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  1. Pixel Mouse

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because... Auto-Save? :/
  2. "Do not tick me off or I will drag you to oblivion and posess you" This is not going to end well.
  3. Pixel Mouse

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I don't know what dim sims are
  4. False, almost. I turn 15 in three weeks. TPAM likes orange juice more than any other juice.
  5. Pixel Mouse

    Gaming Who else sucks at FPSs? ;)

    The truth is... No one here sucks at FPSs. Every one has a VERY diffrent play style, and if you are good enough to be "ok" at any given game, spent some time, learn the maps, as most FPSs focus not on you and your enemy returning fire at each other, but mostly about getting them from the side. Aim isn't always that important. But otherwise, if you still suck, the games not for you... XD I dunno, I used to play bo2, and was so bad it wasn't even funny, but then I jumped in a game of jagex's Ace Of Spades and ended up grabbing my achievment for 10 kills in a life with a sinper. I can't really ex
  6. I know what your saying! Personally I was kinda disappointed with the ponies in the My little pony app. Sure they sorta looked show accurate, but even the gmod style ponies looked better.
  7. Well... crap. Times are not looking so good for the Vanu... xD We need more folks to play as them.
  8. It's totally awesome! Nice detail and clean lines. My only recommendation would to get the program called "paint.net", as it will give you more options in creativity. If you did this in good 'ol regular paint, it will be awesome to see what you can do in paint.net.
  9. Pixel Mouse

    Private Mystery Island

    Pixel Mouse saw Somber with Rambler and went to join them, but she couldn't see Pallete. Looking around, she saw her sitting at a table. "One second, I'm going to get Pallete" she told Somber and Rambler, and then trotted over to Pallete. @ "Hey, we're in a group together with Somber and Rambler. Come when your ready." then went back to Somber and rambler.
  10. Pixel Mouse

    Private Mystery Island

    "Alright! Let's go." Pixel Mouse saw a poster on the wall. "Hold up just a second." She saw her name, and looking closer, it looked like they were being divided into groups. "Well scarlet, looks like we are going to split up... It looks like i've been paired with Somber, Rambler and pallete." (OOC: Sorry, I feel like a terrible person xD Just forgot about this RP for awhile, I even posted lots on MLP Forums, but even still forgot D: Oh well, back now. )
  11. I started watching at the start of the new year (2013). Mostly cause I watched Tiarawhy/DeusEX's "friendship was magic" fan animation. The second it was done, I was like WOAH. GIVE ME MORE. And so here I am. As you would expect, the finale for season 2 is my favorite episode
  12. Pixel Mouse

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because it's obviously 33.3333333, repeating of course.
  13. Are you still looking for entries? Anyway, super cool project and a awesome idea too! Glad it's working so well
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