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  1. 4 am after a long night browsing porn red tube 4chan THE INTERNET, when im to tired to care about anything and im half asleep. (probs wasnt a good idea to put website names but yeah im to tired to change it)
  2. i would walk to a wall and slam my head on it to test if i was dreaming or not, either way when i turn around ill be forever alone.
  3. If you read this... Uh... well, it's not your birthday quite yet where you live, but it is here so... Happy Birthday!

    1. that_guy27


      lol thx (sorry for not replying earlier been busy)

  4. i know that some time after i leave school, i will try to move to either Perth or America, but apart from that i really don't know what im gonna do.
  5. its not on a fast rotation (changes bout once a minute) so my laptop (or "the toaster") can handle it.
  6. i think you need more wallpapers, as for me i have about 400 on a constaint rotation
  7. a wallpaper..... I MUST HAVE IT!!!!
  8. there is no boss, just chuck testa
  9. i like winter wrap up, art of the dress and at the gala.
  10. i prefer pencils because my writing is fairly bad and my spelling isn't the greatest either.
  11. yeah i might check it out and possible replace chrome with Firefox as a secondary browser.
  12. the only reason i use chrome these days is for the addon 4chan+, for every thing else i use Opera