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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Whoops, sorry. I'd honestly forgotten that was where I got that from. These are some good points. Leaving it as it is probably does make more sense than trying to finagle it. Anyways, thanks.
  4. So, we all know and love Fallout Equestria. It's one of the most famous stories in the entire fandom, right up there with things like Cupcakes, My Little Dashie, and Past Sins. Just about everyone who's a pony fan reads it sooner or later. It spawned numerous side stories; an entire fandom all of its own for just Fallout Equestria, including the incredible twice-the-length FOE: Project Horizons. But the thing is... Fallout Equestria is significantly and substantially out of date. It was written back during the hiatus between season one and season two, for goodness's sake. While it very brie
  5. Okay, not a problem. I'm going to see about getting that friend I mentioned to you before into this. He's likely to be interested, and we were trying to set up something ourselves during the period I thought this had died.
  6. Okay, I had to install Discord because I'd never used it before, but my user ID is: TheQueenCassandra#7367 I'm still in on this unless something else changes. Equestrian Scholar should still have my character sheet which I believe I did in 5e so yeah.
  7. I think I'm still interested. I thought this died so I hadn't been checking back. So count Gretchen still in.
  8. But, Muffins, why? Why did you do it? I'd turn her in, reluctantly, because frankly she ripped off a museum. If she had stolen from, say, Prince Blueblood or some other high muckety muck that wouldn't miss the goods, I'm chaotic enough to say more power to her and cover her. But since it was a museum, no. But I would go to her trial and argue in favor of job placement for her rehabilitation, something good. And I'd take care of Dinky and Amethyst for her while she's doing her time.
  9. I'm going to have to agree. Like much of season six, this episode was poorly planned, poorly written, and... just plain embarrassing to watch.
  10. So, shipping is a complicated subject. It's wildly up to personal interpretation, desires, etc. For example, being pansexual but homoromantic(With a lone exception in my most wonderful Harold), I highly prefer lesbian ships to heterosexual ships, because I like to ship based upon the chemistry the characters have with each other, or in other words, the way relationships actually work in real life. Real world relationships are not at all the way they're usually presented in fiction. No one goes all blushy and then "falls in love" without being friends with their lover in at least some way. Your
  11. Twilight outright declares zebras aren't ponies in Bridle Gossip (I just checked) but it's not something that's been elaborated on since. And she's still the only zebra we've seen in the entire show's run, so I want to say it's up to the viewer to interpret? I only say that because zebras are the only other sophont species in Equestria with a cutie-mark like glyph, and thus they're obviously at the very least closely related to the Equestrian ponies.
  12. I completely agree she should be in the intro. I mean if they have characters who almost never show up like Snips and Snails and Mayor Mare in that "Friends....~!" photo, then yes Trixie deserves to be there since she's a semi-regular cast member now. Still not entirely sure what to think about that but she is kind of a snarky sarcastic asshole all the time and that's refreshing on this show, so yeah.
  13. Season Six sucked massively because it was too over-focused on having moments with stallions and introduced two of the worst characters ever to exist in the Gen IV franchise: Zephyr Breeze and Quibble Pants. (The third is Timber Spruce.) Honest Apple was an amazingly hilarious episode. The show needs to focus mostly on female characters because it's a show for girls about all the ways one can be a girl. As such this should include canonical lesbians. Sparity is horrible and should be canonically shot down until/unless both are adults in which case I'll reserve the right to judge it th
  14. I'm going to post my initial thoughts here, and save a detailed analysis for a later time. Back around 2012-2013, when I was on this forum a ton, I used to write detailed analyses of episodes in their threads--you can still see these in most of the season two threads, for example. At the moment, however, I am somewhat inebriated, and thus cannot properly analyze. So, initial thoughts: I thought this episode was absolutely hysterical. I fully expected it to be a meta commentary on fandom in general and this fandom in specific, and it delivered. More to the point however, it also showed us ju
  15. So, looks like we've got a new music video. This one stars Applejack, and it's a little... odd? Like some kind of mix of electronic and country. I have to say I like her skills though. And it's really interesting to me to see that Applejack works at the mall in a juice shop. Makes me wonder if the rest of the Humane Seven have similar jobs. If nothing else I'm really surprised Applejack isn't just working on the farm, but given that Granny Smith works at the school it seems very much like Sweet Apple Acres in the human world just isn't at all the same as the pony version. Whatcha tink ya'll
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