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    I love writing, drawing, all forms of music and, of course, My Little Pony. I love constant cathartic carrying of alliteration, too. :"D I love talking and carrying on conversations about things from the most silly of subjects to the serious of solutions. I love to joke around and have joke battles whenever I can! I also love roleplaying to death! My interests are all over the place, so I apologize! If you have an interest in something, then it's a pretty good chance that I like it too!!

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  1. Okay, so I really have no one to talk to since anyone I talk to either doesn't know anything or is not serious about pursuing a career in music and there is no sort of writing club at my school so I decided to stat posting my stuff here and hope some like it/gives some feedback. So here goes, you guys. Rage Rage doom No room No room Her head A cage A knife Her key Blood sets Her free Her screams To tears Door closed Freedom lears Death nears review y/n
  2. Perhaps these trespasses are signs of inner emotional problems. Remember, in the episodes with the competition, she was overcome with shame. Or perhaps it's just the writers twisting the character's personalities to fit the plot again.
  4. Is it too late to join? No, but seriously, I'm a lesbian but gender-wise, I identify as non-binary. :U Also, the English Bible is a translation and therefor an interpretation.
  5. (Whoops, gotta go again, bye!!!)
  6. Ludo peered up close at the weapons and said, "Can you use any of these?"
  7. She chuckled. "Yeah, me neither."
  8. (I'm just gonna pretend I've been here the whole time and jump in, okay?) Ludo just sighed and followed suit.
  9. (I'll take that as a yes. Where are ya'llin relation to me?)
  10. (Okay, so we're trying to figure a way out with out getting burned by fiery rain? Sorry, I had to take care of my sister.)
  11. Ludo raised her head and nodded. "Yeah." She levitated some gauze to him and passed and passed it off.