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  1. She's certainly has less energy than Farage, but then she's also a lot less polarizing. I'm not sure how good of a leader she'd be, but I don't think she'd be as good as Nigel. As a spokesperson she comes across as very capable though.
  2. A part of me sort of wishes that Nigel taken a break for the summer and come back in September (As he suggested, and he would have won a leadership contest in September for certain). I think having Suzanne Evans as leader for a short spell would have been great for shaking off all the '-isms' that are constantly thrown at UKIP by the media. As someone who's been supporting UKIP quietly for a while now it's been really disheartening to be constantly called a rascist, a homophobe, (sort of ironic considering I'm bisexual) and all sorts of other things just because I support a right wing part
  3. He should never have even resigned in the first place imo. The pace at which UKIP has established itself is astonishing, all under Nigel. The Purple surge is real.

    1. nolongerabout


      Nice one, mate.

  5. RIP Farage ;_;

  6. If Labour had won this post would have been illegal. To the tolerance gulag with you! :^)
  7. 4 million votes. 1 seat. There was literally nothing more UKIP could have done. First Past the Post is terrible and I hope the fact that so many UKIP (and green party too) voters were burned by it sparks debate for a change in the system. We can't keep it the way it is and still call ourselves a democratic country. As for a conservative majority, I'm devastated by it. They've made themselves very clear they intend to push through the snooper's charter and I suspect many more policies designed to spy on the British people, and now they have no Lib Dems to stop them so they can prett
  8. Fedoras are pretty much the universal symbol of pretentiousness.
  9. Got 12/13, pretty good. Never was any good at science, so this was kinda surprising for me.
  10. Internet communists. That is all. EDIT: As an added note, I don't really think there are any fandoms (No, the Nazi party is not a fandom) that are worse than us. Just as bad, maybe, but not worse. I mean, we did produce this, which is utterly horrendous when you think about it.
  11. Any Youtube lets-player that uses memes e.g. the majority of them.
  12. Deactivated my Deviantart account. Can't say I'll be sad to see it go.

  13. Le funni memees :^)

  14. Le funni memees :^)

  15. US, please keep Piers Morgan.

  16. If this means I can become a robot, then I'm all for it.
  17. Ehhh... I'm back.

  18. Merry Chrimbo!

  19. such much such such much very much such very such much much very wow

  20. Just watched Wreck it Ralph again...I love that film.

  21. Go for it. Grab the opportunity. You don't want to live with your parents forever, do you? Personally, I'd jump at the opportunity. Good luck!
  22. Thomas the Tank Engine was my childhood. I had boxes and boxes full of wooden track, the trains, VHS, everything. I loved Thomas the Tank Engine. And those static faces. People complain about them, but they just made it iconic. It wouldn't be Thomas the Tank Engine without the soul piercing gazes.
  23. My favorite fanfic. John Freeman, savior of humens never forget ;_;
  24. Fallout Equestria this. Fallout Equestria that. I swear half of all roleplays are Fallout Equestria.

    1. Nomadic


      I know how you feel, I keep wanting to see something new pop up.

    2. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      Good idea, but overused. Like a joke.

    3. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      (Super Late) We need a Warhammer RP :P

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