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  1. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Why do you think that they didn't color the ponies flesh-colored?

    I haven't thought about this, dear student... people do love to gripe, though. I think that they would've complained about it.
  2. Queen Sugar Hoof

    I'm back...

    ...and with a new student, Clover Jinx. How things are now: *I am still Queen of Tokyhoof. *I take my responsibility seriously. *I have a new student. *I am still not joining the "Muffin Theif/Investigator Side." This is me:
  3. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Summarize the user above in one word.

  4. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Rate the above posters Username!

    10/10 "AtDawnTheySquee" sounds like a war cry ^___^
  5. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Gender Race

  6. Queen Sugar Hoof

    We can Only Talk in the 3rd person!

    Queen Sugar Hoof is watching one of the greatest eps of Adventure Time ever; My Two Favorite People
  7. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Yum or Yuck?

    Yummish/yuckish :T BUTTER!!!
  8. Queen Sugar Hoof

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    Nope! TPAM is in the Sky Army?
  9. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Gender Race

    1098 D:< xD
  10. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Ponify a character from a show!

    This is a game where you, well, take a character from a show and ponify it. Here we go! Dipper Pines= Dipper Pones xD
  11. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Gender Race

  12. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Yum or Yuck?

    YUCK :C British cookies (biscuits?)
  13. Queen Sugar Hoof

    The above user is your newborn child. Give him/her a name

  14. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Ask Lady Rainicorn

    Are you and Jake married? If so, next time adopt babies so they don't grow in a 15 min. show xD It would be so cute to have puppicorns that didn't grow old in 15 minutes!!! !!!!!
  15. Queen Sugar Hoof

    Mega Thread What is the poster above you known for?

    Known for thinking Blueblood is "awesome". (Hold on while I look that word up--- oh wait, it doesn't exist.)