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    ♉ Horses, vehicles, Nascar, Music & singing, Art, my kitty cats, Transformers, Marvel, DC (some), Paleontology... ♉

    ♉I am a Taurus, and proud of it!♉

    My avy BEFORE this one was Dynasty back in I think 07, possibly 08... we were watching people run barrels and poles... we went bareback after our performance with the Drill Team... she was an angel then... and is not literally an angel. RIP my great partner... mother to my Laredo

    Avy right now is Jade. She's about 28 yrs old? Arabian, sorrel. Mom chopped off her mane due to burrs, I had just brushed the beauty and got the burrs out of her tail. Taken in October.

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  1. My new one is Jade. I love her dearly & just seeing this pic makes me feel better. I miss her so much... I rarely get to my parent's home to see them, her and Laredo.
  2. I'm depressed, worried and feel lost... I don't know how to comfort my sister & it's killing me. 24 hrs ago we watched her work burn.... It was hard to watch & I took photos and video of it.. She loved her work & coworkers and she watched work go up in flames... Feel so helpless.

  3. Well, I live in a house with a perverted ghost who likes to watch me shower, he likes messing with the lights and doors.... has pushed people... I was reading something about ghosts and all of a sudden the temp around me plummeted and I started shivering, in a 72 F house! I don't like this house. I miss my parents house where the ghosts watched over us, not hurt us. I miss Tim & Bob (the one in Potosi, not here at this house) They watch over the horses & comfort us, let us know they are there but never trying to hurt us, push us, mess with us.... You can feel Tim's presence when something is wrong... I know it's Tim b/c I remember how he was when he was living, before cancer stole him from us. I want to move so badly, Cuba City Bob makes me so jittery. When I was younger, the ghost cat spoke to my sister and I, we both remember the incident clearly. Had 1 eye, looked to be a large tabby. The downstairs of the large barn at my parents hosts the spirit or ghost of an animal that died tragically and horrifically. It has kind of a dark energy down there but nothing ever comes of it... just very bad vibes when you go to that corner... I think his spirit never left.
  4. I dislike winter. It always seems to be when bad things happen. (That and I get sick of shoveling snow) Snowed on Monday... what happens today? THIS I shot this myself this morning.... I'm still in shock that this has happened. My sister, who will be 25 on Nov 24th's job that she's had since she was 16 1/2 just burnt down. (still standing but complete loss) I called her about 5:45 telling her the news then went and picked her up... we watched from when it was like in this video, all in the ceiling/roof to downstairs/dining area... them ripping the roof off part-way... everything. I'm in tears, this Culver's isn't just any ol Culver's... the workers are like family to each other, granted dirtiest-minded people, but they are awesome and always so great to everyone. We are a rural area for the most part so everyone knows someone related to this fire. She loved her job, she worked full time & just seemed at a loss today. Luckily my fiancee was along so he drove home. It always seems like THIS time of bad stuff happens in winter or getting close to winter/holiday times. Besides this bad Mojo.... shoveling... and the people who don't know how to drive in snow.
  5. I'm from Potosi WI, Now I live about 30 minitues from there... still in Grant Co. WI.. the very South Western corner of our lovely state Our area is very rural & farm oriented
  6. There are different types of sick. If you mean flu... maybe 1-2x a year. if you count in sinus issues that make you ill, add in every other month or less. If you mean puking my guts out... only when I'm a bloody idiot and drink irresponsibly... only done so twice in the last 3 yrs. If you count going to the ER for severe pain.... 1 or more times a month... depending on the neuralgia's mood. There are many types of sick...
  7. A lot cooler than we expected for end of July... been cool all end of July! Now August 1st its 55 Deg F now.... today's high should be 80 F.. 91% humidity. 6.04AM right now They crazy weather is making my health issues act up though...
  8. I was afraid of this last time I saw my best friend's mom a couple months back... she seemed in high spirits but something was off again. My fear was just confirmed... they just found out her bone cancer is back. Honestly I'm terrified.. I've already lost people I loved so much and was so close to... all to bloody cancer. It went into remission once but its back... I'm so afraid to loose her also. I'm not religious myself but if any of ya'll could just send out a lil thought of prayer for her. I fly the Yellow for her (Bone Cancer). The Grey for Tim & Aunt Connie (Brain Cancer.. RIP Best aunt ever and to the man that was like my second father.). The Teal for me (sexual assault). The Purple for Mom and I (Fibromyalgia)... Anypony else wish to share their fears, anger and so forth about cancer or things like that here, defiantly do so. At some point, everypony needs someone to lean on, or just a place to vent to others.
  9. OMG My Driving WTF's recently: Do people not know how to drive? Yellow line White line over Yellow line. (EVERYWHERE) Ooo lets turn into this cop here (In Madison, red car) There's a Don't Turn This Way/1 Way Sign ... lets turn that way into traffic waiting at a stop sign and honk like a jerk at them (Madison, idiot at Capitol 1 way mess) There is a car coming, I'm not going to look that direction and take off at a stop sign then look angerly when they start honking and locking up their brakes to avoid your stupidity. (old guy in Buick did this to me) Lets go as slow as possible to leave the driver in a mess of traffic or the guy wanting to turn to wait longer (EVERYWHERE) Pull out in front of you causing you to brake hard... while doing the speed limit (Where doesn't it happen) Guy who parks over the line so no one can park in the next spot. At My Job: Ask for acct # and get their C Card #. -_- I don't have my acct # or Order # & refuse to give their other info to the point you can understand them Oh I didn't read TOC or return guidelines/information yet I am going to demand S/P on every order even after 1x courtesy is given.. twice. Rambling info off so fast when they know you are trying to type it & you asked twice before for them to please slow down and speak more clearly Screaming when they know the person on the phone isn't at fault, sometimes it is actually not the company's fault at all & that screaming will get nothing done. Someone not knowing they had seat controls on their car for 2 yrs of ownership My sister at my cousin's wedding... thank you for 1 1/2 hrs notice that I am driving you van home b/c you can' hold you're alcohol .. and I had more than twice as much and drank soda the rest of the night and had many wedding mint things and drove home fine... then you slept in your van AT WORK and opened at 6am. yea... WTF
  10. I dislike you. okay, no I don't, I wish I had that kind of money to spend then and now. How the heck @ your age? I'm 24.. I have had 4 vehicles that were all manure. 93 Tempo, was a good car till she died. first hand-me-down car.. she died in under a yr (oldest bro had beat her into the ground) 92 Geo Metro, was a family hand-down after the first one died. was my grandma's car. She nearly killed me when her frame twisted when I had to lock up the brakes to miss a deer at about 50mph Best car to "parallel park" b/c you don't need to back in. Engine was super small, 3 cyl. 3 ppl could pick it up and move it. Flimbsy! how do they call these cars? drove S10 till I found my 3rd vehicle 93 Fort Tempo. great condition in many ways, needed tlc in others. had for a good while then back shocks went, then tranny started to go. she made it to the junkyard on her last leg. NEVER had a major issue with her other than 2 listed. BEST CAR IN THE WINTER. I took her through drifts well past the bumper, got me through blizzards. I could take it offroad decently. EASY to control on rough roads with no rear shocks. good for gas millage for that yr of a vehicle. 93 S10 Tahoe with the short cab. I bought the S10 I borrowed from Dad. yea, it's a "junker" rust rust rust. blue with more rust. So far nothing big has blown that wasn't already broke. I do need new tires... which I have, from a friend, still need to pay other 1/2 then get them on truck. She has no sway bar attached... broke long ago. Probably needs a wheel-bearing fix... which isn't worth it. Needs a new windshield. (Thank you other truck for the rock in the window) bumper is a mess... thank you older brother. Missing a light here and there (front passenger blinker, lower blinker on drivers, 1 license plate light) She heats nice, not much for cooling but leg vents & windows, 2x4 rear-wheel NOT ideal for WI Winters but fun on gravel & grass. Back end tend to hop with no weight... makes burning rubber interesting. 262 cu in (4.3L) V6 5 Speed Manual) I do drive a 05 Taurus thought, good gas millage, got me through some blizzards well, handles okay in drifts, heats up fast in winter, when I first drove this I was still driving the Geo.... yea, I left some rubber at a few lights b/c I wasn't used to a car with a real engine. Fiancee's car... main vehicle in the house. I'm a Ford girl... had 2, the Tempo's. (3 if you count fiancee's car) I've had 2 Chevy's.. the Geo & S10. the Geo nearly killed me and S10 was reliable in some nasty situations but hates me. My Dad was the same, cheaper vehicles, learn how to work on them so it prepares you for the nicer new ones... (like how to stay out of harms way/trouble & learn how to drive our insane winters well) I've learned a lot so far & made college boys stare in shock of a chick working on a car... sounding like a sailor. I also want his Modified 87 Jeep Wranger (YJ) & 72 Mustang, and classic Case Tractor.. and 98 HD Softtail custom >< Anyways, awesome you are able to get vehicles the way you are, means you have it a bit easier than some of us! Nice car, my older brother loves his Cobalt. (sorry, on a bit of a wooooo moment so rabley)
  11. Not really because you can learn from history. (this coming from someone that doesn't like war) With different battles or "incidents" such as the Lusitania you can learn quite a bit from it... the technology, the mistakes, the lack of humanity with some people and so forth. (Again, I really don't care for the greed & darkness of human history... actually why I like "pre-human" history more.)
  12. Can only get onto our work websites or anything to assist with our job basically AT work. Otherwise no... I probably should fill out this survey complaint to our local hospital's ER for NO SERVICE even with insurance b/c they made assumptions and didn't listen to a word I said... And I kinda wanted to work on my Sims3 project but it's getting late... don't want to stop mid-work. Otherwise... nope, just browsing the web before bed. (yea 5:12AM here but I live backwards hours.)
  13. Jeans-boot-cut T-shirt or button up 'country' styled or cut-off sleeved t-shirt or tank top Cowboy boots or Men's black work-boots ( I hate "sneakers" ) Miller Light hat or Ford Racing hat or Carl Edwards 99 hat. Depending on weather I may have a light brown faux leather coat... real soft one... or leather, what David calls, European cut biker coat... or winter, longer black coat with faux fur hood, which is nice for the neuralgia issue with cold. Sometimes a bandanna under the hat to cover my left ear due to a nerve problem where sound drives it insane and causes a big pain issue. I DON'T CARE what people think... If they think I look terrible for doing so, they know where to go
  14. Honestly I study other points in history. (obviously looking at my sig, lol) I do study human history though, but mainly at different points, like "accidents" or small things. I didn't study too much into ancient wars, I studied more of the civilization. Pearl Harbor. I like to study the ships, I had a relative there apparently... I have yet to get that "dug into" since some of my family history is a nag to get at. Critical moment in WW2 b/c it got the US fully into the war. Bismark... was a battle to sink her and in the end the German's scuttled her. The grandest battleship in my mind due to her hull. England didn't sink her. She could have possibly changed the outcome of the war so to me it was a critical moment in a big war. That's 2 battles I can think of off the top of my head.
  15. Awesome snake and a Smilodon type skull... EPIC! 1 of my relatives sells snakes Ok, We'll start with my 5 yr old cat, Jazz... he's awesome & I wouldn't be with without him. Oh, he's a burnout... on his own accord. Smartest cat I know & my best friend kitty-wise. He's always there for me. [/url [url=] We have miss Chromia who is 4... sometimes I wonder WHY I ever wanted a female cat... she isn't spayed yet due to financial issues but I still love this dim-witted cat. I swear.. no brain at all. Stupidest cat I ever saw... but cute Then we have Tank, the 17 yr old. He hates women for the most part... thanks to fiancee's ex wife. She beat the poor guy... he likes me now, comes to me for attention, love, FOOD. He has spells of "where am I" and if I take him to Dave he calms down. He's Dave's cat... he was Dave's cat from birth when Tanky was born. Jazz and him will play at times or talk to each other. Troodon... Jazz's prey. Crowntail Beta... Jazz harasses him to no end it seems, and he's in a 5 gal. tank which Jazz has moved a few times. Pretty fishey loves attention, from humans that is.