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  1. hey alex! you probably don't remember me but we met on here 5 years ago :) time flies! hope you're living an amazing life :ooh:

  2. Gone.

    1. Scootalove


      What do you mean by gone?

    2. Scootalove


      Oh, that works too. :) Good thing, I still use Skype.

  3. 49ers! I live in San Francisco. Our Giants recently won the world series and had a parade, it was awesome. I can't wait for another one. GO 49ERS!
  4. Death By Chocolate

    Ponify the World!

    So many neighs... These should be super obvious. Neigh Jersey (New Jersey) Neigh York (New York) Neigh Zealand (New Zealand) < Not a city but oh well
  5. Death By Chocolate

    Whatz up? :)

    Hello there, I'm Tiffany. Nice to meet you and welcome! Oh and, enjoy your stay!
  6. You should get the Wacom Bamboo as suggested by many other people above me. I bought one 2 years ago at Best Buy and it's still working perfectly fine!
  7. Well, I'm only 14 and still in school, I guess I depend on my parents. I doubt there are that many jobs for students around my age. Even if I CAN find one, I wouldn't get paid that much. I'm also really lazy when it comes to filling out applications or résumés.
  8. I'm super jealous! If I have that skin for my xbox (If only I have one D:), I would just stare it all day. Do you also have it for your controller? By the way, I spy Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, and Halo 4! xD
  9. "Chris Moulin, of Leeds University, asked 92 volunteers to write out "door" 30 times in 60 seconds. At the International Conference on Memory in Sydney last week he reported that 68 percent of volunteers showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that "door" was a real word." I guess you're right! It's jamais vu. jamais vu jamais vu jamais vu jamais vu jamais vu jamais vu
  10. Oh, isn't it called semantic satiation or something like that? ... semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiation semantic satiationsemantic satiation
  11. My favorite word? Word. Yup. My favorite word is 'word'. The word 'word' somehow starts to lose its meaning if you keep on staring at it ...
  12. Yup, I'm a huge fan of Apple Jack! Haha, well I guess I already like you too.
  13. Wow, that looks awesome! But I think the tail should be a bit longer on the bottom left one. I also think it'd be amazing if you drew some Alicorns, your art style would be perfect for them! I'd love to see more drawings from you.
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