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  1. I was thinking about making another Pony emblem for Black Ops 2 should I do a Vinyl Scratch or a Rainbow Dash

  2. Mine is actually my hedgehog because if you type in 'your first name' and 'The Hedgehog' on Google images your hedgehog is supposed to come up. I think mine looks really cool he is Xander The Hedgehog.
  3. Me: I will wear this sticker with pride. *Puts sticker on.* *Walks outside.* *Gets punched in face and robbed.* Robber: That's for wearing that sticker. I hate Dave! Me: Shut up he's cool *Gets punched in face again and knocked out cold.* Robber: No! He will never be cool like my Bat pony OC with butterfly wings that was created by Celestia and has dated all the Mane 6. Me: *Wakes up* Dang he stole my idea.
  4. She truly can be the best OC if he can pass this test. Hmm... SHE PASSED!!! She truly is best OC know to ponidum. In all seriousness she will become best OC when King Sombra becomes an overly developed character. (Just kidding I can't be mean. She is so cute.)
  5. Maybe the reason why their hair changes is to hold all of their magical abilities. Maybe the flow of the hair is the result of how they control it and when they don't need it they can simply turn it off by going back to their simple mane.
  6. The reason why it changes is because Celestia's normal mane is when she has her magical abilities as a princess, and the pink mane is when she doesn't have her powers as a princess. Same with Luna we saw her with a regular mane, and with her Aurora looking mane. In example. Regular Mane, without Princess abilities Aurora Mane, with Princess abilities So in conclusion I think why we never see Celestia with her 'pink' mane is because she can't give up her abilities for even a second. The reason why I am going to say why I like Celestia's pink mane better not only because it is the original, but I think it makes her have a better color scheme. Even though we are never going to see it in the show I still like it more because it will always be her normal hair. It is what she looks like without her godlike abilities, and that looks better on her.
  7. I haven't met any gay Bronies personally, but I do remember seeing a "what's your sexuality." thread on the forums somewhere. I myself am still wondering if I am Bi or straight. I have considered being Bi, but I am still having huge conflict in my head about it. Well anyway Good Luck on your search.
  8. Lets see where do I start? Family Guy I like it at first when I was younger, but now it is just awful. It is pretty much references to other things by flashbacks. Example: Remember that time when we... (insert stupid quick animation here.) Don't get me started on The Cleveland Show it isn't just a carbon copy of Family Guy, it is Family Guy. American Dad is still watchable I catch an episode every month or so. Futurama watchable, but somewhat stupid at points. Adventure Time is not watchable same with Regular Show. Annoying Orange I haven't watched an episode of it, because I already knew it would be terrible. (Someone told me that show features PewDiePie.) I know there are probably Anime fans here so I am not going into that category whatsoever. (It wouldn't be pretty.) I am getting to the bottom of the barrel now. Unamazing world of shitball, and Ben 10 Crapniverse. Well thats it for right now I might have a few later, but here you go enjoy.
  9. I kinda wanna see what the bing and Yahoo ponies would look like I bet they would have a cool design as well. Why aren't we showing any Bing/Yahoo pony love people come on. Aww the Internet Explorer pony is given up people I feel so sad
  10. Who else is excited to see the Equestria Girls Movie? I can't be the only one.

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    2. Delirium


      Not excited, I dislike the idea. I will give it a chance though.

    3. TBB Animal

      TBB Animal

      Pinkie Pie isn't excited well I guess there is a first for everything LOL

    4. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Curious would also be the appropriate word for me. I'm planning to see it with some other people so that it's not so awkward.

  11. I just came back from Equestria LA 2013 and I have to say it was AMAZING!!!

  12. What would you do if your best friend has a problem that he doesn't want to talk about it, also makes him so mad that he warns you not to talk to him because he will insult and threaten you if you do?

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    2. TBB Animal

      TBB Animal

      but I wanna help he is my best friend

    3. Tia Is Best Pony

      Tia Is Best Pony

      i get that, maybe try a little bit, but if he is as mad as he sounds be careful

    4. TBB Symphonia

      TBB Symphonia

      Btw, I did not threaten you. I just said and I quote "I wouldn't talk to me right now, I may say something that I will regret."

  13. I don't see how it's annoying in anyway in my opinion I think it's amazing how people create things that crossover 2 great things into one pic. Even if it is out of the MLP universe. Have you ever asked yourself what a certain character, of your liking, would look like as a pony at any point in time. Well if people didn't crossover stuff you wouldn't get an artist's conception of what any character would look like as a pony. A lot of the crossover stuff I find is really cool and I would love to see more any day.