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    Hello! My name is Stephanie Tatoiu. I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. I major in Interactive Media and a minor in Animation!

    I love cartoons/video games/comics. I'm also involved in too many fandoms to count: The Avengers, Pokemon, Danny Phantom, Jak and Daxter, Inazuma Eleven, and ponies of course...

    I'm mainly here to research the MLP forums as a whole. I have a project in my online communities class to observe a community on the internet, and this site seemed pretty interesting!

    Thank you for your time. ^u^
  1. Ah, actually I wouldn't be able to do an interview with you anyway. :c You are too young, sorry about that! But thank you so much for speaking up.
  2. Hahah! Well I am in a group of three other individuals, so you might have been seeing them posting around the forums too. xD We all need 5 people each. You can be my back up. ... Since I'm not sure if I need any more volunteers. Thank you anyway though, I'll come to you if I need help!
  3. Aw, that's fine. Thank you so much though. I can understand how difficult it is to get a quality mic and such. xD I'll add you just in case. Thanks. Aww yeah, I noticed you were 17 on your page but I thought maybe it was inaccurate...possibly .... haha! Thank you though, it means a lot that you offered. :3
  4. Oh hey. xD Yes I actually have you added. Currently, I need just one more person. I actually might not need any more volunteers if I can make sure one user is over 18.... If I find that I can't interview him, then yes, that would be great if you could ask your friends. Thanks again. ;u; I'll message you sometime early this week about when to do the interview. Hey thanks! I'm not sure if I need any more volunteers, but if I end up being short a person, I'll come to you. Also remember, you must be over 18 to be interviewed. D:
  5. Hahaha! I still need one (or possible two, I'm still trying to make sure he/she is eligible for the interview) participants. Thanks for everyone who responded to this...I'm very thankful. ;w;
  6. Thank you anyway! I really appreciate it!! I still need more participants so please, if you are over 18 and are interested in answering questions about the Brony community, message me!
  7. Sounds wonderful! It will be sometime this week. Like I mentioned, I don't have all the questions organized and such. I will add you to skype though for the future! Thank you so much! Oh no not at all. They will relate mostly on your opinion of the Brony community and such. I will message you!
  8. Oh, yes!! That sounds great~! And a Fluttershy fan as well .... (At least, based on your icon and banner! Haha) I will message you personally. Two more people to go!
  9. Brony community, I'd really appreciate your help right now! I have a project for school where I need to interview 5 forum members via Skype. I already have 2 willing participants, but I still need 3. The interviews will be short and simple, mostly about the Brony community itself. I haven't made the interview questions yet, but that should be resolved in the next day or two. If you are interested in my Skype interview, then respond to this thread or leave me a message. My deadline is March 3rd, so I really need to gather a few willing participants. I am part of a group of three other peo
  10. Yes I am aware of the whole Twilight thing going on ... Hopefully though it won't affect my questions. Unfortunately, all interviews have to be verbal. It's frustrating and ridiculous I know, but that's what the assignment says to do. ;o;
  11. Oh wow great! This is wonderful. I will write your usernames down and message you about it in the upcoming weeks. (I don't have the interview questions ready just yet but they should be done soon) Thanks again!
  12. Hahah! Thank you for the warm welcome Pinkie. I will be posting a separate thread if I don't get enough participants, but would anyone here be interested in a Skype interview? I need at least 5 fan interviews (which must be recorded) to successfully complete my research roject. It would be very general questions about the brony fandom / community so nothing very difficult. Of course, I'll show you the official research paper documents explaining how your information will be handled and kept private! We could set up a time in the next few weeks (I'm free almost always, except for when
  13. Quite possibly! I actually have to interview three bronies (via skype) at some point to gather more information. It's required for my project. You are all very welcoming, thank you.
  14. Fluttershykit

    Hello everypony!

    Hey there! I hope you feel welcomed here! I'm actually completely new too so we're both in the same boat. ouo Have fun!!
  15. Oh no, I'm really thankful you responded. Thank you, it's interesting to hear how fans got hooked on the show. The way I started watching the show was I saw fanart all over DeviantART and I got curious ... I watched a few episodes from the middle of the first season and I couldn't stop watching! Hahah, that sucks your friend didn't hold his side of the bargain, but at least he got you to watch ponies!
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