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  1. Too Many Pinkie Pies is the episode that started me loving MLP FIM when I watched the episode on Youtube a couple of months ago.
  2. Oh yeah. I knew that. Just testing. That's a good question because I just signed up and joined the other day.
  3. To start with, what does ppl stand for?
  4. This is my first MLP FIM fic that I'm doing for the first time. This story is based on the Futurama Episode A Bicyclops Built For Two. I Hope you guys enjoy it. Chapter 1 How To Snare 6 Ponies *The scene opens up where a mysterious figure looks over Ponyville* ???: Ponyville, Equestria...home of the land's most interesting figures...very interesting, indeed. *The Mysterious figure looks through his telescope and sees the six best victims he plans to snare for him and for his heart.* ???: Perfect... *The Mysterious Figure uses a machine that tells the info on each pony,u
  5. Dear Twilight,Rarirty,Rainbow,Fluttershy,Applejack,and Pinkie, I'm truely a big fan of you guys. I collect many pics of you on DA and I would like to show some of them to you someday. Best regards, Brian
  6. jeh517


    I really love all mane 6. I would be glad to share something about myself. I didn't watched Season 3 finale. I No I don't have any hasbro stock. But I will ask my mom to but me the first season of MLP FIM on dvd soon. It's indeed a pleasure.
  7. jeh517


    My name is Brian and I first started loving MLP FIM since Too Many Pinkie Pies.
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