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    Life always let's you down. Just don't stay there.
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    Interests the profile page asks Ay? Well ok then. Lets see how this goes.

    My interests are wildlife and the places into which they inhabbit. Hiking and camping and just enjoying the outdoors as much as possable. Even though I'm not that much of a waterboy. I've never really liked swimming. With me it always seemed like drowning. Or if nothing else. I was doing things in the water that u'd think would warrent movement and forward thrust. But in all actuality, I wasn't doing anything but flowndering and splaching. So as I grew up, I chose to stay far, far away from rivers, lakes and streams.

    Movies that are made with conventional animation are starting to get my attention now. I do love the new age of doing animation. CGI and Flash. Everything comes out crisper and cleaner then the old way of doing things. But I still do miss the human element that hand drawn animation gave.

    Music is a huge part of my life. Even though playing the piano is still a dream that I hope to accomplish some day. That don't stop me from enjoying all that this world has to offer when it comes to fantastic music and instrumentals.

    My list of music goes all over the sprectrum. Even though I can't stand rap. Outside of a couple of artists.

    With that said though. I have more music on my HDD drive then You Tube has on their servers. lol. JK.

    I'm not really an avid gammer though. I just never had the time to get into anything. I love the PS3 games. Oblivian and Borderland were my most favs. But seen how I had to sell off the system because of the economy, I haven't had the luxury too keep playing and keep up with the rest of the newly released titles.

    I loved the NES ans SNES when I was growing up though. Some times the best are the most simplest of creations.

    My most loved movies are going in this post. U can bet that much.

    Ok lets see here.

    Top 10 list time.

    #1 The Lion King.
    #2 Balto, Balto 2, Wolf Quest & Balto 3, Wings of Change.
    #3 American Tail movies.
    #4 Secret Of NIMH.
    #5 Disney's Robin Hood.
    #6 Ghost Ship.
    #7 Spirit. Stallion of the Cimmeron.
    #8 Fritz The Cat. & The 9 Lives of Fritz The Cat.(Just because of the uncharticteristic deffinition of humans as told by a felid) XD.
    #9 MIGHT supprize ya'll. But Wizards is one movie that I found to be very pereplexing and also humbling. It to me is a great depiction of humans during WW2. Animated yes! But also very touching and bothersom in the most weirdest of ways.
    #10? It's an oldie but a goodie. Muninty on the Bounty. It's an early 1930's or 40's movie. Black and White. But it gives you an idea of what we used to watch on Loony Toons every Saturday morning. Mr. Christionson!!!

    And one more that didn't make it on the list. Not because it's not an exceptional movie starring Humphery Bogart. But just because I wanted to make a little side note for it.

    Best drinking movie that will make u drunk in the first ten minutes of turning it on.

    Casablanca (1942) Try and stay sobber while drinkning to every time they say the movie title. Good luck on your quest. My only advice is too drink SLOWLY and pace yourself. It won't get any easier as the movie progresses.

    Now onto the great and powerful ponies that has taken the world by storm.

    It's totally amazing as too how 6 really cute and sophisticated ponies have stollen our hearts and minds. I know that I can't go a day without thinking of at least one song from the show. Or something that one of the mane 6 have done that warrents me to give a smile.

    I do things during my normal day and as I do something, it reminds me of an instance that one of the ponies did. That was the same thing and then my mind wonders into a state of absolute bliss of euphoriea. Rofl.

    I first came across the fillies and mares last year when I was watching Pound Puppies and Fraggle Rock. (Yes I grew up with Fraggle Rock. XD)

    My DTV recorded an episode of mlp and from that moment on, I was wrangled. But a bit in my mouth. And a sattle on my back. I'm done being wild and untaimed.

    All I wanna do now is sit on my haunches every Sat morning and turn on the telly. Meh want more ponies!

    And then finding out that the show had made it to main stream tv shows for joke referances made me oh so very happy. It's so massive now that they can make jokes about it on regular tv shows and we get the jist of the conversation. Ha ha. We've done it! Bronies 1. Haters nothing.

    Troll all u want now. We've beaten you to a pulp and now we're taking names for a future rematch.

    As much as I love ponies. My most beloved animal will always be the Wolf. I've loved them ever sense Balto came out. And ever sense then, I've had a calling. A certin nagging sinsation that I couldn't put my hoof on till last year. When I applied to Yellowstone National Park and was accepted for a job. I've already been out there twice for the job. (Seasonal employment) And I've gotten to see Wolves every time. I can talk to you about them for hours and never get tired of educating anypony that wants to learn about them.

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  1. Working where I do. And living In employee housing might not warrant decorations. But you can bet I'm listing too the mlp Christmas album.
  2. Starlighty. IDK. I have him on Skype too. And very rarely see him even there. I'm going to try getting back with him though. And see what he's up to. That is, if he comes on Skype. But from what I remember taking too him. He was kinda done with the page. He gave it too some other friends that wanted to keep it going. And he basically retired himself from here. Not saying he's done. I'm hoping to see him here along with some other originals.
  3. Howdy everypony. I'm back!!
  4. I was looking at and downloading colors for a OC. However I have no way of making one. Someday maybe I'll get a program that can. I was also looking up music on youtube for another pmv. No new choices yet. However, I'm in the middle of making my first right now.
  5. My Rainbow Dashie

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Thank you Ziggy Belongs To RD. I forgot about her and the Wonderbolts. And how she put her friends first instead of throwin' them to the curb when she was offered the position of a wing pony. And fly with them in the Wonderbolts Academy episode. I'd like to think that everypony out in OUR world would do the same as she did. But in all reality, who would? Except for the people that have everything in life and aren't worried about loosin' anything. Work or life related. Friends are the utmost important items to cherish in life. But some take them for granted and expect the words of "sorry" and "
  6. My Rainbow Dashie

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    You can read it as many times as you'd like too. I LOVE talkin' about myself in third pony. Besides, Who else do I know better then myself? /) But seriously. Rainbow Is best pony because she's the one that (I believe) loves herself the most out of the rest. All the others have insecurities that kinda makes them standoffish in whatever they want to do and accomplish. She's never stood in her own way like some of the others have. Twilight has doubts about her abilities as Princess and the duties that go along with the title. Even thou Celestia has told her countless times that she has th
  7. My Rainbow Dashie

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    I beleive everypony loves Rainbow Dash just because she's what everypony wishes they could be. Awesome, adventurous, free spirited, open minded, Openly free of fear of what she thinks of herself. (Egotistical or conceded) stuborn, and free lanced without anything tyin' her down. And VERY opinionated. And with that, she says things that would/could and will offend others. But it's a rare trait to be able to say what you think and not worry about what you said until it comes back at you. Most everypony else would hold their tongues from fear of puttin' others in a position of unrest or the psych
  8. Why is Sponge Bob even being put on display in this forum? This is to showcase one of, if not, the best show in existence. MLP. With magnificant showmanship of literacy and working knowledge of what everypony wishes to watch. Nopony wants to see distruction of populations or the dismemberment of body parts. Nore do we wanna whitness the rude/ crude humor of mean spirited Democrat writers. I anyway, wanna see friends; and how too come about making them. Not how too make ones my slaves. Or how to force somepony to become one. Thats not what TV should be promoting. SpoungeBob should be on the sa
  9. Sure. You can add me too. And if u feel adventurious enough. You can add me on Skype too. XD. RoadsideRomeoFanatic is my Skype name. Just be ready for fun and laughter.
  10. I'm 33. So I know what you're going through. But the way I see it. I have only one life to live. And if nopony else likes what I'm into. Well then, I'm not caring. I like what I like. And if nopony else likes it. Too bad. It makes me happy and has helped me through some troubling times with it's humor and wittyness. And if u wanna. You can add me on Skype. (RoadsideRomeoFanatic) I'm looking for someone with relatability into which I can disscuss the show. But like most all the other ponies have said here. We're all very accepting. So don't feel like you don't belong here. We're all ex
  11. Lmao. They won't make all the ponies alicorns. It'll cost way too much money just to animate all the wing movements on them all. XD. Besides, how many princesses do we need? Everypony becomes a princess and there'd be no subordinates left on the show too envy them. EVERYPONY is royalty. Nice thought .But highly unlikely. But on a side note. What if they did actually do that? What kind of advantage would there be if they had that many? I've never seen any of the unicorns/alicorns combine their powers and defeat a villain. It's always one on one. So if they don't help each other
  12. I'm so surprised how not many other ponies were complaining about how the show ended. There's more negativity on youtube then on the forms. And I'm happy for that. Cuz I thought that the ending of season 3 was a very emotional ride that I wasn't expecting. But I was extremely overwhelmed with emotion and tears that Twilight got wings and is now an alicorn princess. Season 4 is going to be a blast to watch! Just because I wanna see her try and learn how to fly. I'm seeing allot more Rainbow Dash coming up too. I'm hoping that she's going to be her tutor on the art of flying. The complai
  13. Thank ya'll for the friendly welcome. I'm so very sure that I'm going to have fun here and abroad looking at all the cool things that everypony else has to share about their own likes and loves from and of the show. So far, from what I've seen, the community that has made MLP FiM such an internet sensation is one of friendships and loyalty of epic proportions. Nopony here dislikes anypony else. (Except haters. ) But honestly. Even the haters have a place too. They just give us more reasons to brag about the show from trying to turn them into a brony. And even if we can't. We still love hearing
  14. Here's my story and I'm hopefull it's interesting. I came into MLP FiM at the tail end of season two. So I don't get to brag about watching the Royal Canterlot Wedding before it was on reruns. But after I did watch the wedding, (Which they "Hub" so elegantly announced every comershal break) XD. So I watched the wedding and loved the songs and started falling in love with all the mane charaters. As too which now, I'm head over hooves in love with the show and all the antics in which they find themselves being in. And now that I've finally gotten into the fantastic community that has be
  15. I'm such a music buff. I can't live without it. If I had my way, I'd listen to it non stop all day everyday. But unfortuntly work gets In the way. And then the MP3 has to be put away and shut off. But if you're referring to MLP remixes and music in general. I can't get enough of it. And now that the last season 3 ep has been aired, I'm going to be listening too and memorizing all the lyrics from the last seasons shows just because of my love of them and all the musical intuition that has given the fans so much new material to transform into their own masterpieces. So much of the shows music ha
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