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  1. hey guy I found my path as a pagan

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Nightshroud


      well I did it it was pretty fun.

      I may do it again.

      nothing to be scarred of.

    3. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Lol Just don't go sacrificing goats and slathering the ground with blood.

    4. Nightshroud


      oh why would I do that too messy.

  2. Spicer is an IDIOT


    I guess CYANIDE isn't a chemical?........ or Mustard gas....... Hitler was famous partly because of chemical weapons, but this dumb politician seems to have missed school the day that topic was discussed.

  3. so pantheism is part of paganism well neo paganism any ways I'm sorry for doubting you.

    1. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Lol its okay. My Ex gf was one, that's literally the only reason I know about it at all.




  4. GenderIsAnIllusion


    Ahh that would make you a Pantheist.
  5. GenderIsAnIllusion


    Me being atheist didn't really affect me getting a paid internship at a decent company in the middle of the Bible Belt, so probably not. Although Buddhism seems to be a popular pagan religion... you might try that.
  6. GenderIsAnIllusion


    What type of Pagan?.... its an extremely broad category, as literally any spiritual beliefs that aren't Judeo-Christian fall into it.
  7. GenderIsAnIllusion

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Existed. Shame on you. How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  8. Type in "exot" in the YouTube search bar. You wont be disappointed.

  9. Exactly this. With the exception of the Ghost Busters Reboot, I've never heard anyone call a movie with a female protagonist "Feminist Propaganda" .
  10. Weed also has other uses other than medical ones. Its immensely cheap to produce, and products made from it are fully biodegradable, making it ideal for making recyclable paper. Its fibers are strong enough in some strains that it can be woven into cheap and effective fabric.
  11. Wal-Mart Pepsi Coke Starbucks AT&T Verizon JP Morgan and Chase Volts Wagon BBC Channel 4 UK Government Toyota Tesco iTV Heinz Volvo Aviva The Guardian McDonalds Lloyds Bank Johnson & Johnson Marks & Spencer If you believe in free speech, please spread this list and cease supporting these companies.
  12. Only if its as adorable as it sounds..... With like a animation of someone booping derpys nose.
  13. If I used feminist logic, Christians would be a "privileged class" and id be using tumblr articles to justify and advocate for violence and hatred of Christians and other theistic religions. Lets just be clear I don't HATE the people that follow theistic religions, I hate the beliefs themselves.
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