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    Well I have a lot of interest but if this helps then.... My interests are Gaming, Watching MlP [duh], Programming, drawing, creative writing, animating (wish i can), and dubsteps (wub wub wub wub <3 )

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  1. imma here livestreamin with mindlessgonzo

  2. Okay Guys... I heard that the beta for this game is already available... now, have you guys seen the trailer for this? if no.. try finding it.... okay questions on this kind of stuff are: -Does the game takes a whole new stage, compared to the first slender? follow up question: How so? -When slenderman appeared in the first game what are your reactions? follow up question: In "The Arrival" what is your reaction now? -In both of the game... which is scarier? Follow up question: if the 2 are not scary enough for ya, which other slender game is scarier? -If the game became so popular that the people who made this might make a sequel, what's your opinion? follow up question: will they make a plot or story line? If not why? -Rate the scare factor of this game and explain why it is rated that way. So yeah guys answer them honestly and I might come up with addition question..... AFTER I finish the beta.... If i ever finish it..... also it's only the beta not the real deal... Bro hoof guys /)
  3. That's it I quit playin Tf 2... I don't even know when i started

    1. Plasmastorm X-15

      Plasmastorm X-15

      I never even played it.

    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      I tried it, didn't like it enough to keep playing. These days it is just installed for the Gmod content.

  4. Well my mod loves to rp... but he has no clue how to start an rp... even after reading the rules 4 times.... hehe Mod: now that hurts
  5. I love to cook and bake.. I've been experimenting with all kinds of recipes... I think i have gift in it.... cuz I'm the only one buying and cooking ingredients at home... furthermore i'd live up on cooking.. and one of my dreams is to try to cook different dishes from around the world... and hey i can dream can i hehe.. Bro Hoof on the cooking /)
  6. I don't mean to be rude but i choose neither.. I mean come on why do people think the are better sex than the other... sheesh that's why i hate sexism... there are no different between male and female.. they can be alike.. a female can be stronger and better like a man and a man can be caring and supportive like a woman... so there are no superior on inferior sex in my opinion.... yeah.... Bro hoof for my own opinion ^.^ /)
  7. 1. I'd cut my feet cuz i hardly ever walk out of my Workroom... 2. meh I can run around town in a boxer and bra.... I have already destroyed my image so destroying it again doesn't count :3 3. Climb walls... it's better to let people see you climbing steep walls than them seeing you facing and looking at a blank wall haha 4. fat and strong is better i mean come on.. you don't have to be a body builder or fit to be strong haha... 5. Avater.. I like to make an earth mech with my earth bending skillz haha... 6. able to do things everything 20% faster and 20% more efficient. cuz you know.. it's 20% cooler to have people look at you with mad skillz rather than stop time in an hour.. can't do things in an hour.... 7. I'll sleep with fluttershy cuz she's so adorable... and yeah NO CLOP HERE!! Bro hoof ^.^
  8. Okay guys what's your favorite pony related dubstep... you can put a video if you like but my favourite is this one: / yeah 20% cooler than you hehe ^.^
  9. Wow that's the best Pinkie Impression I heard... just wow.... if you can do the songs Pinkie did in the entire series.. anything at all.. that'll be epic haha.... just.. wow Bro Hoof on the impression my friend /).... double bro for it /) /)
  10. Do you still have a favorite childhood toy/game? If so what is it, and if you still have it or not? Yeah I do actually.. my favourite of them all (except stuffed toys) are my Zoids.. all 20 of them I had them when i was 6 when i started to watch the anime... I had 4 of it on my 7th birthday... 10 of them on Christmas and 6 of them given to me in class... I still have them in display...^.^ so yeah that's it... hehe Bro hoof my friend ^.^ /)
  11. - What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Well I'm planning on to have a chat/skype with my internet lover.... yeah we haven't met in real life... but it's better than nothing..... and no it's not a chat bot... - What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? (Or want to do) Well... the last romantic thing I did was send a customized jeans to her via mail order...I took a premade jeans and started to sew what her pony self's cutie mark on the hip sides.... yeah... - What is your dream date? My on dream date is to actually meet her in person..... *sighs*....I can only hope TT .TT - What is your significant other like? OR What is your dream girl/guy like? she's great.... she's beautiful, creative, she's a brony and a gamer...yeah that...^^
  12. Well I have no specifics in it buuuut... I'll give my top we go *breathes in* 5. FullMetal Alchemist: cuz it has alchemy.... and badass transmutations you can't say no to that. 4. Digimon (every kind): My childhood anime beginning... plus kick ass evolution.... DIgivolve! go!!!! 3. Zoids: HAHAHAH I bet some of you might remember this... first anime kind where i bought 20 toys for it... and oh yeah Bad ass animalian Mechs hehe 2. One Piece: one word.....pirates......yup.... pirates :3 1. Sword Art Online: I mean come on it brings 2 of my favorite things in 1 is Anime.... and 2 it's in an MMO nothing gets cooler than that hehe.. Well that's my top five ^^
  13. I can sing really fast or really slow... but not when i'm on a runny nose... furthermore yeah... I can sing from rap to slow music styles... I prefer fast rap accompanied by wubs hehe ^^ Bro hoof Friends /)
  14. Welcome to this forum site... you'll be having a nice time here i know i have... so yeah Welcome again hehe ^^ /) (\ an open hoof for ya and (\ Bro hoof for ya my friend
  15. /) to ya and welcome to the forum hope you have a nice time here... cuz you know everypony is having a nice time hehe.. (\ another bro hoof for good measure hehe bro hoof my friend