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  1. It's not Celestia who is the misanthrope but only the brony who writes her as such.
  2. Are you sure feeding carrots hasn't another more...intimate meaning?
  3. Hmmm... >Alicorn like figure. >Unicorn >MILF >Connections with Rarity and other important Ponies Yeah, possible Waifu Material.
  4. Amazing how dislestia is still a thing. According to some people in the fandom she would even go for a guy who terrorsized her kingdom and subjects and that all for the lolz.
  5. It's most likely just a thing for the trading cards.
  6. As of now the mane 6 had found friendship, got the elements of harmony, owned Nightmare Moon, owned Discord, owned Sombra, owned Chrysalis, owned several other minor Villains, learned quite amount of life lessons, helped other kingdoms, visited another dimension and are going to owne another villain... Not to forget the high possibility of a Baby coming soon and several other things like reformation of an former Villain, fan-service episode and countless meme and pop cultures references. Now my question is....what's left? I mean Sparkle Butt is princess of friendship now, was on
  7. Absolutely. Look at the guy above. He's totally got the hots for the Cardinal. Then you will be waiting like...forever.
  8. The pokemon fandom still gets once in a while new material but the brony fandom....well, once the show ends the fandom will shrink massively. Maybe there will be a second renassaince with a new Gen but this will quite the while...
  9. He was banished by Discord into a another dimension since he mistook him as Fluttershy's coltfriend.
  10. You all can't deny the fact that the fandom has shrinked since a while. Hype is over and many musicians, artists, animators, writers and, and and....have left the fandom.
  11. That's because many if not most bronies are...how to say...Beta as hell. If Equestria was real, bronies could make a fortune as doormats.
  12. >Not interested in Celestia >Not interested into Horses
  13. A while ago hasbro was searching for a creative lead for (i think it was) the MLP franchise. Many saw this as a sign of Gen 4 ending soon.
  14. The last 26 episodes before it it ends...
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