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  1. I think it definitely has. Literally every single music video I view has the top comments saying how much the band/song sucks. I think the dislike button actually doesn't work as well which only makes it worse.
  2. For me it's any Bruno Mars song. I don't hate the guy but I really cannot stand his voice. (I've noticed the error in the title)
  3. 6/10. Not my type of music but it's not too bad.
  4. Too easy. EA. Once again they impress me with their sports games announcements and I found it far more entertaining than anything Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo did. Ubisoft comes at a close second.
  5. The link gave an update saying it may be a rumour and a few reliable people are saying it's false. If it's true that would be really sad as that is the only upcoming game that is appealing to me.
  6. How could you forget "For the First Time in Forever" xD?
  7. *Grabs head and continues*. I mean, it's not everyday you get to be kissed by Batdragon.
  8. X-Men Days of Future Past. Since I have no powers I'm definitely a goner.
  9. A bit older than I am but psh, who cares. Today's your lucky day.
  10. Seeing as they're buying everything these days, its possible Hasbro is their next target. Mainly to get the rights to things like Transformers to further try and appeal to males, but this'll only take MLP with it. If Disney were to buy Hasbro the next day and chose to place new people in charge of MLP: FIM what would your reaction be and would you continue watching the show?