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  1. bye everypony...

    1. Chigens and Kay
    2. Scootalove
    3. Cocoa23


      what she's saying is that she is probily leaving the forum because of reasons she told me not to tell :3

  2. Snowbeam


  3. hey everypony! im really upset because ive just lost my very best friend. I only knew her from guides and when she had to move house she stopped coming and i dont know her phone number I think her minecraft username is Jakedooda or something. I thought that the best way to deal with situations like this is to seek the help of my fellow bronies and pegasisters. So everypony, what can i do?
  4. I've just lost my best friend ;_;

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    2. Iudex


      I know that feel bro... I haven't seen my best friend in years... *sniff*

    3. Commander Urdnot

      Commander Urdnot

      I know. I saw your thread about it.

    4. Snowbeam


      thwanks for understanding 3:

  5. OK, i am officially pigued off 3:<

  6. i like ice blue and my eyes are blue aqua green colour.... cant explain it very well 3: I also like charlieissocoollike's eyes (on youtube) OH yeah! THATS what my eyes are like! it gets really annoying when people compliment me though because im really shy and i dont know how to reply to a compliment other than "um thank you? :)"
  7. Welcome to the herd! I'm snowbeam and your colours look really good on your tail :3
  8. well technically im a pegasister but since you asked, My brother became a brony when he watched one episode just to see why so many people loved it but he couldn't stop watching so he told me about it so i watched an episode and got hooked!
  9. By 'mean' I mean like rebellious not as in she kills everypony that would be very mean 3: I sorta mean like she only really cares about herself but sometimes she does nice things and learns that its not all about her
  10. whatever I just don't think she looks good with wings I'm okay with change but I don't think she should be a princess. Thats just my opinion
  11. people like her because she is mean. Its like it stops the show from being too 'fendshipy' Yes yes i know its all about friendship but if all the ponys were like that then it would just be boring
  12. are twilights parents a narwhal and a pony?