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  1. ~Rogue~

    Whose Line is it Anyway?

    Ah, did you see the new one? Yes, I love her design! --- Things you can say about food but not ponies ---
  2. ~Rogue~

    Visual Art Big Bad Red

    Jesus, this looks awesome. I've seen versions of 'Bad' Red Riding Hoods, but nothing like this.
  3. ~Rogue~

    What I Wouldn't Do For A... Horse Wife?!?

    So, me being the silly person and not checking time zones, I am arriving from my flight from Australia to California at around 12pm, meaning I might be able to catch the Q&A. If I miss it, it'll be pretty unfortunate. I may have a designated question asker to ask my question for me if I cannot ask them myself, but if I can make it, I will be FIRST to claim the Horse Husbando Posting Title! Mark my words...
  4. ~Rogue~

    Dr. Dre - Compton (Review)

    Dr. Dre has been successful, not making music, but also with his own 'Beats' company. He is in a position of pressure and popularity where he has become an Idol among the rap industry. In his newest major release after almost 16 years which came out a couple of days ago, he goes into his roots, not just about Dre, but about Compton and the everyday problems that African Americans go through, especially in places like Compton and Ferguson where the residents don't feel safe. Dr. Dre has always been a great artist, not only juggling Producing, Rapping, and Managing his own company, but he was one of the greats that popularized Hip-Hop music from the beginning. Compton is just over an hour long, but has some of the most prominent rappers around. Eminem, Exibit, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, John Conner, Jill Scott, King Mez, The Game and Kendrick Lamar. Not only does Dre include his guests, but he songwrites and produces with them on a higher level then just 'including' them. His style of Hip Hop isn't as prominent on this album, but he keeps up with this Newness, showing he is open to change and trendy without sacrificing Trendy. The instrumentals on the album are modern, and somewhat quite beautiful. The most memorable songs are the songs that have less of a Dre influence. Some of my favourite songs, such as Genocide and Deep Water are super intense and theatrical, making them seem vivid. A bit of it reminds me of Dre's 2001. He uses many sounds to tell a story of where you are and what is happening. One complaint I have is about Medicine Man, which felt a bit corny and pop-ish for the album, which is a clear separation of the light stuff from the gritty nasty songs. Each track has a personality and a vibe of its own, which really tells me that I shouldn't give it a song by song review, since the album has many different expressions and ideas for each song, making it hard to review the album as one singularity. Due to this, I think you should listen to this yourself, before taking my word for everything. The project has a few flaws, but these guests are put together with amazing songwriting, and amazing music writing. It is a bit weak on hooks and it has a few bad songs here and there, but other then that, it flows really well, and conveys a great story. If you like this review, don't worry. More will come out in the future, not just for hip-hop or rap, but for most all genres that are conceivable. If you want me to review an album or artist, send me a message, and I will try my best! -Rogue
  5. Quite recently, a particular game has been stirring up conversation in various forums and posting websites. 'Sonic Dreams Collection' is not an official Sega game, it does however, seem to be a silly parody game on the surface. The game does go into weird fetishes that the sonic fandom has, and has implications of 'shipping' and 'vore', but it has no real nudity or bad stuff. However, this game has a deeper and darker side to it. Past the stupid stuff, it has a much more to offer. Past this line has spoilers to the game. http://hedgehog.exposed/ ----------------------- ( •ω•) -Rogue
  6. ~Rogue~

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

  7. ~Rogue~

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    P-please, e-end my life...
  8. ~Rogue~

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    * Y O U H A V E B E E N B A N N E D F R O M T H E C H A N N E L * Too much pink
  9. ~Rogue~

    Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Person?

    I am NOT a morning person. You either give me coffee, money, or an hour for me to sleep in before I can communicate with the outside world. I get very grumpy in the morning. However, school forces me to wake up at around 6:00am, meaning people would assume I go to bed @ around 10:00pm. This is not the case, I mostly go to bed at 12am - 2am on most school nights, disregarding sleep and living off of energy drinks. Weekends are a different story. I stay up as long as I want, often 3 or 4 am, and begin to awaken at 1 or 2pm, usually due to people around the house making noise. I could stay in bed forever if I had the chance.
  10. ~Rogue~

    Have the haters gone too far?

    See, the problem people have with the MLP fandom, and just any fandom in general, is that they have a bad experience with a few people who DO shove it down their throats, and then they think everybody else is out to 'convert' them as well. If you open up to someone and say 'I'm a Brony' in a public comment section where anybody can post without getting in trouble, of course you're going to get yelled at. In public though, it would be a different story. People have the anonymity of the internet, so they are going to be able to say much worse things then they'd think of in real life. With that point forward, if something exists, some people WILL hate it. If somebody has the ability to mock somebody else without the risk of getting into real trouble, it is inevitable. There isn't much that you can do to stop the hate. However, one problem I see constantly is bait. People make hateful comments to intentionally rile a fandom up, and they fall for it. They comment back, making themselves look like their trying to shove their ideals of 'Friendship and Tolerance' down their throats. Good quality bait is almost always guaranteed replies. I like to follow one simple rule about commenting. If the comment you are making is negative in anyway, don't. Just don't do it. You'll make yourself look stupid, and you'll be the laughing stock of that comment section. It also ruins your email inbox. Just a word of advice to you guys. Think before you reply to hateful comments. It might be bait. Most kiddies on Youtube are pretty bad at intentionally baiting others, but not all of the internet is the same.
  11. Villager is my main. I've played so much Animal Crossing that I sort of look like the default character (which I use the most) I can't wait for more DLC. I'm hoping for Shantae and Shovel Knight. I also hope that Nights makes it in, but I know the chances of that are extremely slim. For all my fellow Villagers, how many of you were Snake mains before Sm4sh?
  12. ~Rogue~

    80's throwback?

    I completely forgot to mention Soundtracks and OSTs! Hotline Miami, Blood Dragon, and a bunch of other games all have this kind of soundtrack. I guess that will have to wait for a Part 2...
  13. ~Rogue~

    Favorite Rarity Hats

    No option for Tom? How dare you! If I were to make a serious answer, it would either be the Frenchie or the Season 5 Gala hat.
  14. ~Rogue~

    80's throwback?

    The year is 2015, and radio has reached an all-time high of un-intuitive and repetitive pop songs. All seems bleak for mankind, but wait! A glimmer of hope shines through the polluted radio waves. A light that will change music forever. The 80's Whether it's songs like new songs by Bruno Mars, the revisiting of songs by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, or a massive return of the nostalgic sounds of 'Daft Punk' and 'Kavinsky', you cannot doubt that the 80's are making quite a massive return. Although it may seem hipster to say 'I liked the 80's before it was popular', the 80's were always a defining time of music. Be being somewhat of an Electronic junkie, I most enjoy artists like 'Lazerhawk' and 'Tesla Boy' that have that sort of Synth sound and constant bassline. These artists provide music for every sort of feeling, whether you want something sad, upbeat, or heavy, they have a great selection of songs with their own distinct sounds. One fine example is the album 'Outrun' by Kavinsky, which makes you feel like you're in an 80's movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gXqfO2YPNs (Can only be viewed on PC) This album by Savant (who will will cover later) is supposed to be an 80's saturday morning show throwback, and it sounds perfect! These are just a few of the examples that are giving tribute to the awesome style of the 80's which is quickly changing our music industry, and music as a whole.
  15. ~Rogue~

    Infected Mushroom (1996 - 2015)

    Infected Mushroom is an Israeli duo formed in 1996 that produce a mixture of Trance, Psychedelic, Electronic, Hip Hop, and even Alternative and Metal. They started with the stage name of 'Shidapu and Duvdev' make some progressive Trance songs, but eventually changed their name to 'Infected Mushroom'. Their first few albums spanned over a few genres while still keeping that similar Electronic/Club feel. The Gathering, which was their first album, featured a very dark atmosphere, which brought Trance music to mainstream audiences. (1999) Classical Mushroom, their next album, showed off their piano skills and helped push their evolution to greatness. (2000) B.P. Empire had a very chill feeling compared to their usually crazy upbeat club songs. It had numerous styles of music not many expected to see, with middle-eastern style melodies and a bit of a classical side to it too. (2001) Converting Vegeterians, one of their biggest projects, had two discs included. The 'Trance Side' had dancefloor material comparable to their earlier albums, while the 'Other Side' had way more genre-bending experimental music, and included Duvdev's vocals for the first time. (2003) IM The Supervisor continued to mix their Trance sound with other genres, and became their most selling album to date, being very influential and innovative for it's time. This gained them a bigger following and most notably, attraction from possible guest stars. (2004) Vicious Delicious, which is in my opinion one of my favorite albums, is probably their most diverse album to date, starting with a spanish spoken guitar track known as "Becoming Insane", and a hip-hop influenced song named 'Artillery'. It has many heavy banger tracks, which are somewhat unique to this album. (2007) Legend of the Black Shawarma included a remix of "Riders on the storm" by The Doors. It continued to use the variety and use of guest vocalist. (2009) Army of Mushrooms was their first album mostly influenced by Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and House genres. It includes a cover "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters, and a bunch of progressive heavy-hitter songs. It is their most popular album so far. (2012) They released several EP's titled 'Friends on Mushrooms' which included many collaborations with other artists such as Pegboard Nerds and Savant. Eventually, the EP's grew and they released a deluxe version as a full album. (2014) (Holy Jesus why is this so good) They have confirmed another album on the way soon, Converting Vegetarians II in 2016 Its amazing to see how a group can evolve in such a way. If you listen to their first album, and compare it to their latest album, you can tell where the influences come from, and how much they have changed. A bit of a history lesson, but it shows how diverse one group or one artist can be if they give effort.