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  1. Sorry bronies, but I thought the Doctor Who special was better than Season 4 E1 + E2 :P

  2. Hi guys, I'm back er... yea. URGH I CANNOT WATCH SEASON 4 TOMORROW CAUSE I'M IN SCHOOOL !!!! DAMMIT, I wanna go off school lol.

  3. I'm back after a while. It's great to be back lol

  4. Ponies, Ponies and more ponies. I don't really think about stuff, I usually just GO TO SLEEP, if that doesn't work I listen to music, play on my DS/3DS or even do some press-ups until I get really tired that I think of nothing but going to sleep. BTW I rarely do the very latter.
  5. well I have a theory, when Pinkie Pie said that she knows someone who is called Twilight Sparkle with a dog named spike that looks exactly than the Twilight we see, I'm guessing that she was going to transfer to this school, but when Pony Twilight came to this world, she disappeared of something. Who cares IT'S A FILM. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic doesn't make much sense either, it's fiction.
  6. I just realized, Night MARE moon. Get it? MARE HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA... I'm slow.

    1. Princess Periwinkle
    2. Zygen


      O.o it took you this long hehe. Sorry but it's kinda funny.

    3. Red Diamond

      Red Diamond

      Wa wa wa wa waaaaaaaa....

  7. I think it'd be a great concept for Generation 5/4.5, but not for Season 4. I'm still kinda annoyed that Twilight Sparkle is a princess cause I think she is suited becoming a student of Celestia
  8. Why do most people want her to be related to Rainbow Dash? I mean they're both pegasi but that's about it. Plus, I'd think Rainbow Dash's parents would tell her that she has a "long-lost sibling" and describe her look. I dunno anything's pretty much possible in MLP:FIM
  9. They all look weird (From the pictures), but somehow I think Fluttershy looks the best with a pony tail. But if ponytail Applejack counted, then she would've won in my opinion. Plus all the CMCs look weird but Sweetie bell looks the best (NOT SAYING MUCH)
  10. They remind me of this fella: Anyways I'd like another non-pony villain who has a similar personality to discord; I dunno what but he's just funny to watch. Though I wouldn't mind either way.
  11. I don't think I would, because I'd think that it would be girly-ish and not for me. Plus, I'd be scare of my siblings as they'd insult me and etc. I'm very happy that it airs now because I'd probably would have not watched it.
  12. That's what I was like until I saw the film. I'm being dead serious btw. On topic:I kinda expected this because not many people would watch it? I dunno
  13. As much as how I love and adore this film, I wouldn't say that making this film a show because I think it's just suited for this one occasion. Though I'd still watch it.
  14. Before: This film is gonna be terrible, I mean come on anthropomorphizing the ponies is a terrible idea. After:OMG OMG OMG This film is so epic (totally not an epic fail), it's filled with references to the show, the story was pretty good and there was not a moment when I was like "BOOOOOOOOORING". I dunno but I though this film is GREAT and I really regret hating this in the past. I'd recommend any MLP fan to give this a go.
  15. Equestria Girls is one of the best films I've ever seen in a long time. I doubted it before I even watch it, now I regret doing that. MLP 4EVA!!!

    1. Zygen


      I enjoyed it, not sure if its the best but it was good I think.

      Glad you liked it!

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