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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. So uh, I have my flight paid for and am going (arriving Wednesday night, so will have to find one for then too) but suddenly find myself out of luck on finding a room. All my friends' rooms are crammed totally full with no place to squeeze in and I'm either gonna have to desperately search or go back to the airport and sleep every night. I cannot afford to get my own room for just me, or a very expensive room share, so am trying to find a mostly full room (thus, an affordable split of the cost) that will allow me to crash in the corner of the floor at night to sleep, and shower. I am quiet and very clean and am fine with whatever you would want to do in the room, and will be out at the con all day so I won't be in anyone's way. I just need a place to sleep so I won't have to go back to the airport every night ;w; Thank you! EDIT! Might have found a place for every night but Wednesday. Possibly. I really hope so because it's been a major source of stress not knowing if I have somewhere to sleep even!
  3. Not always... I rather like healthy food but am tempted by all sorts of things. About the only good dietary thing I tend to stick to is I almost never drink soda, almost entirely water.
  4. As long as they're decently sweet, they're one of my faves. In fact, if they're quite sweet, I'd choose them over candy. Georgia may be better known for its peaches, but we have one of those big novelty peach shaped water towers in Alabama, in Clanton. It's amusing to see.
  5. A character named for Project Stormfury? That's awesome. I named my character Helicity from its application in vertical wind shear in meteorology. x3

    1. Meemfestivefox


      Weather is love--weather is life!

  6. I am hugely 'accident' prone. I have sliced my leg open with a boxcutter trying to cut some paper or fabric at ~13, skinned my knee and wrist badly trying to make an impossibly rapid 90 degree turn on a scooter also at ~13, broken my leg jumping off a bed when I was ~5, broken my toe on a brick hearth running into the kitchen for the last onion ring at ~19-20 (worth it, btw) and sliced the end of my finger off rummaging through a bag I had left an uncovered razor down in for some reason a few months ago, but probably the crown jewel was when I irreversibly shattered the end of a front tooth biting down hard on a spoon whilst eating mostly melted ice cream. Why on earth I did that, I have no idea. That wasn't when I was a naive and dumb kid, I was 20 or 21 when that happened.
  7. I was homeschooled so I had very few friends in person before the Internet came along. Since then I've drifted apart from everyone here locally as we have no interests or goals in common so everyone I stay in touch with came from the Internet side of things. That said, we had a very active local MLP meetup group, many whom I still am friends with even after it fell apart, but even then I rarely see them in person unless they come to the house for meetups. Having Internet access allows me to pick and choose those to make important in my life due to similar interests and beliefs instead of being limited to just whoever is around locally, and I get to meet up with Internet folk in person fairly often when I travel to conventions. I don't really get along with many people locally due to my different interests, and drift apart quickly. I don't keep in contact with former co-workers or childhood friends because we have nothing in common. But there are people I know from the Internet who I've been friends with for a decade or so that I plan to continue to be friends with, as we have things in common no matter the distance. I'd have to give the edge to the Internet, but each person's experience is different. I am an incredibly introverted individual, too, which may cause some bias.
  8. There is almost no cell service here whatsoever, so I rely on Wifi to do anything. Anxiety keeps me from talking on the phone anyway but only my mom and granddad ever call me, so that's really not a huge problem. Everyone else contacts me by Messenger, Discord, or some other service that works well on Wifi. Even when I have service I hate talking on the phone or getting in voice chats and will ignore any phone calls besides those from close family; if someone wants to get in touch they can text me or send a message over social media.
  9. "I really hope the flying geckos respond well to the mite removal process. I hope the ground is drier by Monday so we can put up plywood and raise the scaffolding without getting bogged down. I wonder if I'll have enough cash by April to afford my flight to Everfree, and I wonder if Nashville will still be the cheapest airport to leave from by then. I hope my new laptop battery comes in soon because I do not look forward to keeping it powered simply by being on the charger for much longer." My mind is constantly racing with countless thoughts. Probably the reason I can't sleep well these days.
  10. Unless things have changed since last May, If you're staying at the con hotel, there is a free hotel shuttle bus that runs back and forth from hotel to airport and back a couple times per hour through the day into at least part of the night. Am not so sure about the other area hotels, but I know the Doubletree does and I think the La Quinta across the street does. Assuming they still do, go to the shuttles area in the airport and wait for the Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport van that should have chocolate chip cookies on the side (or at least they did as of October) Fresh baked cookies their 'thing' kinda, I always make a habit of looking for 'cookievans' when landing at an airport with a Doubletree nearby. X3 If you're at another hotel or arriving late, Uber or Lyft would be good options because the hotels are very close to the airport and the cost would be minimal.
  11. Was dragged there every Wednesday and twice every Sunday for nearly 24 years since my dad was in the ministry, but since the moment they stopped forcing me (right around the time of the divorce) I haven't set foot there again nor will I. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish to, and are absolutely welcome to attend if it helps them with their life, but I personally never got anything out of it other than being miserably bored and honestly upset and offended. To each their own; it just isn't my thing!
  12. Not as absolutely dreadful as last year, but not great either. January was abysmal and February was much better. March, not so good so far, but there is time to steer it in a better direction before it starts the downward spiral.
  13. Rain falling outside is YES. Otherwise... room at least a little cool (not warm please, can't sleep in warm conditions) with a fan going as I've gotta have moving air and ventilation... darkness preferred but I can sleep with bright lights as long as I can cover my face. Plushies surrounding me help a good bit. My significant other both does and does not help, as her body heat boils me alive haha. As long as things are a little cool to chilly and I have sheets plus a fan of some sort, I'm good. Have discovered a firmer surface is better for my back and sides so that too, but am not so picky about the texture. I can sleep perfectly fine on a hardwood floor if the other conditions are met, honestly tl;dr, gimme a decently hard mattress with some plushies, a fan going, a cool dark room that's quiet except for rain falling outside, and some sheets and blankets plus a decent pillow and I'm gold <3
  14. Raw meat makes my OCD go nuts and I worked kitchen at a chicken restaurant for six years, and heavy lifting kills my back and stamina but I do construction work... my life is an anachronism. I need a good desk job really.
  15. Never had any close by growing up, or the money to shop at one, but I really did enjoy the few times I was able to visit. Extremely unfortunate, but honestly digital sales can't be fought, it's the way of the future. And really, give the current generation a tablet or phone or vidya and that will substitute for pretty much any toy that could be bought regardless. Just the changing of time, tech, and interest really.