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  1. Sard Shift

    Love is in the air...

    This is exactly why I will ask her out on the 14th. After school, we'll ge do some nice things, and hopefully, again, we'll be a great couple!
  2. Sard Shift

    Profile URL's and You

    Honestly, I have to go for Option 2. Whilest I like the idea of being able to choose different usernames and links, I think that it may also cause a slight problem of confusion. I think people may get confused when the go to the link with something in it, only to find that the username is different from the link, thinking that they have reached the wrong site or page. I do like the idea of being able to change the link, but couldn't that go through the username instead of a nickname for the username? When you'd change your username to, for example, ProfX but keep your link as ProfY, people may think you're ProfY while you are ProfX, which is, ultimately, confusing. I wouldn't recommend Option 3, but I do see why most people will want to have a link layout similar to option 3. Again, the only issue I have with it is that it may be confusing at some point.
  3. Sard Shift

    Introduce yourself to the community!

    Hey! I've just recently joined the site and wanted to help out. I write songs and perform vocals fór songs. I also had to apply because I normally want to help everyone making their product as best as it can be. This is also why I take so long in actually making my songs; I want to make sure every single bit and bolt is right in the song. I took a little under a year to complete my first song, which was a project I had to do for a family member, which requested it. Sadly, it was also a part of his funeral music. I still miss him, but I was very touched that he actually put my music on his 'funeral-list'. I normally perform vocals for the calm music, the one with deep lyrics and somewhat quiet instrumentals. Not very long ago, I discovered that I was pretty good at performing loud, jolly vocals, but that just isn't me, so I tend to stay on the pop path. I am really looking forward on helping each of you out, so if you have any questions at all, please do ask them!
  4. Sard Shift

    Songs you're working on that are going on

    I am currently working on a song regarding the possible turn of Twilight Sparkle into an alicorn. The vocals are completely done, now only the instrumentals... Also, I am working in a thing I had in mind for ages, a general song about MLP: FiM, those lyrics are complicated in that song, so that's going to take a little while...
  5. Sard Shift

    S03:E03 - Too Many Pinkie Pies

    I'd like to say that every episode of MLP is equally awesome, but this one just stood out! Rainbow Dash with no wings, chameleon ponies, simply FUN! FUN! FUN! overloadness, the famous G3 face, and just overal epicness. Great episode!
  6. Sard Shift

    What kind of brony are you?

    I count myself as a supporter-brony. I can write stories, but not entire fanfics. I can draw pictures, but not exactly 'good quality' pictures. I can animate, but not video clips of like 3 minutes. I can make music, but not a full song. I'm just a kind of brony that is glad to help out, but I just don't have the time to create an entire thing all by myself. I am still slightly improving my 'skills' every day, but I don't know if I can make time and actually do something big once.
  7. Sard Shift

    Views on homework?

    For me, it depends on what kind of homework it is. If you mean the traditional 'sit behind a desk for hours and fill some questions' homework, then I hate it, although I do make it. If you mean the kind of homework where you actually have to go out and do something, I actually find it fun. Things like lectures and presentations are the things in school I find most enjoyable, purely because you can make it as fun as you'd like (and I do so)! I almost always ask for a practical thing to do at home, rather then doing the boring theoretical stuff. Right now, I'm preparing a debat, which kinda accompanies both theory and non-theory. So far, I find it quite alright, but it could be better. Still have to prepare a couple of pages of text, which is the boring stuff, but I already done all the looking up, which I enjoy.
  8. Sard Shift

    Do you actually read/watch ads on the internet?

    I actually do watch ads, but only if it interests me. I have a couple of sites I use to buy clothing and that kind of stuff from, and by cookies, almost all ads I see are from that site (it's one of several whitelisted sites in AdBlocker). This way I can find out if there's a nice bargain on that website or not, and it doesn't disturb me while watching a YouTube video or something, as it doesn't include a video that plays every time I click something, which is really annoying.
  9. Sard Shift

    Love is in the air...

    Next week, I will actually ask someone special out on a date. I had problems with personal stuff in the past. Every time I had problems, she'd instantly come right to me and asked me what was wrong. She gave me the advice I needed and was essentially the reason I started writing stories. She told me to put my feelings down on paper, and then burn the bad feelings and keep the good ones. This soon escalated to me writing stories about everyday life, in another persona. The persona I was looking for to actually get me out of that mess. It really help me get through that mess, and made me an overall more cheerful person (although I'm not that cheerful every day; not like Pinkie or something). Lately, the same person told to me that she couldn't find anyone to love. Each time she was in love, she found out some dark things about them and didn't really want to fall in love with them. She came to me asking what she should do, and I helped her with that. I told her she should look further then the horizon, and closer to home. This of course meaning she should look for somebody she already knew and were good friends with. At that time, I didn't try to hint her that I was in love with her, and she didn't think that. But lately, her situation has come to a point where she's completely lost in her journey to find the one she loves. She came to see me in the middle of the night saying that she'd give it up. I told her not to, and re-insured her that she would sometime find her special some-pony. She looked at me, and I think she realized then that she was looking for the wrong people. She was looking at the outside, and not at the inside. That's why she ended up being heartbroken so often. I didn't fall in love with her in the mean time or something, but I think she was in love with me. She then put a letter in my locker saying that she remembered all the help we gave each other and that she would like us to be together. I was actually mildly depressed by this, because I had relationships with friends before, and that didn't turn out too well. It got to a point where I broke up with somebody in both the relationship and friendship, and I am still very sad about that. While I try to fix the friendship, that doesn't always work out, and every time we're alone, we feel awkward. It just isn't like old times. I had some time to think about it, but earlier this week I decided I should go for it, seeing we truly like each other and want to be together. After the letter she send me, I fell in love with her after all. I surely hope we will be doing some nice things on Valentine's Day, and I'm planning to ask her is she would be my girlfriend, if I don't chicken out. But I already am certain I will ask her out on a date. Based on that, I answered your questions (or at least tried to answer them). What are your plans for Valentine's Day? I plan on going out with my best friend, and find how the relationship between her and me is in a romantic way. What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? (Or want to do) I want to present her a book with all memories we had together already. We solved a lot of each other's problems, and I would like to have that written out in a story, and then present it to her. What is your dream date? My dream date would be a wonderful fun day doing anything we want, and then closing it with a trip to the beach, to both swim and watch the sun go down together. What is your significant other like? OR What is your dream girl/guy like? My 'significant other' is my best friend. She's a writer, she draws and she plays the violin. Like I said, we helped each other out in the past, and I would like us to keep doing just that. Ow! Almost forgot the most important part; she made me watch My Little Pony, and essentially turned me into a brony.
  10. Sard Shift

    Gaming Best The Legend of Zelda game?

    When it comes to pure fun and stuff like that, I'd have to choose Majora's Mask. A close second would be Twilight Princess as I spend a ton of time completing and then further exploring the game, had a lot of fun with it. My third is Wind Waker for exactly the same reasoning as Twilight Princess, and who doesn't love a 'toon Link screaming "Hiya!" all the time?
  11. Sard Shift

    Gaming What is better... Xbox 360, or PS3?

    Not again... I sincerely hope this doesn't turn into a war. For me personally, it's the Xbox 360. It may be bad in some aspects, but it's good in others. I'm more of a multimedia kind of guy, and Xbox 360 has more options for those who are all multimedia interested, so that's why I bought an Xbox 360. I would buy PS3 as well, but I don't like the controller of the PS3, and don't like it's general interface (PSN, messages, etc).
  12. Sard Shift

    Gaming PC gaming or console gaming?

    I know that, but the idea of a controller and a couch is just too comforting. Even if I were to hook up my pc to the tv and use a controller, it still somehow wouldn't be the same.
  13. Sard Shift

    Do you find characters attractive?

    Putting it this way, you've made me see why people would find ponies sexy. I think everyone going that way is just normal, and I don't have a problem with them. I just wished they'd keep it for themselves and not post 'those' ponies everywhere I go, or advertise that they are cloppers. It's all fine, I just have a problem with the attitude.
  14. Sard Shift

    Crystal Slave - Smile (WIP Teaser)

    I like what I hear, but I am sort-of missing the cheering of the song, and it sounds a bit odd, in my opinion. If this were just the intro, I would be perfectly fine with the rest as long as there is a bit more of a cheering tune. (Or, a bass drop would also color the song in pretty well, I think. )
  15. Sard Shift

    option to edit status updates

    Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be that much trouble to implant an edit button, but I see what you mean and sort-of agree. If it is possible to add an edit button, I do support that, but if it isn't, I don't mind removing & reposting the status update.