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  4. join here June 12, 2040, Charles was in his Ford Mustang Driving back to Dallas on I-35 in his Ford Mustang, during the war all University’s in Texas turn into ROT Base and Homes for the Civilians to live in. Austin is the main Capital of ROT while President Van Horn is in charge seeing everything go. Charles was patrolling San Marcos, Texas make sure no Ponies have got in since it protected by a force field. He check the Entrances from Texas to Mexico seeing if any Ponies got in form South America. Mexico, SA Police saying that they haven’t gotten in yet. They keeping a eye on that while they building a force field too. Once Charles enter into Dallas as he arrive in ROT Base since he is the commander of the ROT Dallas Base. He get out of his car, heading to his offices as he enter into his offices and sit-down. Then looking at the picture of him and Rainbow Dash dancing at the Gala event meeting 2022. Then he turn on the TV watching ROT News and waiting on the new recruits.
  5. Is this RP still contuning? if Is can Fireblaze join too?
  6. The Conversion Bureau RP: Battle for Texas 2017 The Sincest build a Portal to connect to other worlds and see if they can reach any new life. New worlds and explore them too. 2020 They found new contact Equestria as they want to make peace with new creatures called ponies. They walk, talk and do things like humans dose. They even fly around too and mange the weather. Well they don’t have mother nature in there world like we do and we are curious about there way of life. Our weather works on it own so good luck trying to change that. 2025: The humans getting use to the ponies, even human kids having fun with them also going to the same school, having the same jobs even getting along. But few humans didn’t like the ideal also one NK dictator didn’t like the ideal too and agree with the few humans. So they form the Anti Pony Group means they want to take them down. 2030: Every Conversion Bureau around the world cities expect NK, as haft of the humans went and became ponies while other haft still discussing it. Then disaster struck the APG attack the Conversion Bureau in Hong Kong, Chicago, Paris, London, New Delhi, Cape Town, Mexico City, and Rio. Injured a lot of humans and points as this made Celestia angry. But the leader of the nations tell Princess Celestia that they will combat the APG and NK too. 2035: The War with the APG didn’t went plan as NATO attack NK then capture there dictator but Celestia saying that her nephew Blueblood got attack by a APG and was injured. Now she saying that humans not fit walk on this earth and they plan to take over. So APG Doom the Human Race. 2039 Nato got beaten by the Ponies as they became Ponies since Celestia made the position that turn humans into Ponies quicker into the darts and now they took over haft of the world. But 50% of the Humans still fighting and hiding too. Princess Celestia and Luna want to wipe out the humans and make this world into Equestria 2. 2040 The Humans Defend Texas, Mexico Central and South America form the ponies but how long since they build borders around Texas, made entrances for the transports bring supplies, have a force field around the state of Texas so no ponies can’t get in also is stronger agents magic. But they were testing it agents Alicorn magic. But if Texas Fails then they will flee to Mexico and defend the last Country to the end. Also it no reason with the ponies since APG did the damage and now they bring doom to the humans. So First Leaders Princess Luna In Charge of Earth since Princess Celestia went back to Equestria making her subjects are ok. Luna is in charge of capturing remaining humans and Elements of Harmony is with her too. As they became Elements of Capture now or EOC Lead by Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Futtershy and Spike. Teen CMC Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed and Scootaloo have join them also. Backing them up are the Wounderbolts lead by Spitfire, Music Division lead by Octavia and Vinyl Scratch aka DJ Pron 3. Shining Armor lead the Special Pony Group in his Army Big Mac, Snips, Snails, Bluk Biceps, Cheese Sandwich and Daring Do. Zecora is making the position that turn humans into ponies in there base Washington DC since they took over the capital and that were there factory at. Now Republic of Texas Leader is President Van Houston since he was the last of the Senators and was on the side of the ponies but seeing this happen then he have to defend his people. ROT Army they defend Texas, Central and South America from the Ponies. Also Mexico, Central and South America army defend there lands even help ROT agents the ponies. Here the Cannon Charters Twilight Sparkle- Rainbow Dash- Pinky Pie- Futtershy- Rarity- Applejack- Spike- Princess Luna- Princess Celesta- Apple Bloom- Sweetie Bell- Scootaloo- Babs Seed- Big Mac- Shining Armor- Princess Cadenza aka Cadance- Granny Smith- Maud Pie- Cheerille- Doctor Whoovers- Derpy Whoovers- Snips- Snails- Mayor Mare- DJ Pon 3 Aka Vinyl Scratch- Bulk Biceps- Splitfire- Soarin- Fleetfoot- Zecora- Daring Do- Cheese Sandwich Trixie Lulamoon- Diamond Tiara- Sliver Spoon- Discord- Flim Flam Brothers- Ahuizoti- Queen Chrysalis- Sunset Shimmer- Flash Sentry- Octavia- Now Your OC Charter sheet Name Gender: Species: Appearance: Weapons: Transports: (Human Only) Nationality: Bio: (Short One) Name Charles Roberts Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: Brown Skin, Blue eyes, Black Hair, ROT Uniform, and Boots Weapons: EX-4 Stunner Gun with tranquil darts (Look like a Smith and Western) and a AK-47 that shoot Stunner bullets instead of Reagure Bullets Transports: (Human Only): ROT Ford Mustang Car look like a Texas Highway Patrol Police Car. Nationality: American Bio: (Short One) Charles was with the President as a Secret Service Agent, he Befriend Rainbow Dash before the war started and after his President got turn into a pony by Celesita he dissaperd then working for the ROT. Still Thinks of Rainbow Dash too. Just started the RP so go here.
  7. Z was confuse at first, then understand about Pinky keen since and then nodding to Twilight. "I See, well I don't want to keep you awake if you have more questions about me, how my body is haft Robot and haft human. I can answer that question to you and show you how I can eat since I do need food." Z saying as he was thinking about his past life while he was looking at Twilight.
  8. Michael smiles as he hugging Pinky and went to sleep too while they can dream also. Z was amazed by this while thinking what do make Pinky twitch like that. "So pinky body twitch if danger or something worst happen to anyone and she do act like a warning dectior too so this way if any danger come then she will be the first to know. Also how did she get this kind of power?" Z saying
  9. Then Michale smiles as he went to Pinky bed and then sleep with her while he was thinking too. "Night love." "I See and I never knew that too. So you say that you do experaments and I am curious on that one. What kind of experaments you do on your spare time if you don't have anything to do?" Z saying
  10. “Ok.” Michael saying as he was yawing then went to turn in as he went to pinky room and smiles. “Mind I sleep with you?” “Well I got 20 X 20 Hearing since I been hearing the Hoots of a Owl near by and I see he dose help you at night.” Z saying as he was looking at her and reading a book. “Also a question. Is it true Dragons like Spike eat Gems get Flue for there fire?”
  11. Michael smiles as he looking at Pinky and he was getting tired to. "Same here let get some shut eye for the night and contiune the day tomorow love." "Thanks I am most oblige for letting me stay here with you and your assistent Spike is a nice dragon. Also I been currois that you had a pet owl?" Z saying as he was reading another book too.