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  1. Gather Around my ponies And listen to my Request For Youtube viewing has become Quite a Mess Commentaries, Blind Reviews, Audio at higher Speeds Bring me no pleasure, no solace, no thrills As the episodes alone I seek Not opinions or voices that are Shrill So he comes forth to the forums once again To seek the advice From those pony friends Where can one watch Without commentary or reviews Where can He see? The ponies he wishes to View?
  2. Lets get down to business To prep for e3 Will it be nintendo. Msoft. Or sony? You are the biggest noobs I ever met but you can bet before we're through Mister I will make a gamer out of you. Quiet as a camper As still as snake... Once you have your team Your will they cant break! You're a cowardly pale anonomous lot but you bet before we're through Mister I will make a gamer out of you! Man I will never learn the codes Say goodbye to the friends who knew me Boy was I a fool for skipping gens... Multiplayer is super intense Hope they dont pick on me Now I really wish I knew how to wins! Be a gamer Must be as swift as the fastest ram Be a gamer With all the force of a great CpU Be a gamer With all the passion of a trolling fan boy Be a gamer As mysertious as anonymous in a chat room!! Time is racing towards us Till the conference arrives Heed the posted schedules And watch them live! You're unsuited for thw console war So sign off. Shut down. You're through. I could not. Make a gamer. Out of you! Be a gamer Must be as swift as the fastest ram Be a gamer With all the force of a great CpU Be a gamer With all the passion of a trolling fan boy Be a gamer As mysertious as anonymous in a chat room!! HO YA - DiscordAnarchy
  3. Happy birthday to our master of chaos ^^

    1. DiscordAnarchy


      Thank you kindly!!!

  4. He is on Steroids. I don't know if you've ever read up on it, but Steroids does cause shrinkage.
  5. When Tirek was instantly beaten by a blast of rainbow magic from a tree.
  6. I do not accept this. Growing up, I witnessed a lot of dark DARK stuff in children's cartoons when I was but a wee little minion of chaos. We had characters being possessed and souls ripped out of them from Ghostbusters, we had episodes of Tale Spin that dealt with blackmail, threatening of murder, and conspiricies... Hell - Care Bears had Satan in it! They're Back: A Dinosaur's Tale had kids signing contracts with their blood not to mention this scary moment: And sweet Celesia, what about PaddyWhack?!?!?! I know this is less the fault of the creators and more the studios and parents but that's the problem. These people are so over-protective of their kids that even the smallest hint of chaos/darkness is banned. Kids are no longer allowed to go out on Halloween (parents take them to malls and school/church events more now which kills me). Shows can no longer be scary/dark like they used too... RAWR!
  7. It lasted for one episode and only in one town. I'm talking about where a villain wins and we see the next episode based about a week later and at least 2 or 3 episodes dedicated to the good guys trying to get a plan together to take down the villain instead of these episodes that have the magic "get this and automatically win" endings.
  8. Oh Tirek. How we miss thee... Seriously; one of the biggest letdowns of Tirek was just how easily he was defeated at the end of the episode. I firmly believe that a villain needs to actually win and show a distopian Equestria until the precious ponies are able to actually come up with a great plan to stop them that does not involve a magic "Win" button that is the Rainbow powers that we got when they defeated Tirek. If we do get another serious hardcore villain (Preferrably Grogar), I'd like to see him actually conquer the world for a short time (at least past 2 episodes) to show what the world would be like under their cloven hoof before finally being beaten. I feel it was a missed opportunity for the writers to have Tirek lose when season 4 could have ended with his defeat thus leading to season 5's opening showing a better way to defeat him. For all the Twists and Turns of a Master Plan Villainous Victories are short at Hand Time for the shadows to come from yonder To rip and tear Equestria asunder Let the ponies bind and fight Without the win button within Sight Plan and sneak, stealth and prey Upon the evil is what I say

    1. Zygen
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      And a gloriously chaotic HEYO to you too, my friend!

  10. For those of you who do not know, I host a youtube series with my niece. She and I play video games together and record our reactions and discussions about said games. This series started when she was 5 years old and we've been playing together for 4 years now. In order to celebrate Halloween, we teamed up to play one of my favorite Horror Mystery games of all time: Condemned, Criminal Origins. http://youtu.be/zG3ASUQVj1E