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  1. I haven't thought about this, dear student... people do love to gripe, though. I think that they would've complained about it.
  2. ...and with a new student, Clover Jinx. How things are now: *I am still Queen of Tokyhoof. *I take my responsibility seriously. *I have a new student. *I am still not joining the "Muffin Theif/Investigator Side." This is me:
  3. 10/10 "AtDawnTheySquee" sounds like a war cry ^___^
  4. Queen Sugar Hoof is watching one of the greatest eps of Adventure Time ever; My Two Favorite People
  5. Yummish/yuckish :T BUTTER!!!
  6. Nope! TPAM is in the Sky Army?
  7. This is a game where you, well, take a character from a show and ponify it. Here we go! Dipper Pines= Dipper Pones xD
  8. YUCK :C British cookies (biscuits?)
  9. I'm grounded.... I have to be offline until June 2. :(

  10. Are you and Jake married? If so, next time adopt babies so they don't grow in a 15 min. show xD It would be so cute to have puppicorns that didn't grow old in 15 minutes!!! !!!!!