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  1. What is your favorite philosofical saying. I mean it can be a saying from any person in history. For example, " It hurts more to love someone and them not know than it does if you tell them and they say no" ~unknown
  2. What is the scariest and saddest my little pony fan-fic you have read and how do you feel about it. Also what is the most well written one you have read?
  3. I never had a chance to hate it. But my friend anthony hated it and made fun of me. Can you believe it,my BEST friend in the world made fun of me. But 2 weeks later he was a brony. I dont even know what to say to him.
  4. im pretty open about it but i dont really shout it to people in that sort of sense
  5. tis sad but it will die down but people wont forget. celestia be my witness, i will not forget the show. the fire dies but the embers burn and you know what people will pour gasoline on that fire someday and the show will be a popping fire again.