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  1. If you're talking about tears of joy sad, Aslans' death and resurrection. If you did't feel anything at that sense, then your really need to loosen up. For the moved by the friendship sad, anything that has to do with Frodo and Sam when they aren't battling or traveling. Seriously, I cry every single time I read that part It's even on my FImFiction.net page. And I'm not even that big a Tolkienknight. For the sad sad...er, the ending to Explorers of Sky if that counts. A tearjerker that's bound to happen? I'm getting HP soon, and I accidnatlly found out that Fred died. Yeah, I think I'm gonna cry when I read that part.
  2. I'm a triple T-Tolkienknight, Trekkie, Tribute. You won't find me dressing up at conventions though. Of course, I'm a pegasister (:
  3. So, since I hust recently came back and am bored to death, I may consider doing a boook folloup here. The thing is, I'm divided on which book to do. I'm getting The Hobbit and Harry Potter soon, and I have recently been thinking of re-reading my dusty old Narnia books again. What do you think?
  4. *fp* It was part of an April Fools post. Besides, those don't seem like titles Hasbro would easily allow. Have you even been on EQ? Not to offend.
  5. Acording to RT(there aren't any critic reviews yet for obvious reasons) eighty percent of the audience liked Equestria Girls, and the average rating is 3.8. For a movie, that's like a B or something. So that means it was actually pretty good! What do you think about this, and for those of you who watched, how was he movie? If you would like to give spoilers, just hide it under a spoiler tag or link to your own spoiled reviews. Link: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/my_little_pony_equestria_girls/
  6. So, she decided to invite over some Mirror Fluttershy Clones.
  7. This party was being attended by Twilight, who was reading Harmony of the Rings.
  8. Rainbow Dash sees two ships:One is labled "Enterprise D" and another is "Unknown Teleporter"
  9. It couldn't be just for that. For example, one Guard could have a cutie mark for battling, another for stragety, another for builing, another for speed, another for defense, etc.
  10. The vaccum sucks Rainbow Dash inside it.
  11. Marry:Chris Connel Snog:Black Francis Kill:Eddie Vedder Trekkies, Potterheads, Tolkienknights.
  12. *from another forum* Okay guys...Let's play some good ol' fashioned Marry/Snog/Kill. Basically you pick out three real or fake characters (Marriland members, Celebrities, Superheroes, Cupcakes...Anything goes!) And the person that posts next must pick which one they would..You know: Marry, Snog, or Kill Example: Person 1: Batman, Superman, Aquaman Person 2: Marry: Batman Snog: Superman Kill: Aquaman May, Dawn, or Misty? Person 3:...And so on and so forth... OK. Q, Snips, or Pen Stroke?
  13. Don't worry, I feel your pain. If you want to start reading the Bible in a regular basis, take Luke first. It's the most comforting of the Gospells with the last prophecies.
  14. Well, if the show dosen't contain bad language, impure thoughts, or blood, then no. If it had euphrisims, then I would reconsider just a bit. If anything bordring slight romance and euphrimis, then, yes, I would leave the G5 part of the fandom. I wouldn't leave the fandom entirely, because there would still be some people who talk about Generation 4 and do Gen 4 fanwork.
  15. 1.Something that will mkae the fandom have a better opinion on Twilicorn. 2.Epicness, but not epic to the point that it gets lame. 3.History on Starswhirl, Luna, Celestia, Cadence, and The Elements of Harmony.