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  1. Just watched equestria girls for the first time. It was a lot better than expected! Kinda creeped me out when shining armor hit on twilight though xD

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    2. -Nobody-


      I originally thought that when I saw the screencaps of it. d=

    3. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      At first I thought he was Shining until some idiots told me who he was. xD

    4. ShutterFly!


      Im watching it again that was pretty awesome o.o

  2. Cool looking swirls you got there, And the vines looks like a backword C, followed by what looks to be an E, and then a leaf. Nothing to do here...
  3. LOL this image was up for maybe a split second or two, it's hilarious ! Did anyone else notice it? It's from the season 1 finale Fluttershy at her finest
  4. Title pretty self explanatory. First off I'm going to say I'm not really a fan of the whole concept, and people always tell me if it doesn't affect me I should just ignore it. Is that really true? They're producing a whole movie for this thing when they could be spending time on season 4, instead of releasing it after like a year of s3. The writers are working on eqg, and not the main series, which puts it off even further. It's fine if you disagree with me just my opinion
  5. Please share with me a moment of silence for everyone on youtube who searched, Mlp Season 3 Episode 14. Our hearts are with you..

  6. I have serious question for all of you, if christianity was proven to be correct, would you be a christian? (theres a study about morality that i recently got into)
  7. ShutterFly!

    How I died.

    This thread needs to be removed for hazardous cuteness. It is very dangerous and can risk the lives of other ponies
  8. I was looking into this earlier today and I found a youtube video that said. "Non Brony Reacts to Rainbow Dashie" and he cries and says he really likes the story. In the comments section he was asked if he was a brony now, and he said "I'm pretty much getting into everything about this but the show, so not yet." This is my definition of it as of now, people who don't watch the show but like the fanworks aren't exactly bronys yet. But it's possible that they could be closet bronys, which is fine too. Anyone else feel the same way?
  9. Haha i LOVE the show, the same friends that I think are "into it" used to poke fun at me for being a brony, which is why I think they're hiding it from me, because I totally agree with you that just watching a few YTP's wouldn't normally be enough to like the fandom this much.
  10. I think they like the show and they aren't willing to admit it, but they can't stay away so they only watch youtube poops while they're at my house? I dunno, it's a theory
  11. ShutterFly!


    Welcome to the forums! It's always good to have siblings that watch the show with you. But yeah enjoy this has to be the nicest forum out there with the nicest people, if you say your feeling down there will be about 20 people in line trying to cheer you up
  12. Well they watch a lot of youtube poops, and little tid bits from the show, maybe it all branches off of that? But yeah I agree with you it is pretty odd
  13. Who wants to talk on skype?

  14. I really can't figure this out. I have at least 3 friends who have mlp backgrounds, play mlp games online, watch youtube poops of mlp, and reference it throughout the day, but they only watched like two episodes (as far as I know) Do you really need to enjoy the show to be a brony or do you just need to like the concept of it?
  15. ShutterFly!

    Visual Art My fail at paint xD

    Yeah, it's embarrassing. I was bored and I asked my friend what I should draw and he said the grey cat that was creeping on us over skype... So here it is ! xD
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