHAHAHA! You're joking right?" "No I'm not." "It's just that... it's just that it's laughable that you're calling us at all." "I have some information you might like." "Oh? And what would that be?" "The Crystal Empire has been using your weapons against you for years." "What do you mean?" "I mean, our War Minister, has raided your weapons caches and took your weapons." "I heard reports that there were some weapons missing, are you sure?" "Yes, I am positive." "No matter, those weapons have a little fail safe on them. Should that be the case, a little surprise is waiting for him." "Wait! I demand ten-thousand bits for this information." "Fool, you've already gave the information. Goodbye." "NO WAIT!" "CLICK" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Hoof threw a glass at the wall. Angry at his own mistake, he should have demanded money first, and then gave the information. However, it still means that two of his rivals would be eliminated, the Royal Tutor, Big Brains, and the War Minister, Sharpened Sword. Power was so close, Crystal Hoof could almost taste it. Crystal Hoof left his quarters, and walked down the stairs to just one of many of the palace's chambers and halls. "Ah Crystal Hoof there you are!" Filthy Rich said approaching Crystal Hoof. "I heard there was going to be a call for new leadership, and.. just telling you it will be great to have you on board. Well I can't stick around, I have to go to the courtyard, well nice talking to you." Crystal Hoof stood there, angry that the guard had allowed that scumbag Filthy Rich to talk to him. When Crystal Hoof becomes Regent, that guard will be the first of many that he sends to the guillotine. But first, Filthy Rich has to be taken care of. Following from a distance, Crystal Hoof saw that Filthy Rich was walking down a flight of stairs to meet with a pony in the castle's courtyard, in the corner of Crystal Hoof's eye was a balcony with a perfect view of the court yard, if only he could drop something on Filthy Rich's head, and quickly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "WOOT THIS IS FUN!" The young prince Gauntlet yelled as he played with a remote controlled toy car. Suddenly, Crystal Hoof had an idea. "Prince Gauntlet! How much do you want for that toy car?" "Two thousand bits!" "Isn't that too much?" "You want it that badly. I know." "You're a little swindler." "Good." "Fine take the two thousand bits." "Cool!" Crystal Hoof gave the bits to the young prince, and he dropped the car and the remote to take the money. Crystal Hoof looked over the balcony and saw that his last enemy, Mr. Filthy Rich was still there. "I have one shot at this." Crystal Hoof said picking up the toy car. "This thing is heavy... like it's made of iron." Crystal Hoof dropped the toy car, placing in front of the gaps between the balcony's wall. Pressing the up arrow as hard as he can, the toy car moved forward as fast as it could move, and went flying off the balcony. "AHHH!" Filthy Rich was heard to scream as the toy car flew straight into his head. A loud crash later, Filthy Rich laid there on the ground, soon he was dead. With all of the competition gone, all of the ministers, except himself dead. There will be no one else, except himself of course, for the job of regent. Yes, this would be the start of a new age for the Crystal Empire, and the world. And not even after his new pedicure, did Crystal Heart have to get his hooves dirty. He had a new job as regent to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stiff Shield is one of many of Canterlot's guards. When his friends found out he had been assigned to be one of many defending the walls of Canterlot, instead of being a soldier in the fields like them, they congratulated him, while calling him a bastard under their breathe. The reason why so many guards have been necessary, is that lately, the Crystal Empire, no Obsidian Empire, had been acting aggressively towards their southern neighbor, Equestria. If someone were to say that someone from the Crystal Empire would act aggressively, they would laugh, as the Crystal Empire encouraged love and wouldn't act that way to their allies. But that was under the old days with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The Crystal Empire has a new king, no Emperor, he seized power for himself, killing all and any ponies that could control him. The regent, you think his name was, Crystal Heart or Crystal Hoof, realized the threat, and tried to stop him. The civil war was brutally put down by the emperor, and Crystal Hoof was saved for special vengeance. The emperor decided to make an example of Crystal Hoof, and had him brutally tortured over a period of ten days. Every single minute and hour, was broadcasted over the radio and television. Stiff Shield and Princess Celestia heard only a portion of the broadcast, and both of you threw up your stomach contents. A few nobles tried to stop him, they were crucified. The new emperor turned out to be a berserker, single handedly leading the Obsidian Empire's soldiers to battle against many countries, as as the Griffon Kingdom. Against the odds, this emperor defeated each country in every battle he faced, and only added to his own power. When his mother tried to reason with her son, he stabbed her to death in a fit of furious anger and threw her body down the steps of the palace, leaving her body to the carrion birds. Though it's unnerving to hear about these events to the north, Stiff Shield rests easily as he thinks the princesses will protect them. However... the recent invasion by the Obsidian Empire has proven otherwise, when in the early hours of the day, the Empire routed and utterly destroyed the Equestrian Army. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of the Emperor and Canterlot. Soon, Canterlot will be put to the sword by a ten year old foal. Gauntlet the Terror is on his way. May Celestia have mercy on our souls. The End.
  14. Actually, it's more of a good thing that they have it. Let's see some people in history who had Aspergers (or symptoms): Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla (Definately I suspect), Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and a whole lot more.
  15. Remember, just because they may or may not have Aspergers, does not mean that either Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle traits.