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  1. Or I this case, dirt. Why is it always dirt? I just imagined Rarity jumping on top of a moving train, with her falling into a coal car. But seriously, that is pretty cool. Just a suggestion on if you want to make a new or remake this in actual leather. It would look better visually if you could have made the cracker, end-bit thing either the same color as the grip, or make it the color of Rare's cutie mark or mane.
  2. "Great, just great. We got a bleeding guy that needs some serious medical help and the shortcut's blocked off. Fun." Allan looks at Grace, "Thanks for giving me a hand here." After a few steps, Allan looks to the rest of the group. "I have a few questions that y'all might be able to answer." He holds his free hand out as his keyblade flashes into existence. "The first is, what is this weapon? Don't really know what this thing is, where it came from or anything! And why do some of you guys have weapons that appear out of nowhere like mine does? Do all weapons come from nowhere in this place? Or do you have a magic power to pull weapons out of your ass whenever you want? For all I know, one of y'all with magic could have a spell like that. And my second question is," Allan points back towards the plaza with his keyboard. "What, the heck, were those things? I haven't seen that many since my world got taken. Why were there that many?! I mean, there were a ton of them! Golly day those suckers can pack a punch. - hang on. Do any of you know who that wierd ninja chick was?"
  3. I do have a skype, however, my computer is currently compromised and I can only post on my nook. Also, I've been slammed with school work for exams and right after I graduate, I'm heading off to work at camp,. So if we do something with skype, it will be harder for me to RP. I apologise for not posting recently due to the aforementioned schoolwork I will have a post up soon.
  4. I just got the game! The nook finally updated to allow the Google Play store, so I can finally olay the game! My user is PINOAKPIN. I can't wait to start playing with other players!
  5. "I'll be fine in a minute," Allan says, panting. "I just need a quick breather." The tired man leans against the wall. After a minute, his deep breaths become lighter and more normal. Allan pushes himself off the wall, and starts walking over towards Sam. "Hey dude, I don't think I ever caught your name," he points at Akari, "I don't think I caught your name," Allan finally points at Marcon, "And I sure as heck didn't catch your name. However, we can finish introductions later." He jerks his thumb over his shoulder in the direction that the mysterious woman jumped off to. "I think we should go and find the magical Zippo lighter first. We can learn more about the monster situation. " He scratches the back of his head. "My problem is that I don't really know where district three is," Allan directs his attention back to Sam, "And you know a way there. Would you mind leading us the-" With the adreniline rush gone, a lance of pain shoots up bad leg as he falls comically. "There goes my leg." Looking up towards the group with a sheepish grin on his face. "So.... heh heh, um... Any of you guys know some make-my-leg-stop-hurting magic? Or a spell of Leg-o Fix-o or something?"
  6. When I was younger, in the days where Spongebob was the king of cartoons, I followed the magic conch. I hailed and obeyed the magic conch. But no longer. I shall ignore it's demands. Hail the Princesses! Hail The Ponies! But in all seriousness, even though this guy is trolling, there are probably a few people out there who do worship he show like gods. There are people out there who do crazier.
  7. "Wait up!" Allan shouts as Grace an Alex fly by him. "I'm sure as heck won't be the last one there." Allan says to himself as he takes off after them, only to lose them as he spots a set of stairs leading upwards. A short cut! After a few wrong turns and many stairs later, Allan finally ends up on a ledge overlooking the battlefield. "Oh dear god..." He sweeps his eyes over the chaos that makes up the plaza. He notices Grace slashing down the shadows, a man lighting up the chaos, and Alex unleashing fireballs amongst the horde. "So we have Xena, a night light, and a Zippo lighter in the shape of a wizard. " He looks down over ledge, and sees an influx of the bug creatures heading towards Grace's backside. "Crap. " Allan then shouts, "Grace! Behind you!" The din of the battle drowns his shout. "GRACE!" But his voice still didn't carry to her ears. "Oh come on. That's it." Allan cups his hands around his slightly glowing mouth, making a cone, and screams: "HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY YOOOOUUUUU GUUUUU-UUUUUYYYSSS!!!" The group of creatures about to attack Grace , as well as several other clusters of monsters turn their insectile heads towards the man on the 10 foot ledge. "Awwwww crap." The shadows instantly charge in his direction, pulling away from Grace and the others. Seconds later, the first of the shadows reach the wall. Allan cracks his neck. "Wasn't expecting to get that many,. Oh well, here goes nothing." The teacher-turned-fighter jumps off the ledge, keyblade flashing into existence. " No more children shall fall to your claws!" He lands on a shadow, crushing it into whisps of darkness. He stands back up with a spike of pain shooting up his leg. "Stupid leg." Allan says through clenched teeth. He swings his blade wildly, cutting down the shadows, and maiming those who survived the attack. After his fifth swing, the shadows stop their rush to get him, forming a semi circle around the keyblade wielder. "Come oooon. Afraid you can't take a cripple?" He taunts as more shadows join the half circle. "What's that matter? You ain't afraid to take the lives of hundreds of innocents, but you're scared to take on one dude? Come on! BRING IT ON HAMMER!"
  8. "Wait, you guys lost your homes too?" Allan stops and stares at the group of people in front of him with a shocked look on his face. "Wow. I honestly wasn't expecting that. I thought that y'all were locals. Huh. " The man takes a breath and looks at the wrecked ally way. "Sorry about losing my cool like that. Before the darkness took my home, I was was a college student interning at a local daycare. When people were turning into those things, a massive white circle appeared around the school and basically took all but one kid away. The one remaining kid got pulled into a dark hole. I've been trying find out where they went." Allan looks up to the sky. "I know that those kids are safe, but I don't have any idea as to where they went. And when I saw that kid, a voice in my head told me to protect him. Which I CLEARLY failed at." Sighing and bringing his attention back to the group, "But the past is behind us, so we gotta keep moving." Now looking at Alex and extends a hand. "The name's Allan Johnson. Nice to meet you Alex." Looking over his shoulder, "That fire trick was pret-" A primal scream cuts him off while a massive light shines flares off in the distance. "Uhhh..... let's finish introductions later becauuuuuse we should probably find out what's up."
  9. I need some suggestions for a fanfic that I'm going to start writing. My fic is essentially about my OC, Pinoak Stringhoof (OC link in my signature), and having him travel across Equestria telling ponified versions of our folk lore. I already have one story ponified and I'm considering ponifying Chaucer's "A Pardoner's Tale", and maybe even "Lanval". I'm really looking for stories from all across the world, from the Brothers Grimm, to Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, etc. It could even be urban legends and what not. I'm just looking for some ideas. Other notes that I have planned for this fic: I plan on having Pinoak perform in Ponyville with the CMC, Mane 6, etc. watching, and I'm thinking on having him do a performance with Trixie for helping with special effects. So, what do you guys think?
  10. @@Hypn0ticD, Basically, you can highlight a little portion of one of their posts, keep your mouse near the highlighted section, then a bubble will come up saying "Quote, Mention, X." If you want to mention the person, just click the 'Mention' button. If you want to quote a certain section of the post, highlight what you want to quote, then hit the quote button. And finally, the X button just closes the bubble. I hope that helps!
  11. He he.... If his talent was web design, you could name him Richter Click. If he pushes people's buttons, you could call him (Puts on sunglasses) Thin Line. I honestly have no clue for a good name. I typically make my OC names to be puns. Like my detective, Phil Noir. Or my puppeteer, Pinoak Stringhoof. You should definitely try some punny names out.
  12. I've gotta agree with the Gamecube controller as my favorite controller. My other favorites after GC are the 3DS, the classic PC keyboard and mouse, followed last with the PS2. And for the worst controller of all time has to be the powerglove. At least the GC mic will work from time to time. The most annoying controller for me is the at-home DDR pad. Those things NEVER work for me.
  13. I honestly think it's a little early to be asking something like this. It's not a bad question, but I think it might be one to ask once everyone meets up and we are actually going. But to answer your question as of now, I think the biggest thing noticed is character interaction namely because there are more posts with character interaction than anything else. I do like that you are actually DM'ing. I rarely see someone acting as the NPCS and whatnot in a forum RP. That I do like, so keep it up. One question to ask is, where are we going to go after traverse town? Is there going to be a boss battle before we leave? Or are we just simply heading out?
  14. I'm currently going through the front door where somepony else was. My character shouted and I'm waiting for a response.
  15. "He has to be safe, he has to." Allan starts limping around the alleyway; flipping over boxes, opening trash cans only to kick them over when they don't have a kid in them. "I can't lose another one. Not again, not again..." He continues his frantic search, which only boils down to him throwing things against the wall. A few minutes and a trashed alleyway later, he slams his back on the wall, and slides down to the ground, staring off into space. "I lost another one. I can't believe it. I lost another one." The distressed man puts his face in his hands. "I lost my students that I was supposed to be watching over. They're gone. I lost the boy I was trying to save to the dark hole. He's gone." Tears start to form at the corner of his eyes. "And now I lost that kid to the shadow. He's gone. For all I know, everything I know is gone." He sits there for a few minutes in silence before wiping away the tears and starts standing back up. "But, I gotta find those kids and protect them. If there are any more kids, I gotta protect them too. And I can't do shit sitting here." Allan starts hobbling over to the group of people helping him out. "Thanks for the help you guys. It didn't save the kid, but we got that beast." Now looking at Grace, "You say it's to late to save kid. What's going to happen to him? I have no clue as to what these monsters are, and you look like you have more info than I do. So what's the story?"