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  1. Dear Celestia Luna? Diary, today I learnt that my heroes, the wonder-bolts are all (bar Soarin) complete douche nozzles who aren't actually that good. I also learnt that my element, 'honesty' must have disappeared when the elements went in that weird tree, because I still had wavering support for my team. Did I also mention that Pricess Twilight Acorna Sparcle (OEE (Order of equestrian empire), OofC (Order of Celestia),PhD Bmag) has no backbone and made very little attempt to help me make the right decision? Your faithful slave serf Subject Rainbow Dash
  2. TheStareMaster

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Why? Because why not Gotta love den retro games.
  3. IM LEAVING THE FANDOM!!!!!!!! They took ask princess molestia down :(

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    2. TheStareMaster


      They where planning to end the tumblr soon anyway, but offing hasbro beat them to it >:c

    3. ParsoOfEquestria


      I don't think Hasbro had anything to do with it, if I remember, Tumblr was bought by Yahoo. maybe new T&C

    4. TheStareMaster
  4. A bit of a meh episode for me, could have been better. Miss Harshwhinney was the best thing in it ^.^ hB3A03035 by Xenol - Westinghouse - G.I. - BSA, on Flickr
  5. It feels like the only reason I come on the forums anymore is to update my avatar :P

  6. Now I know this is a rumour that has long persisted, and one that he has always denied. But in his latest Three Free friday, he let out another piece of evidence, Skip to 11:05 to hear what can't be a coincidence. This is the second time that he has said something that made me think he was a briny. Unfortunately I can't remember the video. If there is any more videos you've seen that could incriminate(?) him, post them below.
  7. Think how many times Twilight has saved the day over Celestia, then you realise why she deserves her princess-ship. I mean, apart from the original nightmare moon, all Celestias done is getting beaten up and put in a pod.
  8. I reckon there will be an episode where she needs discords help, which he provides, but it is fake to throw her off. But just before she makes the mistake, discord will feel bad and tell her the truth.
  9. In my opinion, Sunset Shimmer wasn't the worst villain by any stretch. Sombra takes that crown for me. At least she had some actual speaking lines. Neither of them even approach discords levels of awesome.
  10. It shocks me to think that so far, applejack is beating fluttershy at her own game! Baby apple jack is cute, but she ain't no fluttersquee!
  11. Back on the forums :D

    1. SCS


      Welcome back :)

    2. Harmonic Revelations
    3. TheStareMaster


      Thanks guys, had a little trouble cos' my sisters set up accounts and mine was closed as a result :P

  12. I couldn't think of a name for mah new unicorn so I used a name generator and got ICE SHIMMER!

    1. Peter Pancreas

      Peter Pancreas



      I used a name generator once and got Orange Aura!


      I still haven't drawn her yet though.

  13. oh god not another princess. I'm all for new characters but it seems like they're just adding more princesses all the time! to me only luna and celestia are the true princesses
  14. Whatchya think about mah OC, Aqua Jet? I think she is pretty good but it would be nice to get another opinion
  15. I know the pony names would be kinda weird for humans but to be fair, they still have the pony skin colours so i think they would keep the pony names
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