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    I am awesome

  2. I first saw MLP back in Summer 2011, when it began to be accepted into the mainstream, I believe. I heard of it, so I watched it at 5 A.M. in the morning, by complete coincidence. Up until a few days ago, I only saw like 4 episodes. I'm trying to get through the show as quick as possible, and am only at S2E4. I never went on these forums until recently. I feel like a fake-brony even though I'm technically OG. I kind of understand your comment. I could see it in my mind. So I'm not the only one who feels this way? XD I refuse to read fics that aren't of my prefered 'pairings', if you k
  3. Sphotof

    I am awesome

    Do you now? Thank you very much Bunny. I will eat these cupcakes and then I will give you a hug.
  4. Sphotof

    Visual Art Creepy Basement

    It's a basement. Good job. I think I can see the monster. No wait maybe not. Uhm... I can't see it. Why am I here again? Oh, good job. You get a gold star.
  5. Age: 14 State: Arizona 1. Do you know how to use a rotary phone and have you ever dialed one? If so, how long ago? I know how to use one. Never touched one. Never seen one. 2. Did you have an early part in your life without Internet access? Parents disallowing it because you were too young doesn't count. Nope.avi. 3. What is the earliest national or world crisis you have a first hand memory of? Most of you will probably say September 11. Anything involving Iraq, Afghanistan, or Muslims. 4. Can you recall if your family had an old-fashioned TV with dials on it?
  6. Sphotof

    I am awesome

    I am awesome. I saw Episode 2 back in Summer 2011, and only saw like 4 episodes since. Now that some Twilight Alicorn episode is coming, or something, I'm trying to watch every episode. I watch about two every night. I'm at S2E4. I also joined because I am part of the herd, no doubt. Wish me luck. Did I forget to mention that I am awesome?
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