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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Hey, what about L4D zombies? A tank could probably crush most robots, so could a charger, a witch could rip through its metal no doubt, a spitter could corrode them, a boomer explosion could probably do a lot of damage, etc!
  3. @@Code, Thanks so much. As I said before, in my 2 years active on the forum, I never really figured things out. ...Hopefully I'm not replying to an automated post XD
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on MLPF. I'm here to ask if anyone is interested in an RP my friend is hosting on skype, called MBF (Multiverse Battling Federation). First things first, this is a NON-PONY RP. While you CAN play ponies, most people will be playing characters from many different series. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this - I was active on this forum for about two whole years and yet I still never figured things out. Anyways, you may be wondering, "What is MBF?" Well, dear reader, allow me to explain. MBF is a fighting roleplay, hosted on Skype (so if you're interested, please tell me your skype and I'll add you) where anybody can play any character from any series in existence, so long as they're not ridiculously powerful (though we have exceptions for that as well). So long as nobody else has taken a character and placed them on their 'roster,' you can play said character. It's a romp. We RP fights in all sorts of arenas, from video game maps to completely made-up worlds. Not only will people be fighting with crazy matchups in crazy scenarios, but we usually have announcers and other people participating in different ways. Something to note, here, is that MBF has a heavily wrestling based feel. Fun staged fights and all that jazz. Characters aren't supposed to really have a motivation for fighting each other - while they certainly can, and it makes fights a lot more intense, usually they don't have to. It's really a do anything you want fighting RP. If you're interested, message me and/or reply to this post. PS - I might need to test you a little. Boss's orders!
  5. Anybody wanna join a skype fighting RP? Message me!

  6. Man, this looks really, REALLY interesting and fun, but I don't think I'd have time for it nor would you accept my application in the first place...
  7. I just can't bring myself to come back... I'm sorry, guys...

  8. @@Demirari, @, @, Midnight grinned madly, looking pretty insane. She charged forward at the turrets, screaming profane things at these inanimate guns. As Midnight got closer, she took some hits in non-vital areas; but she kept charging. It was strange how such a seemingly normal mare could soak up so much pain and be so insanely brave.
  9. Some of my posts in here got deleted by a sectional staffer... They didn't used to do that...
  10. Midnight briefly considered her options. She could, A, follow her teammates out and simply follow their orders, B, lone wolf it and try to blind some turrets or... the easiest option but the most painful and mentally stressful, use herself as bait and die a few times while her teammates advanced. The first option had the possibility to potentially hinder her teammates, as they had less cover to work with and the turrets had more to shoot at. Option B... well, she didn't have many combat abilities. And option C... anypony could do that, to be honest. @, @, @@Demirari, So... she chose a mix between B and C. Midnight ran out straight towards the turret Star was trying to distract, waving her hooves more frantically and getting closer to it than him. "Hey, you piece of scrap! Over here!" She began running forward at an impressive speed for a unicorn, hopefully taking the turret's focus off Star and onto her.
  11. m8 where the cutie marks at

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