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  1. Tho this reminds me of something that I thought about some time ago. How would either Agent Carolina or Texas from Red vs Blue hold up against Master Chief given he has adequate weaponry to deal with either of their AI. If Epsilon is OP, perhaps the version of Carolina from Project Freelancer arc would be a better match for Master Chief?
  2. Show me your calcs then since you're so confident.
  3. Rap battle victories being based on majority votes make sense to me since it's not an outright battle. That's one thing that really irks me about Bat in the Sun too. They debate all the pros and cons of the characters in question but it's just a masquerade for a popularity contest. I can give them credit in that they sometimes make alternate endings and they're generally fun to watch. Batman vs Vader was pretty good for instance, altho realistically Batman would destroy Vader given prep. All he'd have to do is go to Myrkr, pick up a few Ysalamir and along with some of his other gear, he could even solo the entire Death Star even if you were to possibly include Palpatine. What would be interesting now that I think about it is if you had Batman vs Death Star, Vader, Palpatine and Thrawn with the objective of rescuing Supes. Thrawn's intellect is pretty high up there.
  4. Even with just his mega buster, he should clock in at small planet level DC at the very least and multi-planet level durability. Not to mention MFTL combat speed. Astro Boy shouldn't have stood a chance.
  5. Fair enough, tho they still horribly downplayed Megaman's feats (see spoiler). A better match would be Zuko vs Roy Mustang tbh, tho I'd probably have that in DB than OMM since they're more comparable than Ace and Natsu with relation to Zuko.
  6. Some things they got wrong in this DB: All in all, just one more to add to the list of DBs gone wrong. Funny how they didn't bother to attribute MM's Battle Network feats too. Guess SA only likes to use composite characters when it suits them.
  7. I'd rather have Vegeta vs Zebra as they're both the anti-hero rival characters in their respective series. Also, Moka would make a better match with someone like Yang or Leone (Akame ga Kill) since she's a pure brawler herself.
  8. It makes for a good Death Battle poster tho, not gonna lie Pretty sure EoS Yusuke takes it handily, but Dark Tournament Yusuke vs Tatsumi would be pretty interesting to see. Barring the fact that the movie makes no sense feat-wise, Super 13 no sold Super Piccolo, so I'd expect him to be at least on par with second form Cell. Otherwise, I expect 17 and 18 would be able to take 13/14/15 by virtue of having unlimited energy alone.
  9. Asbel, are you possibly assuming Korosensei destroyed the moon?
  10. Yeah, which should realistically be a stomp in Megaman's favor if we use Battle Network Megaman. Not sure how SA is going to treat him tho. Judging by their preview, it seems they'll only be using a composite of classic and anime Megaman, which may then end up being in favor of Astroboy. I don't know much about AB but he's certainly not universal level like BN Megaman afaik.
  11. Could be interesting, I guess? I don't know anything about Gintoki. OBD thiks Gintoki would stomp hard tho.
  12. On top of that, it's also possible the version of Hiei used in that fight wasn't EoS Hiei, but an earlier version with stats more comparable to Itachi's. The point is, Asbel, you shouldn't take the notable victories and losses in any OBD match at face value. Like Nuke also said, OBD likes to set restrictions (like what was likely done with Itachi) and don't necessarily always use EoS versions of characters in their match-ups (like what was done with Frieza and Piccolo) to make things more interesting or fair.
  13. Because you're again assuming all threads in the OBD imply no restrictions. The thread in question seems to have been deleted but I'm willing to bet Itachi was restricted from using MS or at the very least Tsukuyomi. In which case Hiei would beat Itachi. Notice that his first notable victory is against the entire Akatsuki, admitting it's likely outdated. Looking at Itachi's stats, Hiei does admittedly have all the advantages (unlike against Sasuke). The thing is Itachi has all the hax. In a fight, starting distance would be the deciding factor.
  14. Asbel pls. > Notable OBD victories: this refers to battle threads made in the OBD. These threads typically have specific conditions in each fight. They don't operate under the same rules as SA. "This is Piccolo after his 3 years of training for the androids against Frieza at 100 percent" Also, the thread was made in 2009, long before the introduction of Golden Frieza and therefore long before anyone, likely even Toriyama, even thought Frieza would return to the series. The thread obviously refers to Namek Frieza, who Piccolo should stomp REAL hard. Pay attention to the details before passing judgement.
  15. What makes you think they won't consider Sasuke's manga feats when they did so for Guts? Not to mention SA's penchant for using composite characters rather than specific incarnations implies they'll use any and all material they can get their hands on. With regards to manga and anime, it's quite easy to find the right material so the only problem is then SA's issue with constantly misinterpreting information. However, realistically, it should be a stomp in Sasuke's favor just by virtue of his stats. Then there's additional hax such as his Amaterasu being a type of fire that never stops burning. Dragon of the Darkness Flame doesn't have that property, tho which of the two powers has more DC is up for debate. Sasuke's real power lies in his Susanoo anyways and we can also assume he has Rinnegan powers at his disposal which means even more hax, most prominently energy absorption by way of the Preta path and soul f*ck by Human path (inb4 SA says that doesn't work on demons because they have no souls or something along those lines, even tho Sasuke was able to tame a demon fox before he even got Mangekyou), among others. I don't know the first two but Gon turns into red mist even in adult form against Yusuke. As for who would be a good match, I was tempted to say Toriko but I think he outclasses Yusuke by a tier.
  16. Why are you starting to sound like a broken record? We've had this conversation before. Sasuke would stomp horrendously. Hiei's only contry level compared to Sasuke likely being moon level (Indra's arrow). Not to mention the much higher durability. The only thing Hiei cam hope for is to not get speed-blitzed since they're both on the same tier in that regard.
  17. Astro Boy should lose tho. As for Hiei: Itachi would stomp. Hiei doesn't have any hax resistance feats that could contend with Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Hiei would stomp Killua by way of a significantly higher DC and durability. Ulquiorra might be a fair matchup but in regards to DB, inb4 lolreiatsu.
  18. That or DB outright just doesn't know or doesn't bother making proper calculations for anything that goes beyond planet level feats. Notice how most DBs doesn't feature anyone exhibiting anything more than that. The only obvious exception to that is Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro, and that's only because DB allowed itself to go batshit crazy with what they could do since it was still more of a joke match than anything.
  19. You should read this: Obviously, DB doesn't do calcs properly but it is possible, thus making cross-franchise comparisons possible.
  20. Only if you consider classic megaman. Battle Network Megaman is universe level and Astro Boy doesn't have anything remotely close to that afaik.
  21. Galen

    Movies/TV RWBY

    Two more days till episode 2
  22. Mate, she wouldn't even need those to beat Yang. Also, I only now realize they're actually doing Megaman vs Astroboy. And DB has Rock at wall level. Apparently wall level is more impressive than universe level+ to DB.
  23. If that happens, I'll lose nearly all the respect I have for Roosterteeth in all honesty. This is going to happen in OMM. Given DB's penchant for using composite versions of characters, Megaman should utterly annihilate Astroboy by virtue of his showings in MM Battle Network. Bug Type Megaman has universal feats under his belt.
  24. > tfw SA hates FF more than Dragonball. I wonder what's happening to DB now tho after that outtro.