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  1. Howdy all! Saw the movie yesterday I Loved it! Great roller coaster of action, comedy . The songs were freakin AWESOME! Getting the OST by the end of the week. I hope to Celestia that Daniel Ingram gets a Oscar nod for the songs. (Sia too) Mane 6 VAs were SUPERB! While Taye, Emily,Kristin, Zoe,Etc. were great! Cant wait for the DVD/BD! See ya!
  2. Howdy all! Great googly Moogly Zoe is in MLP Movie as well. This is very interesting. Cant wait fer October or heck maybe SDCC may show a sneek peek! HMMMMMM
  3. Howdy all! Loved this episode with Twilight & Dashie Not since Testing Testing 123 the 2 were hilarious as a team. Lewis & Songco did a superb job writing. Liked Rhona Rees as Vapor Trail While Emmett Hall did pretty good as Sky Stinger. Alexis Heule was funny as Angel Wings. Hope the writers bring back VP & SS in a future episode in Season 7. (Same with AW) See ya!
  4. Howdy all! My reaction to Season 7: As for 26 or 13 episodes we'll wait & see. But im glad S7 is coming.
  5. Howdy all! The Fox Brothers did a pretty good job in todays episode. Tabitha St Germain was Fabulous as Rarity & Aloe. While Ashleigh Ball is awesome as AJ & RD. (The RD scenes was funny) Good to hear Chantal Strand as Spoiled Rich (Diamond Tiara's mother) It has the Season 1 type of feel. Cant wait for next weeks episode.
  6. Howdy all! Another great episode this week! Rarity was being Rarity As she opened up her own shop in Manhattan with help from her friends. At first i thought it was gonna be Rarity takes Manhattan redux but nope it came off as hillarious romp. Nick Confalone writes another gem in this episode. The rest of the mane ponies was funny during the interview with the reporter Buried Lede (The J Jonah Jameson lookalike voiced by Alan Mariot) Alan also voiced Mr.Stripes the landlord. He was a hoot. His daughter Plaid voiced by Lili Beaudoin Was pretty cool too. Bummer DJ PON3 did get a voice but someday she will. Poor Coco Pommel with bad case of the sniffles. Im curious no Spike in the episode. Ya know how he feels about helping out our favorite Fashonista. (Anything for you Rarity!-Spike from Castle Sweet Castle) Overall it was fun to watch.
  7. Howdy all! Whats interesting about the book you ask? Some small spoilers ahead so be warned. She sings a song for Hearts & Hooves Day. Encounters an abandoned garden and has an idea to restore it to its glory. But things go awry in the empire. (Takes place long after the S6 Premier The Crystaling) Its up to Cadence to set things right. Don't wanna add anymore. Want people ta get the book ya know.
  8. Howdy folks! Dont forget The Princess Of Love has her own book out this week. No spoilers here but can say its well worth it. See ya!
  9. Howdy all! The 3RD volume of the Princess collection is out and features the Princess Of Love. I picked up the book yesterday and its quite good. I wish there was a audio book fer this woulda LOVED to hear Britt McKillip (Va Fer Cadence) in it. Well worth picking it up.
  10. Howdy all! The Hollywood reporter has an exclusive article up about the upcoming movie and looks interesting to say the least. You can check out link here http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/my-little-pony-movie-adds-894419 What do you fans think?
  11. Howdy Folks! Great episode! Mike Vogel makes his MLP writing debut with a bang. (Also wrote the songs as well) Once again Daniel Ingram and his music team are fantastic. Kelly Sheridan shines as Starlight Glimmer as she wasnt in the Heartwarming mood. (Not to mention her range in her singing voice=WOW) Thanks to Twilight she reads the story of Snowfall Frost. Great to hear Shannon-Chan Kent sing as Pinkie William Samples as Professor Flintheart sounded mean. Aloma Steele sung as Luna and i was like i thought Kazumi Evans (Rarity's Singing voice) did the singing but nope it was Aloma and she nailed it. Ashleigh Ball (AJ & RD) did superb as well. Same with Andrea Libman (Fluttershy) And Rebecca Soichet too. It was fun to hear another musical episode. Hope theres another one later in the season.
  12. Howdy all! Not a bad episode. David Rapp did pretty good in his MLP Debut as writer. Gotta hand it to Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash. Second best performance in the show. (First is Tanks For The Memories) Her impressions of the other ponies was a riot After all this time RD is now a Wonderbolt. But its not as easy as she thinks. Learns that the hard way. Poor Dashie getting called Rainbow Crash. Good to hear Kelly Metzger (Spitfire) Matt Hill (Soarin) Wow Kelly Sheridan voices another pony in Misty Fly. Poor Spike dragged by Pinkie to the Cotton Candy stand. Cant wait for next weeks episode.
  13. Howdy all! I hope theres a Starlight/Spike FF issue or heck Starlight/Trixie in the near future. (Cmon IDW make it happen ) As far as Flurry Heart goes maybe a Pinkie/FH FF one kinda similar to Baby Cakes. We'll have ta wait & see.
  14. Howdy all! Loved this episode! Nick Confalone wrote a dandy. The Great & Powerful Trixie returns in style and Kathleen Barr doesnt miss a beat. Kelly Sheridan as Starlight Glimmer was good. Twilight taking friendship lessons way too serious. Talk about an overprotective mother. The facial expressions was funny. (AJ & RDs) Fun to hear Richard Newman as Cranky again. And yes asking Princess Celestia about her hair was priceless. Starlight telling Twilight she made a friend was hillarious TRIXIE??-Twilight Derpy Muffins & DJPON3 was cool (Wish they both spoke but oh well) Cant wait for the next episode.
  15. Howdy all! Its the 4 year wedding anniversary of the great pony couple in Cadence and Shining Armor. I was like WOW 4 years already?? Time sure flies. Congrats!