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  1. Is that Webby Vanderquack from NewDuckTales on your avatar image?

  2. My name is Space Warrior and I am known as a hero from the Great Pony War.

  3. Your avatar is really adorable.

  4. GuerrierCosmique

    What Is Your Favourite Time Period In History?

    Ancient Greece and Rome, the first half of the 20th century and the 2000s. I would give nearly anything to live in the 2000s again. Though, I don't think anybody would want to live in a pre-industrial civilization. Some here mentioned pirates and the Roman gladiators and sure othes dream of knights, princesses, explorers and the like. Unfortunately, back then people of this kind were just a very tiny minority, most members of pre-industrial societies were farmers who could barely make ends meet.
  5. GuerrierCosmique

    Is it fair to say that most Bronies are left leaning?

    "Bronies and atheism" is a widespread clicheé. And I get the impression that sometimes, left-wing people like to associate the Brony fandom with the Right, especially one of its fringe ideologies, "anarcho-capitalism". The same they do with anime and cartoons in general. I have no guess why. Maybe because all of those (MLP, atheism, right-wing politics, anarcho-capitalism) appeal to neckbeards?
  6. GuerrierCosmique

    Mane 6 with economy?

    Twilight Sparkle would establish a scientific form of socialism with a planned economy.
  7. GuerrierCosmique

    What year did you first start watching MLP?

    It was right at the beginning of the fourth month of the year of the Lord 2012.
  8. Nae, they suck. When meeting somebody I go for a real restaurant and if I'm just hungry I buy baked goods or sweets in a supermarket.
  9. Does somebody here sometimes watch the show in a foreign dub? I prefer the English original version, but I like languages and their differences and many songs sound a lot better in French and Finnisch, but Greek, German, Arabic and Russian sound nice too.
  10. GuerrierCosmique

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I have a crush on "Webbigail Vanderquack" from DuckTales2017.
  11. GuerrierCosmique

    How many countries have you been to?

    I was born in Germany and still live here. I only left it once, when I was a little child and we visited Indonesia, because most of my family is from there.
  12. 16, because it was nice time back then.
  13. GuerrierCosmique

    How much does your avatar influence your personality?

    My current avatar is Webbigail Vanderquack from DuckTales because she is very similiar to me in personality. I can identify with this character. I wish I had her as a girlfriend.