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  1. I'm happy to see that my statement is incorrect :), and even more elated that y'all still out here working hard.
  2. Update: The issue is still outstanding. Just dropping this here in case anyone stumbles upon this thread here. But I don't blame anyone for it. Checking back in, kinda feels like a lot of people have since departed but I could be wrong *shrug*
  3. Asides from that, time to revamp this profile.

  4. Such a trip to check in again after all these years. Glad to see this site still running <3


    Dunno if anyone will read this but if you do...


    hot diggity DAYUM is it wonderful to hear from you <3

    1. Misscellanio


      Not sure if we ever met but welcome back!

    2. StarStreak


      ^_^ Thanks for this. Not sure as well, but if it is our first time, hello :)

  5. Looking back at my own feed, how hard was I tripping on acid?

  6. I gib credit, link here. Check out the link when you can. Thanks.
  7. Time to dust off this thing! *Blows dust off Profile Picture*

  8. I feel like there needs to be a real life equivalent of the Grand Galloping Gala...

    1. Kyoshi


      The Grand Skipping Party.

  9. A bulk of members are surprisingly part of the Pony rank and the Cupcake rank.
  10. SEASON 5! SEASON 5!

  11. Whew! First 24 pages done!

  12. Whom's blood spoils, Bring about great turmoil, avenge me.

  13. Manifesting the infite!