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  1. Happy birthday! c: Hope you have a lovely time~ ^.~

  2. I didn't like Mario Sports Mix as I thought it was boring, too easy and I especially disliked how the unlockable characters were all Square Enix characters and all Mario characters were default characters.
  3. One of my least favourite episodes of season 1. I don't think it's a bad episode as there are some I consider worse but there were quite a few things I did not like about Stare Master. Starting with the positives, I liked Sweetie Belle's version of 'Hush now, Quiet now" and the cockarice was a nice addition to the dangers of the Everfree Forest. Now for what I didn't like. The plot didn't interest me that much and the CMCs yelling got slightly annoying after the first few times. The main flaw of the episode for me was shoehorning Twilight into the story. Granted, this was when she was the only one writing friendship reports to Celestia but she didn't really serve much of a purpose in this episode apart from writing about the lesson Fluttershy learned.
  4. Although this is not one of my favourite season 1 episodes, I still liked it. This episode had a two of my favourite comedy moments which were Fluttershy's yay scene and Pinkie tasting the rainbow. I also liked how it showed a different side of Rainbow Dash as the episode went on. Although Rarity is now my favourite of the mane six, this is one of the few instances where I disliked her actions. I liked that she volunteered to be the test subject for the wings spell to provide support for Rainbow Dash despite the possible risks but it was irritating that she eventually let the admiration of her wings get to her head. At least she learnt her lesson in the end.
  5. I joined in December 2012 when I decided to give the show a watch to see what all the hype was about. Initially, I didn't think it was anything amazing and I considered it to be an okay show until I got to Dragonshy and I became hooked.
  6. The slow pace was the flaw for me. I felt that the first half dragged on and nothing big seemed to happen until the Ursa Minor came into the picture.
  7. I think Gilda had potential to be one of the most interesting characters of the series but she was instead portrayed like the stereotypical bully we have seen in most kids shows. I really wanted an explanation about why she was so rude. Her dialogue also sounded very outdated since she was using insults like "dweeb."
  8. Applejack's stubbornness kind of bothered me as I thought it lasted way too long and some of the humour felt tacked on. Some of them I thought were funny but others not so much.
  9. The reasons the mane five wanted to go to the gala were pretty poor except Applejack whose reason seemed out of place compared to the others. I think fluttershy's was the poorest as her reason had nothing to do with the gala. All she wanted to see were the animals on the castle grounds. Other than that, I actually kind of liked the episode. It may not be a top favourite of mine but I enjoy it from time to time.
  10. The dialogue is pretty cliched and forced when I look at the pilot now. I think nightmare moon had the worst since most of her lines make me think of some of those cartoon villains from the 80s/early 90s.
  11. Vinyl scratch is not a big favourite of mine but this was very entertaining, particularly how she was seeing everything move to the beat of her music. Whenever I rewatch it, I get the music stuck in my head for a few days and I really feel like walking to the beat whenever I go out.
  12. This is definitely a personal favourite season 1 episode of mine. I enjoy the slapstick as it reminds me of the classic Looney Tunes and I always end up laughing at the part where Pinkie introduces Gummy. Also, gotta love that scene when Twilight charges at the hydra just because Rainbow Dash would do it. In terms of the moral, I agree that not being able to explain certain things doesn't make them false and we can choose whether or not we believe in something. I remember my confusion when I first read about the controversy surrounding this moral as I don't recall Twilight ever saying we have to believe.
  13. This episode probably has the best use of Rarity's generosity since she makes all those dresses for free and doesn't take a break. Whenever someone calls her selfish, I always point them to this episode. Unfortunately, I have very mixed opinions on this episode. It seemed selfish that the rest of the mane 6 did not notice or seem to care that they were pushing Rarity too hard. This is a nitpick but I hate that this episode gave birth to the 20% cooler meme. However, it was nice of the others to finish making the dress for Rarity and I strongly agree with the moral of not looking a gift horse in the mouth.
  14. A decent episode but not one I tend to rewatch. When Applejack claims Rainbow Dash "cheated" because of her wings, I personally wouldn't call it cheating, I would say she had an unfair advantage. I found that claim to be a bit hypocritical since she rode the rope from the hot air balloon to catch up with the other racers when she took a wrong turn. The highlight of the episode for me had to be the commentary from Pinkie and Spike and I hope to see more interactions between the two in future episodes and possibly a Pinkie/Spike episode.