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    p.s. Fluttershy is best pony.
  1. Happy birthday, Earl!

  2. A vote for Vermin Supreme? Is? SPARTAAAAA!!!
  3. My piano. I play my piano at the same time as I cruise the internet. Except my piano is now diamond Fuuuuuu-
  4. Pfft. Everyone knows that FLuttershy Pinky Pie is best pony. I mean, if I was created that such was my opinion, why would MrJesus/God smiteth me for being how he made me?
  5. No wai! D: Then it'll be wayyyy to mainstream for a hipster like me. ;P
  6. Earl of Pudding was a neat phrase I heard sometime. It means that you are the first one to have experienced something eg, you are the Earl of Pudding since you have pudding before everybody else gets pudding. Aaaanyways I also have royal bloddd in me so I fee like it fits. Oh! Pudding is good too!
  7. Tears were shed. :'( That dude was awesome! But yeah this whole pirate fad sprung up among my friends thats just ending now. Started of me making sky pirate references. It was actually pretty awesome lol and none of them know what it's from XD.
  8. I got Prince HArd with my IRL namein MAle Pony. I lol'd. xD Screen name is Regal Lofty with Fancy Pony
  9. Speedtest is easy to manipulate by your ISP... just saiyin, mine does it all the time. It shows me speeds of 3+ Mbps but i only pay fo rmax 3. But it can't even hold a constant enough dload rate to stream a full ep of MLP, let alone even THINK about trying to game on it. In other words, online Speedtests are unreliable imo, however I don't have an alternative so feel free to disregard everything I have said. >.>
  10. File it somewhere else. I would like to win pls.
  11. Hay... u spledt one worng. jus saiyn
  12. Eeeeyup! Such a good series aha only thing I couldn't get over is how Twig got with some slaughterer chick instead of the Stone Plot like he was supposed to... >.>