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  1. Welcome back, Lightning Dusty. :)

  2. Writing MLP Fanfic on FIM

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    2. Lightning Dusty

      Lightning Dusty

      The main characters will be. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, and my OC. Note: The cutie mark crusaders will be all teenagers, same as Diamond.

    3. #1 Flutterfan

      #1 Flutterfan

      Interesting! That'd be a good Fic I think.

    4. Lightning Dusty

      Lightning Dusty

      Thanks, hopefully it will be.

  3. The very first thing I always look at when I view a users page is the info. You can learn so much Epicness just from reading the darn thing.

  4. Editing profile page and MLP wiki

  5. Oh wow that's wicked gal. I do some Musical Theader but most of my writing and poetry takes up my time. But that sounds very cool, totally.
  6. Thank you very much for welcoming, ya'll. So like I promised I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My main Intrests include. Writing, Acting, Singing, Drawing, and to top it all off. I do a little bit of dance as well.
  7. Ah, that's okay bro. I ramble all the time, most of the time I have no idea what I'm talking about. Lol. But I just go with the flow most of the time. But I could see how difficult that would be posting on here as quick as you can and then leaving for work. That would send my brain in a tussle less then a second.
  8. Dude, wowzers that's amazing! I could never draw something this nice in a paint program. But I will say I'm highly impressed by your work of art. Great job, and keep up the awesome work.
  9. One of my most favorite episodes in season 3 wars this episode. Very good lesson taught and wonderfully constructed Characters featured in this episode.
  10. Hi ya'll, I just recently joined the forums and I'm kinda new to everything. The new bee, so to speak. But then wanting to learn about the forums I really want to meet everyone and get to know them. So if you like you can tell me a bit about your self and then I'll do the same. I can't wait to get to know ya'll.