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  1. I'm in good shape, though weight-wise I am not where I want to be. Around 20kg away. It's not much, but it's still enough to a bit of an annoyance. :P
  2. Well, as mentioned, the price on gas have dropped hard. Other stuff have dropped in price too, one of them being cars as well from what I can gather. If you have the capital for it, now's a good time to get a hold of one, or you can wait a few more weeks until the prices drop even further for that matter. Parents get to stay at home taking care of their kids. Do some proper bonding and activities together, forming more proper family cohesion and values. Which is very good in the long-term. And it shows some very.. Interesting holes in the various systems we have in place, not to mention show where we can improve if not outright completely change how we do things. Alongside price drops, I have a stupid amount of shit to do at work, which for me at least is rather awesome. More work more pay. More pay the closer I am to being able to buy the house I want in a couple of years.
  3. What kind of social life are we talking about here, exactly? Face to face? Over the internet? If it's face to face I do indeed have one and will stretch it as far as my social needs go.
  4. I just noticed that Avatar of yours. REDLINE's a good movie, man! Onto the topic itself tho.. I find the time of Daylight Savings Time(henceforth will be shortened to DST) kinda stupid? I mean, the idea was to originally save some energy/electricity or something when it was first concocted, and did its purpose at the time. Though today DST is more in the direction of not being needed as it's more a convenience nowadays.
  5. Pretty relaxed. Music night just started on Discord. Last one was a pretty good one, lets see if this one gets as much traction as the previous ones..
  6. That Avatar can't help but remind me of Shingeki no Kyojin.. Job: Pie and cake quality tester.
  7. I'm not religious and don't believe in any god, gods, deity or deities.
  8. Why does your Avatar remind me of a Colgate toothpaste?

    1. Just Blivy⚡️

      Just Blivy⚡️

      I'm not sure exactly, I mean blivy is red white and blue! Xp

    2. Yakamaru


      Sure, Colgate. Whatever you say. :>

  9. Thanks for the follow, love.

    1. Deerie


      No problem! :D 

  10. Mother tongue's Norwegian. By extension I understand Danish and Swedish through similar language patterns, grammar and syntax. That and we have been borrowing words from one another for hundreds of years and share a lot in common throughout history. And then there's English, obviously. I'm more fluent in English than my own language. I know a bit of Japanese as well, though not enough to make a full conversation. Which is also a language I would like to more properly learn to both speak and write.
  11. Black mostly. I don't like the look of socks that look dirty. :P Tho then again, working in logistics/storage/warehouse makes that an impossibility anyway.
  12. This I agree with. Costs are insane. Large reform or a complete restructure from the bottom up would be far better.
  13. After music night on Discord yesterday this song in particular was played. Like with Illenium's Good Things Fall Apart, I kinda fell in love with it.