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  1. Haha I hate when my computer tries to tell me words like that are Wrong! Everypony has now been added =D
  2. ~Stormy~


    Hiya! I am new here to =D Don't worry this place is awesome you will make posts in no time.
  3. ~Stormy~

    Hello =D

    Yeah I know fast lol I just caught up with most of Season 1 on YouTube and fell in love <3 I really love them all but if I had to choose I think I would choose AppleJack. I love that she helps everyone, is a hard worker, and is kind of a Tom Boy. I also Really love Rarity because I am fashion obsessed like her. I will be making my OC my sig soon =D I have drawn many pictures of her, but I was never really good at putting pictures on the internet. But I found a Pony creator that allows me make her exactly how I drew it =D Aww! Calfs are so cute <3 Here she is =D I tried to make her hair look like a cloud and lightning, and I am working on her Cutie Mark.
  4. I got Rainbow Dash! I love Rainbow Dash, but I am definitely not completely her. I feel like I am a mix of Rainbow Dash and Applejack.
  5. They all are cute but I voted Rainbow Dash <3
  6. ~Stormy~

    Hello =D

    Thank you for the welcomes everyone! I'm glad I joined =D
  7. Aww how cute! I love her and the drawing =D Great job.
  8. For the most part I am Catholic. I say for the most part because I generally believe in what the Catholic religion believes in, but I have my own views on certain things. I respect all Religions and the people who do not believe at all. I never have Religion debate with someone or tell them they are wrong. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion and everyone has the right to believe what they want. I have friends of all different religions and we all don't care. We get along and we have fun that's all we care about.
  9. ~Stormy~

    Hello =D

    Hello everyone my name is Michelle, Stormy on here since that's the name of the Pony I created (Still thinking of a last name haha i'm up to anybody's ideas). I am 19 and a new fan! I just started watching the show 2 days ago. I know took me a while huh. A friend of mine told me that I had to watch it. I thought she was joking when she said it was so good but I am officially hooked!