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Everything posted by Extremespeedster

  1. I just meant that alot of us will most likely come here. I know i exaggerated a wee bit.
  2. So, this is the place to post anything cam newton related....... Post away.
  3. Most of my friends know, i only told them after i found out one of their brothers watched it. I dont go around screaming "im a bronie" though.
  4. i used to love pokemon and i still do but for some reason i have an undying hatred for black and white. idk why, i loved the 4th gen.
  5. I think you should just get rid of the limit because people will just post spam post (i would if i had nothing to say lol)
  6. Welcome, glad to see so many people coming here.
  7. excelsior as in Al Gore from southpark?????
  8. extremespeedster from 3ds forums. if you dont believe me, one word....... cam newton.
  9. welcome, i think were all new as of today lol.
  10. Idk, i remember the 3ds fourmies all became obsessed with it so i decided to give it a shot. so whenever most of the 3dsforums.com members did.
  11. Hello peeps, im extremespeedster. I have been a member of the 3ds forums for awhile now and saw that Kurtiss co-created this so I thought id give it a shot considering how awesome MLP is.
  12. yes, life was much more boring then. anyways, i have a feeling that half the people on here will be from the 3dsforums lol.