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  1. Depression and Sadness gets to everyone in times of hell.....

  2. Well. Ever heard of "Jeff The Killer" From creepy pasta? If not here a images Just waking up to him in your face or seeing him in your dreams with a knife at your neck is just terrifying. And here him saying 'Go...To...Sleep!" In your mind is just completely creepy. Sometimes hes a nightmare sometimes hes not. But mostly he wants to kill you to free you from the world that going insane and heartless/soulless and nightmares, That all he likes to do....
  3. Hm Well mostly for me its the Welcome to the show song by Britt Nicole Its a very fitting song if you go insane or something and quite good for partying or wake up call
  4. Ok i have my Oc's Link here you go It's also down by my signature to So yeah there you go hope to join Your rp Luna Pie
  5. Sometime's i wonder How many people are good at art. Or Music

  6. Well ill sign up to MIne is a Alicorn, From a city i actually made that's not in the show. Anyway's ill sign up if that's ok with you? And my Alicorn is mostly a very friendly one. So yeah
  7. I been listening to this sone here

    It's very nice
  8. Luna Only Luna because i like her she a very nice princess
  9. I rather be a archer/sniper world class best sniper/archer legend for that time and to be remember by alot and do more legendary stuff then other's would do in there time life so yeah i pick legend all the way
  10. That's a very nice spitfire banner there really like it :)

  11. Hmm i wonder if you can have mlp dream's every night of your life after your a brony because i kinda do

  12. Wondering if there is a good tf2 server to go on

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Reani


      Have you gone to the Pony Fortress 2 servers?

    3. PrinceNightFire


      Nope i have not yet


    4. Reani


      It's really cool there... they even have this MLP Heroes mod where each team gets one overpowered pony. They also have normal TF2. You should check out their servers.