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  1. Dude! Love your avatar.

  2. Who know's you just might lose your mind too. Oh and do not forget the hats. There simple isn't a better hat simulator out there. It has that fun mini game with guns and stuff in order to get them too. All kinds of fun
  3. Well if you like being sneaky you can play as spy > But generally just go for it. It is free anyway. Even if you hate the game you lose nothing but a few hours of your life xD
  4. Well I am the first to pick that greek option up there. Greek being my first language since I am born and raised in Greece with English as my secondary, though I like to think that I am quite good at it
  5. idea has been revived Well just to add one Be vintage: You remember a forum with a chatroom
  6. This place became so big in my absence

  7. Which I use to pull out a million rabbits to drown you in I leave thou a machete wielding penguin
  8. Hello. You like leafeons therefore we are going to be friends :DD

  9. @@Feather Gem,@, @@Grand_Finale, "But....but isn't that reaction a bit extreme ?"He asked quite worried in fact cause he didn't quite like being intimidating. He also noticed that Chamois didn't quite get his meaning but he dicided to let it go until this was resolved. As he was about to walk to Chamois and the filly hidden in the snow another one popped up from within. "1st floor to the right. There is a classroom there and the person in charge might still be there. Ask for Mystical flow." He answered her nicely.
  10. Lionheart stood there blinking dumbfounded. "Really ? Really ? Really ? Oh come on it been twice already I am not intimidating am I ?" He asked his voice betraying that he was quite bothered by the fact that twice she jumped as she saw him. "I just came here. I am just trying to meet the ponies and the like around this place." He said truthfully but adding and the like into his phrase, emphasizing a little bit on the words and the like hoping vine might catch his drift. @@Feather Gem, @,
  11. @@Feather Gem, @, And there it was she made the perfect moment for him as she got closer to shade he used that moment to move out silently without Shade realising. He was finally out but one thing was certain. This wasn't the end of this ordeal. He would sure have to answer for the events but for now he felt a tad bit safer. All he had to do now was find the filly named Vine but how was he supposed to do that ? This place wasn't exactly small and she had long now left this place so following was unlikely. That he pondered as he reached the 1st floors window only to be amazed once again. There she was lying outside in the snow. That was unbelievable. *I dare say my luck hasn't abandoned me yet as I though hehe* He thought enjoying the convinience of the way events played. Going down the stairs he reached for the main door, opened it and walked outside. To his diismay the filly from behind the table was there so talking about the changeling girl was out of the question. *I am starting to think this is a mocking luck cycle. Door open to shade, Get caught by returning mare. Escape and find suspect #2, unaware filly with her.* He thought to himself as he approached the two fillies. "Hey" He casually said completely forgetting the fact that they never met, talked or introduced themselves before.
  12. @@Feather Gem,@@Doppelrac, Lionheart got the get out signal and felt quite glad about it but the truth was he couldn't really go anywhere without getting noticed, She was right infront of the door and Shade was looking at her. He did a negative signal and whispered "I can't really move and you are kind of blocking the only way out." His voice was loud enough for Mystical to hear if she concetrated and silent enought ot be covered from Shades crying so she couldn't
  13. @@Doppelrac,@@Feather Gem, But as it turned out lady luck abandoned him when he needed her the most. As Mystical opened the door he stared right at her hoping there was the littliest of chances that she would somehow miss him. It wasn't possible but he hoped. *Why me. What I am supposed to say. What is she going to ask ? Should I maybe just play cool and casually leave the romm ? No, no chance she will let me off that easily celestia I am screwed and this is my first day here.* Lionheart frantically made a chain of thoughts in him mind awaiting the outcome.