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  1. I mean the fear people people have of them is same as the fear of furries mainly misplaced prejudice that they're all just some random pedophiles. Nobody is afraid of some random brony but there is still the image people have of bronies and furries. That might at least have people be afraid of them yet it isnt like because they're oh so scary they might make a reference to the show or something haha.
  2. You wouldn't believe how often honestly, it's so dumb Twilicorn drama pretty much half of the brony fandom left I'm not even kidding and they always made a statement about it. Reality is the brony fandom is a tiny fraction now of what it was, I'd say about five percent of them judging by the forums activity of course discord took a lot of the users onto their platform. However, that said there were many other dramas that then had people go into a frenzy and leave. The thing is though the fandom was never that large to begin with, just rather vocal and you can see it everywhere but yeah watchin
  3. I've never done so I mean besides why would I threaten that to anyone don't like the show just don't watch it. The fandom would likely be way larger then it is had it not been for fans leaving every drama. To be honest seeing adults behaving like children isn't funny to me, sad and depressing but not amusing have some dignity don't complain about a cartoon and threaten to leave it.

    Huzzah! The movie was great I enjoyed it and I wrote my thoughts on it as well I hope you all enjoyed it as well.


  5. Okay wow this was way beyond my expectations, it was absolutely perfect I loved the characters the settings. The animation was beautiful and detailed, truly it was a wonderful movie with such a wonderful potential. The emocorns were also very nice touch, not to mention so many references I found myself smiling the entire time. Indeed I loved the plot, ancient Equestria and how lovely this movie was. Yet that's why I have to say that while I loved the movie and yes the ending the alicornization was a bit of well it took the movie from the cute nods to the fandom I loved and the great storyline
  6. I don't like the night I just go to sleep when its nighttime.
  7. Why would I be smiling? I'm Icelandic I don't smile and if I did I'd assume it was me being crazy if anything. So no I haven't smiled for a while now it isn't the culture here I suppose I last smiled or grinned maybe a couple of months ago over a joke about cigars or something.
  8. Something fun to share I thought hehe. Lego is fun nyes.
  9. What I'm currently doing to make myself rich.
  10. I have actually held a pony themed birthday party before although it was mostly a pony cake. Therefore it would be something similar a pony themed cake I mean I don't know if more activities would suit it.
  11. Fluttershyfan94

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    This song definitely has been stuck on repeat for a while now hehe.
  12. Something I did think of, whenever there was a new episode coming or season the forums would become popular. Lot of posters and speculations now you see none of that. It is obvious that there is no hype from bronies, perhaps as many of them moved on yet honestly if this was going to be popular. Then would it at least not reflect that in the hype for new seasons I mean come on there was more hype for equestria girls then this. Where is the hype my bros, or do we maybe just all acknowledge the fact that this will at best be a cash grab and maybe a little enjoyable one perhaps. Still I will
  13. Why does nobody know this somehow, where are all the OGs at bro it came from 4chan and it is very simple. Bros who like ponies, bronies. You know it is very simply that, bros who like ponies therefore you have the word bronies.
  14. It won't come close to the popularity of G4 mainly as it had an army of 4chan pretty much making the show a meme. Which then became a fandom, I mean that's how it started bros who like ponies. Though now my little pony is pretty much seen as a show like any other there isn't really this gasps for air you watch a show for little girls. So you know I think it'll be as popular as most Netflix shows or movie in other words people will likely watch it then forget about it haha. The mlp we love is special and you know I don't think that will be something we'll see again anytime soon. Some prob
  15. OP pretty much answered the question themselves, simple there are the mane six all of which are female and that being said with too few male ponies I guess it wouldn't make much sense to ship them not with each other. I don't think most people really thought of it much as it's always been pretty well liked by people that is.
  16. There is no fall activity maybe picking berries I'm not sure every other season is just waiting for summer. I don't do anything during the other seasons other then work and study. Summer is for activities the other is for I don't know waiting.
  17. Well pretty much the reason why it got seasons beyond the third one is almost entirely thanks to the success of the show. This does include bronies as they of course were promoting it a lot and if you think about it from the childrens perpective the targeted demographic would see a lot of brony made content that would keep their interest in it. I believe bronies had more impact on the shows performance then we like giving it credit for truly. I mean look at most childrens cartoons most of them are just basic colourful distractions. However anyone can see that mlp had way more passion and ambit
  18. Well they are actually, I mean this place is a perfect example of it. This place used to be so active I couldn't write this post without at least twenty others have replied just in those few minutes. Or the fact I couldn't post a status updates without hundred replies very shortly haha or the fact there were like endless status updates often having you be with many hundreds of notifications. Now I can write this reply and there hasn't been one on days and likely won't be for more days. Reality is simple, other forms of media have simply taken over and a forum is more about discussion whi
  19. Fluttershyfan94

    Gender Neutral?

    I believe you might be missing the point, yes it is true that the show was intended for little girls hence why pastel coloured ponies. However, this is Lauren Faust and she's always had her cartoons also aimed at being enjoyable for the supposedly parents of said children watching the show. I believe most cartoons are usually also meant for adults I mean if you rewatch any you'll see a lot of jokes you as a kid never thought on. Yet you know, is the show gender neutral I wouldn't say it is as it is a girly show I mean the main characters are girls and overall the characters are almost entirely
  20. It is somewhat complicated I always knew I was transgender from a young age but at the same time I think genderfluid is better suited to my experience that is. Though I identify as genderfluid, I know I'm transgender female UwU yet you know not sure people would be accepting of that so I say the other hehe.
  21. Fluttershyfan94

    Picrew Posting!

    Nyan pasu uwu is me hehe.
  22. It's like the song goes, I like you in sweatpants, no makeup I even like your messed up hair you're just perfect right when you wake up. I like normal chicks. Modest girls are way more attractive honestly at least to me. I like normal chicks uwu.
  23. Nothing haha, I'm a fan of the fourth generation so until I've seen it I don't exactly consider myself a fan of it just yet. Though yeah I mean I suppose I'll continue with my life as usual I've gotten pretty used to pony draughts having been in the fandom for as long as I have that is haha.
  24. This song definitely haha the song is very good uwu.
  25. Well in fact these are positions I would apply for although I'm more of an entrepreneur and investor. If there is one company I would be interested to become the CEO of that is large I'd probably choose to be the CEO of Subaru. Mainly because Subarus are very cool indeed. Though realistically speaking when it comes to being a CEO I would want to gain as much experience from it as possible but also the enjoyment of watching something grow to become something great. Therefore I'd also like a relatively small business that might still be at stage of just finding its place on the market. When you
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