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Status Updates posted by ~Rogue~

  1. Art or Science?

    1. Shy *
    2. ~Rogue~


      Psh, I'm still salty about the whole thing :I. Half the people on Science couldn't even spell it.

  2. Got tomorrow off of school. :)

  3. I feel so lonely ;(

    1. ThePiDay


      Why do you feel lonely?

  4. I wish I wan't so lonely :(

  5. Glad to see best pony as the new banner!

  6. Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes...

    1. Streiben Bones

      Streiben Bones


      NO WAAAY! xD

  7. Is there anything that goes bad with rice?

  8. Decepticons > Autobots

  9. I'm really inactive. Sorry everybody :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ~Rogue~


      I feel like I don't have enough time for anything anymore...

    3. Monsoon
    4. Petrus


      Same here mate

  10. Post whatever is on your clipboard! Don't be afraid!

  11. Sorry I was gone for so long. Classes got mixed up, I had to deal with jet lag and moving house.

    1. Delirium


      Sounds frustrating.

  12. (•ω•)

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      hello =)=)=)=)<3 How are you today =)=)=)?

    2. ~Rogue~


      (•ω•)(•ω•)(•ω•) I'm Okay (•ω•)(•ω•)(•ω•)

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      That is good to hear YAAAY =)=)=)==)<3<3 =)=)<3<3 What you doing this day =)=)=)=)?

  13. I missed out on the Q&A, but at least I'm back in LA

  14. I'm buying a good ol' pair of AKG 240's for everyday use. Are they durable enough to take in busy public places like Hollywood?

  15. Leaving for LA tomorrow, but sadly I will miss out on the HorseWife Q&A :(

  16. Dr. Dre's new album is really awesome, review soon.

  17. I heard you like weird. Try zombo.com

  18. Why are the banners changing so often now? I feel like if I were to upload one, it would only last for a few minutes...

    1. Inactive00


      That's certainly a decent question...

  19. What is love?

    1. Commander Frost

      Commander Frost

      Baby don't hurt me...

      Don't hurt me...

      No more...

  20. Where have you gone? I miss you old friend :(

  21. GIFs are hard to compress

    1. Smarts


      and look bad afterwards

    2. ~Rogue~


      Agreed, they look horrible when you they're reduced to only 64 colors and 200 x 200, just to get them under 100kb

  22. 7 Days until my return to LA. Getting excited, but sad I have to say goodbye to Australia.

    1. Kyoshi


      Aw. :c Did you stay there for the summer?

    2. ~Rogue~


      Yup, I wish I had the power to combine both to have the best of the two.

    3. Kyoshi


      Ah. :c Well, it sounds like you had a wonderful summer though. ^.^ Most of my summers were pretty dull and I don't do a whole lot now.

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