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  1. Pixel Stick


    I suppose I could say I'm "quite the furry" too. Depends on what you mean by that. I just find myself skeptical when someone says things like "I get down in the fuzz", because it sounds a lot more like someone who wants to troll the furry community. There's kind of an unspoken rule among furries that you keep your private life to yourself.
  2. The only school play I was ever part of was "Annie" (Little Orphan, not Get Your Gun) in 6th grade. I was one of about 15 "street people" (homeless people) in three scenes - one where we were just supposed to act cold and like we were hiding from the police, one where we sang "We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover", and then later where we sang backup for "NYC". I tried out for a part in "Grease", and then later in high school, I tried out for West Side Story. Didn't make the cut in either one, though in WSS, I helped out with planning sound and lighting before someone else took it over.
  3. Pixel Stick


    You'll have to forgive me if I don't believe you. No self-respecting furry I've ever met - even the ones for whom it's all about the fetish stuff - would ever say that.
  4. I think you're actually hitting on the exact point that the writers were trying to make with this episode. The episode is a very direct take on the concept of communism, and has strong references to "Animal Farm" and other allegorical works about communist society. It is, in my opinion, the core strength of the episode's story that Starlight is artificially trying to impose "equality" on her subjects in the most ironic of ways - by wielding power over them while trying to make herself look like one of them. The fact that (a) this doesn't actually work, and (b) Starlight is caught in her rus
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

  6. Personally, I was really confused by this episode. It pulled in elements of "Green Isn't Your Color", "Putting Your Hoof Down", and several other episodes where the main character is asked to do something they know nothing about. And it felt incredibly schizophrenic as a result. I came away not at all sure what they were trying to accomplish. There have been a few episodes throughout the series that I think were actively bad, and thus worse than this one. But it definitely was not one of my favorites.
  7. I was thinking a bit more about this over the weekend and just wanted to mention that, in general, I still find myself going back to the first two seasons for examples of how the writing was usually much more on-point. At that time, the series seemed a lot more innocent and slice-of-life, and most of the episodes (with a few notable exceptions) seemed to be focused more on the day-to-day issues with smaller life lessons. Granted, they still beat us over the head with the morals, but in most cases the stories weren't rushed, they made sense, they were relatable, and they didn't require "prior
  8. I dunno, I think the dream itself simply reflected the sudden feeling of peace she had when she realized she was in a safe place. Have you ever had a toothache, or hurt yourself, and then experienced the sudden relief of a painkiller that made you want to just fall asleep after having been in pain for that long? Obviously just taking a painkiller isn't going to solve all your problems, but if you're short on sleep because of that and you get some relief, you'd probably sleep peacefully and get a chance to catch up so you're in a better place to deal with your problem the next day. I don't
  9. I agree to some extent. I don't think it was a movie-length plot, but it certainly could have (and should have) been done in a two-part episode - the subject matter was just too complex and too big of a plot to tackle in a single 22-minute episode. I personally felt that the story was solid and, even with the fan-service bits, helped to explore a big issue for Luna in a way that I personally can relate to. But I also agree that we didn't get a good sense of its resolution because it was just too hastily done, and it gives viewers the impression that Luna just did the pony equivalent of snap
  10. You're probably thinking of Dragonshy, where she gets angry at the giant dragon she spent the whole episode being terrified of, when he hurts her friends. She was also seen in "It's About Time" wrestling a bear in what appeared to be an extremely aggressive manner, though just after Twilight decided to move on, we saw that this was just her way of giving the bear a back massage, and he felt much better afterward. (I'm of course not counting the Season 2 opener where she became mean to everypony else - that was due to her being mind-controlled by Discord, not from any of her own behavior.)
  11. I do think you're reading too much into this, sweetie. It's just another term of endearment. When she's shown any romantic interest in anypony, she tends to use much more flowery language.
  12. I think I understand some of your confusion. The chronology of NMM extends far further back than just the pilot episodes - if you recall, Luna became NMM, what, a thousand years before that and was banished to the moon? It's obvious from how the show has progressed that Luna/NMM festered in resentment that entire time (I mean, they pretty much beat us over the head with that), so the idea that she bore open hatred toward her own sister and to her subjects was pretty plain to see. Again, she apparently didn't get very far in her takeover of Equestria, at least by what we've been shown, but m
  13. I'm honestly not sure how you can say she didn't do those things. Perhaps it was night for only a few hours, and perhaps her rule wasn't in fact all that bad for those few hours. But that doesn't make what she did any less of a crime against Equestria. Had the Mane 6 not stopped her, she WOULD have done far more. And Luna knows this. In other words, the point is not what she got away with. It's what was in her heart. What she intended to do. What she would have done had she not been stopped. Well, honestly, I can only say that if you don't identify with or understand Luna a
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