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    Invader Zim, Avatar the last Airbender, and I LOVE making OCs!9pm me if you want me to make you one) I draw a TON and I luv my big brother. He rocks. I don't know too many bronies IRL, but the ones that I do are pretty awesome. My best friend's a pegasister, but I haven't seen her in a while...i am very, very satisfied with this site! B)

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  1. ((Sorry ya'll!)) Sunshine Storm zoomed down from the sky towards the building. I am so late! She slammed open the doors, catching everyponies' attention. "Sorry!" she squeaked, "I didn't mean to open them so loudly." Sunshine trotted down to the end of the hall to Dorm 6. She opened the door and trotted in. Nopony was in there, but it looked like somepony had been. Sunshine began unpacking.
  2. Hey sorry I've taken so long! I'll get onto the link in a sec! I was super busy with exams :/
  3. Omz, thatt is one of the best pony love stories I have ever read! I read both his and Artsy's and they are AMAZING. You'd make a great author! Keep writing!
  4. Hey, may I join? I'll be using Sunshine Storm. Her link's in my signature and right here ->http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/sunshine-storm-r5338 :3
  5. Schools banned the Forums, but I managed to get on anyway :)

  6. I am SO sorry that I haven't been on in FOREVER!

  7. OMZ computers finally caught on and the forums are blocked unless I go to a different building :P

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      Good for you c: Also I'm I squirrel now

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    Private [Reboot] Reign of Chaos

    ((not on on weekends, sorry)) Splash was about to reply to the last comment made when she was zapped into Ponyville. "What the-?" she stuttered. "Um, wait...aren't there those 'Children of Chaos' out here?" Splash shuttered as her magic fizzled on on its own. "Um, ya'll? I think you might wanna-" Splash never finished her sentence. With a flash she was transported back to Zecora's home and tumbled into Discord. "Whoopsie, guess my magic's a bit defiant today, eh chap?" she snorted. She punched Discord hard across the face.
  9. Preeminent Pisces

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes sorta piano and guitar how are you?
  10. Preeminent Pisces

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Wbu is "What about you?" 23x3=do your own homework Hi. Have we met?
  11. I'd still like a tiny bit more detail, but I feel that I've given you enough grief I don't know if your character is suitable for the role-play and I'm a Grammar Nazi most of the time, so I fear for your sake. Welcome aboard! BTW: Minty was always my favorite MLP character before G4, so I missed her. Thanks for bringing her back.
  12. Preeminent Pisces

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

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